Best Oil Filter Bob Is The Oil Guy In 2023

Many people do not get it. But hey! Oil filters are as important as oils.

They clean the oil, remove the contaminants and protect the engine from premature wear. That’s why to run the engine effectively, smoothly & to ensure a good lifespan, getting the best oil filter is really important. 

And ‘Bob is the oil guy’ has undoubtedly been the best forum to get information about oil filters.

But the number #1 oil related website has a sea of information & it is hard sometimes to catch the specific piece of information.

Luckily, by putting our experience, expertise, and doing research for two whole days, we have identified the top 8 oil filters for you. Starting from a brief comparison chart to specification & in depth reviews, you will get everything you need to choose the very best product for you.

Comparison Chart For Best Oil Filters

Here is a brief comparison about our top choices. This will give you an idea & will definitely help you to make up your mind. Although do read the entire article to select the best one. Let’s go!

Best Oil Filter Bob is The Oil Guy

By taking our personal experience and their features, advantages, disadvantages, reviews, etc into consideration, these 8 seemed really worthy to us. Hope they will match perfectly with the oils & keep your engine at its full potential.

1. Purolator PBL10241 PurolatorBOSS Maximum Engine Protection Spin On Oil Filter

Our winner for the best oil filter goes to the Purolator PBL10241 PurolatorBOSS. Because of the protection it provides & overall performance, it has personally become the first choice for us.

Maximum Engine Protection

This Purolator oil filter has a Silicone anti-drainback valve. That is how it provides long-life protection against any kind of dry starts. 

Also one of our members was facing leakage problems & he got the solution by trying out this filter. 

The built-in formula uses PuroSEAL Gasket made from ethylene-acrylic which helps to keep a good lifespan as well.

That is why upto 15000 miles, it has really good protection. 

Dirt Removal Power

Even at high mileage the SmartFusion Technology used in it helps to maintain good integrity. What surprised us the most is that it has 99% dirt holding capacity.

Excellent Oil Flow

Another good thing about this oil filter is that it provides really good oil flow. The Double-Helix High flow center tube is quite stronger than the normal side-seam designed center tubes.

Works Under Pressure

Some of our members have to use their vehicles regularly. And according to them, because of the Boss Steel Casing this oil filter works quite well under heavy pressure.

Product Specifications:

1. The oil change interval is upto 15000 miles.

2. Uses Silicone Material 

3.The vehicle service type is All-Terrain-Vehicles.
4. 99% Dirt Removal Power 

5. Item weight is 8.8 ounces. 

6. SmartFUSION Technology

7. Silicone anti-drainback valve

8. Dimensions- 3.5 x 3 x 3.5 inches

  • Excellent Protection
  • Good resistance
  • Really good dirt removal power
  • Works well with all oil types & viscosity
  • Increases lifespan
  • Comparatively costs a few bucks more


From good dirt removal power to increasing the lifespan, this oil filter met our expectations in every sort of way. You can definitely go for this one, we assure you that you won’t have any regrets.

2. FRAM Ultra Synthetic Automotive Replacement Oil Filter XG10575 with SureGrip

Coming in at a really close second, is the XG10575 FRAM Ultra Synthetic oil filter. We were really confused between this & the previous one. But hey, in some cases this Synthetic oil filter even surpasses the first one. In fact, we have nothing but good words for this FRAM oil filter review.

Top Performance

This oil ensures good protection for the old engines. Can you guess for how many miles? I bet you can’t. It’s for a whooping 20000 miles! Yes, we were shocked too.

It has really good hot oil resistance and that’s why the start-up engine protection is superior. Also you can expect top performance in the engines. Especially the newer ones.

Easy & Simple Installation

This is one of the best things we liked about this oil filter. The Suregrip non-slip surface makes the entire installation process much easier. 

None of us faced any issues at all. So you do not have to worry about slippery mess ups for this one.


Here’s the thing! This one definitely makes the oil & engine really clean. In fact, the filtration efficiency is around 99%.  Because it has the ultimate dual-layer synthetic media.

 So we have got nothing to worry about the contaminants. 


Overall this oil filter works really well in high heat. That’s why a longer lifespan is ensured.


Like we mentioned earlier, it offers protection upto 20000 miles. But many of us do not drive that much. Therefore, if you can change it before that specific time, you can definitely expect good reliability.

Product Specifications:

1. The material is Resin.

2. Silicone anti-drainback valve.

3. SureGrip Technology.

4. The oil change interval is up to 20000 miles.

5. Ultimate dual-layer synthetic media.

6. Engineered for all motor types.

  • Really easy to install
  • 99%+ filtration efficiency
  • Engine protection upto 20000 miles.
  • Good Durability & Reliability
  • Keeps it clean
  • We didn’t find any


Given the circumstances, it is definitely one of the best oil filters out there. We have been using it for a long time and the experience has been satisfactory. So you can definitely take it, it won’t disappoint you.

3. WIX 57356XP Oil Filter

Are you looking for an oil filter that is good for harsh driving conditions? Then this WIX XP filter will do the job for you. Here’s the WIX oil filter review in detail. 

Great for Harsh Driving Conditions

This oil filter has robust engine protection that makes it perfect for these kinds of conditions. One of our members uses synthetic motor oil in towing, lower gear mountainous climbs. And he has been using this oil filter for quite a long time. 

Good in Temperature

Worried about the temperature? Well, don’t be. Another thing that will impress you is thal this oil filter performs really well in harsh oil temperatures. Also in cold engine starts the HNBR gasket provides a remarkable seal.

Safety Against Dry Starts

We all look for good protection in oil filters. And this one is no different. The WIX XP silicone anti drain back valve helps get good protection against the dry starts.


Show me one person who has been riding for a long time & hasn’t faced any kind of oil breakdown issues? Yeah, it’s hard to find.

Here’s something that makes it a bit different than the rest. During the oil breakdown, this filter helps really well to resist premature plugging. Also, this filter traps dirt & contaminants really well.

Product Specifications:

1. It has Paper material.

2. Robust engine protection

3. Filter change interval is from 3750 to 10000 miles.

4. Goes well with synthetic motor oil

5. It is tested that at 35 microns, it is 99% efficient.

6. WIX XP silicone anti drain back valve

  • Extremely well in harsh driving conditions.
  • Good overall resistance
  • Fine performance during oil breakdown.
  • Performs well in harsh oil temperature
  • Some people faced packaging problems


We recommend using this in harsh driving conditions. If you face stuff like that, definitely check this one out. No wonder it made it to the list of ‘best oil filter Bob is the oil guy’. It has met our expectations & hope it will live upto yours as well.

4. Honda 15400-PLM-A02 Oil Filter

We couldn’t make the list without counting true Honda filters. We checked a lot in the Bob is the oil guy forum and most of the people loved this beauty as well. It might cost you a bit, but will definitely get the work done.

Wear Resistance

Resistance is one of the most important things we look for in oil filters. And this Honda filter does extremely well in this relevant field.

I personally used this one. And got good stability in higher wear resistance. It’s because it has Metal end caps and center tube. This is one of the prime reasons why all of us liked this oil.

Good Protection

You already know a bit about the Silicone anti-drainback valve. Yeap, this one has it too. 

So overall good protection is ensured. So you can expect high level safety in dry starts & oil leaks.


This oil filter provides good stability in the oil & engine. Josh(one of my closest buddies) was facing some oil delusion problems with oil in his Honda 2017 CRV 1.5L Turbo. He got it fixed after changing it to this one. Just because of the good stability it offers.

Product Specifications:

1. The material is Silicone.

2. It has genuine OEM Honda Part

3. Silicone anti-drainback valve is used in it

4. Dimensions are 10.86 x 7.59 x 3.26 inches

5. Metal end caps and center tube are used

6. Item Weight 1.97 pounds

7. High-density synthetic blend media

  • High stability & integrity
  • Good protection
  • Nice resistance
  • Some filters were dented on the side when they arrived.

The product might be a bit expensive. But they are truly Honda filters. It assures high level stability and integrity. So if you can bear the expense, definitely go for it.  Again, if you are using Honda, we recommend this one as well.
However, if you are looking for oil suggestions for different kinds of vehicles, you can check this out.

5. FRAM Tough Guard TG10060 Oil Filter

This is one of the most popular oil filters out there.There are two major reasons behind it.

  • Cheap Price
  •  Goes well with both  conventional & semi-synthetic oil .

 Coming in at a really cheap price, it has a lot of offerings.


The formula is exceptionally suitable to use in semi-synthetic oil. It has been engineered in that way. Also if you use conventional oil, this oil filter will perfectly match with that one as well.

Some of our members still have to use these two types of oil rather than fully synthetic oil. And hey! We had nothing but good experiences from this one.

Cheap Price

This is the most likable part. Before buying something, we all have to take care of our pockets. Luckily this oil filter comes at the best price.

 Despite providing us with a lot of things, it will only cost us just around 7 bucks. No wonder why so many people have used it.

Dart Trapping

This special feature makes it one of the best FRAM Tough Guard Oil Filters. 

The special formula uses a blend of cellulose and synthetic media that helps it to trap dirt in the best manner. In fact, it has an efficiency rate of 99% in case of dart trapping. 

The dart holding capacity is good as well.


I’m personally a big fan of FRAM oil filters. When I used it I got protection & maximum performance for upto 15000 miles. 

It has the silicone anti drainback valve as well. Another reason I use this oil filter is because it has the re-engineered synthetic-blend filter media which helps to provide excellent protection.

Easy Installation

Who wants extra hassle? In the case of oils & oil filters we want it to be done easily, we want it to be done in the shortest amount of time possible. 

It took me the least amount of time for installation. Wanna know why?

In the FRAM oil filter lookup I got to know, it has the SureGrip technology which helps in easy installation & removal. 

Product Specification:

1. Compatible with conventional & semi-synthetic oil.

2. Dirt-trapping efficiency is 99%. 

3. SureGrip technology

4. Upto 15000 miles maximum performance

5. Silicone anti-drainback valve

6. Resin material

  • Really Cheap price
  • Excellent dirt-trapping
  • Good protection
  • Easy installation & removal
  • Suitable to use in conventional & semi-synthetic oil
  • No real cons


Under that money, this one is really hard to beat. It is clearly one of the best oil filters considering the budget. Also if you change it yourself, this is the filter you are looking for.

6. Motorcraft FL-1995 Oil Filter

Next up on our list, we have a motorcraft oil filter. With really good protection & performing well in extreme cold conditions, this filter comes as an overall package.

Engine Wear Safeness 

The oil filter is mainly known for providing protection by taking out dust, carbon etc. Thus the engine wear is extremely protected. 

Also the pressure relief valve used in it helps in prevention of contaminating oil getting back to the engine. 

Cold Condition

Here’s another thing you will find in this Motorcraft Oil Filter Review.

 Just like we mentioned earlier, it has the pressure relief valve. It also helps the filter to perform extremely well in cold conditions. Also under any case, if your filter gets clogged, you have nothing to worry about. 

Dirt Collecting Capability

When we used this filter oil, we were highly impressed by its dirt collecting capability. 

The efficient filter media used in it helps to capture dirt effectively.


When we were doing our research for the best oil filters, we got to know that this particular oil is recommended by Ford as the real equipment replacement filter. 

As a matter of fact, it meets all the standards of Ford. And can be used as a replacement filter in Lincoln and Mercury vehicles as well.

Other Special Things

The capacity & efficiency is really up to the mark. The removal is much easier because of the Fluted case end. 

Besides, it helps to prevent any kind of collapse under pressure. Because of the perforated steel center tube.

Product Specifications

1. Pressure Relief Valve

2. Silicone Material

3. Ironed Steel cases 

4. Efficient Filter media

5. Ironed Steel cases

  • Good protection
  • Performs well in cold conditions
  • Recommended by Ford
  • Dirt collecting ability is satisfactory.
  • Packaging problem.


Comes with a lot of offerings. You wouldn’t want to miss out an oil filter which is recommended by Ford.

In the motorcraft oil filters lookup, it caught our attention with all these features. Sure there might be better options available out there. But if you try this one out you won’t be disappointed.

7. Mobil 1 M1-113 Extended Performance Oil Filter

Many of us are big fans of Mobil oil & oil filters. It can be used in any kind of motor oil you wish. With different kinds of benefits, this one met the criteria and made it up here.

Long-life Performance

I have used this oil filter in my Honda for quite a long time. Some of our members did the same.

The Mobil 1 oil filter promises to offer long-life performance.

Removing Contaminants

The oil performs extremely well in removing different kinds of contaminants. The contaminants holding capacity is 28 grams.

Actually, it holds a Multi-pass efficiency rating of 99.6 percent. Also an advanced synthetic fiber blend media helps to remove the contaminants as well.

Not impressed yet? Because of the M1EP filter line  you can hold & trap more dirt comparatively. 

Eliminating Internal Leakage

There are reasons why it is one of the best Mobil 1 oil filters. Having the silicone anti-drain back valve, it eliminates internal leakage & prevents dry starts. So good protection is definitely provided.  

Working Under Pressure

Pressure plays a big part in our engines. So the oil & oil filter should be able to stand up to it.

Luckily, this filter resists 9 times over the normal system operating pressure. Up to 615 pascals per square inch extraordinary protection. 

Product Specifications

  1. Silicone Material
  2. Contaminants holding capacity 28 grams
  3. Multi-pass efficiency rating is 99.6 percent
  4. Silicone anti-drain back valve
  5. Compatible with any motor oil
  • Removes contaminants exceptionally well.
  • Ensures long life performance.
  • Can be used with all kinds of motor oil.
  • Prevents dry starts.
  • The cover more attractive


Mobil 1 never disappoints. We recommend that if you use Mobil 1 oil, then definitely use this oil filter.

8. Purolator PL22500 PurolatorONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin On Oil Filter

We started our review with an oil filter from the Purolator brand, we are going to end it in that manner. Here’s another Purolator oil filter that caught our attention.

Peak Performance

This filter keeps the engine running at its best for a long time. It helps to keep the performance up to the mark.

In actual fact, the engine life is optimized for up to 10000 miles. 

Removing Dirt

Just like the previous Purolator oil filter, it has excellent dirt removal power. Removes around 99% of it. 

Everyone says that they remove the dirt. But as workshop manager, I can assure you that this filter actually does the work. This is one of the major reasons why we like this brand’s oil filter.


You already know that it has the Silicone anti-drainback valve. So in case of oil leaks or dry starts, good protection can be expected. 

Also this brand’s oil filters are well known for giving exceptional protection. 

Wear Resistance

Good stability & integrity is offered. So if you want great wear resistance then the Metal end caps and center tube will meet your expectations.

Product Specifications:

  1. Oil change interval upto 10000
  2. Silicone material
  3. Dirt removal power is 99%
  4. Silicone anti-drainback valve
  5. High-Density Synthetic blend media
  6. Ideal for tough driving conditions
  • Maintains integrity & filtering capabilities.
  • Ideal for tough driving conditions
  • Excellent protection
  • 99% dirt removal
  • Compared to the BOSS ones, these need to be improved.


No matter which vehicle you are using- domestic or import, this oil filter will be good for it. Also comes at a cheap price, so buy it & thank me later.

How Do You Choose an Oil Filter? (An ultimate Buying Guide)

I’m sure the above choices will meet your expectations & keep you satisfied. But sometimes we cannot get the perfect match.

Here are some things that you should take into consideration before making the ultimate decision.

Best Oil Filter Bob Is The Oil Guy

1. Capture Efficiency

A good oil filter will always have a decent capture efficiency. And you should always check it before buying your oil filter.

Usually normal oil filters have around 95% capture efficiency at 40 microns but most of these top 8 oil filters have a capture efficiency of more than 95%. 

So you can definitely  rely on these filters

2. Dirt Holding

Here is another major thing. You have to get an idea about the dirt holding capacity before making the purchase. 

If the dirt holding capacity is good then engine oil starvation can be prevented. Find it out when the oil is bypassing and the filter needs to be changed at the correct interval period.

This will keep the oil filter at its best shape.

3. Design and Fabrication Integrity

Each & every detail about oil filters are essential. That is why their design, stability & integrity plays a really big part. Here are few additional things that you should check:

  • Material
  • Valve seats
  • Filter Media Side-Seam
  • Pleat Density
  • End-Cap Adhesive

Like we said, all of these things play a big part. So check these ones out, see which one has the best possible outcome & goes with your vehicle. Then choose the right one.

4. Pressure Flow 

These kind Oil filters are designed in such a way that they meet up with the practical limits. As the dirt accumulates the oil pressure will rise. 

So check if the oil filter will have appropriate pressure flow in your vehicle. Many people do not consider it seriously, but it has a major impact. 

bob the oil guy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What oil filter do I need for my car?

Answer: It actually depends on the way you drive & of course, your vehicle as well.

Let me clear it up for you. The more you drive, the better your oil filter should be. 

Check compatibility with your vehicle, dirt-holding capacity & capture efficiency before buying it.

Also, check the owner’s manual & have a chat with a mechanic. They can definitely suggest you the perfect oil filter.

2. What does a fram ph6017a oil filter fit?

Answer: Here are the brands where FRAM PH6017a oil filter fits:

  1. Arctic Cat 
  2. Honda
  3. Harley-Davidsson
  4. Gravely
  5. Kawasaki
  6. Polaris
  7. Triumph
  8. Victory
  9. Yamaha 
  10. Suzuki

To know more about the models, you can go here. 

Also a couple of days back, one of our users asked about hand tightening an oil filter. We did our research and shared our point of view as well. You can check it out as well. 

3. Who is Bob the oil guy?

Answer: This is perhaps one of the most common questions asked.

Every car or bike enthusiast has probably heard of ‘Bob is the oil guy’. But what is it actually? And who is this Bob?

Well, Bob is the oil guy is a popular website or a forum in particular about oils & oil filters. A guy named Bob Winters created this helpful website back in 2002. He was a distributor of Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants.

However, Bob sold the website to Tony Riek long ago & does not have any connection with it right now.

4. Is there a difference in quality of oil filters?

Answer: Yes, there definitely is.

Some people only consider the price before buying an oil filter. They think all of these are similar. But these products have many differences & the quality ones have much more to offer. 

A high-quality oil filter provides us good protection & keeps the oil really clean. On the other hand, cheap oil filters sometimes do not get the job done at all. 

A good oil filter has good filtering efficiency & traps the contaminants up to our expectations. The dirt-trapping efficiency is also good. But we do not get these things from an ordinary oil filter. 

Oil filters should be able to provide longer service life. But we cannot expect that from the cheap ones. 

As a matter of fact, when we were doing our research we noticed that some of the cheapest oil filters do not even last 3000 miles.

So yes, there is a massive difference in quality of oil filters. They can affect your vehicle in the long term. So spend a bit and take the good one. 

5. Who makes WIX oil filters?

Answer: MANN + HUMMEL production plant usually manufactures WIX oil filters. They are mostly manufactured in Gastonia, N.C.

6. What is an eco oil filter?

Answer: Eco oil filter simply means an oil filter that is environmentally friendly. 

Being made from paper filter media & plastic, these are the best oil filters for our environment. In fact, they can be incinerated once they are used. 

Many people do not understand these filter’s value. But consider how many vehicles are out there. And how many oil filters are needed every month.

That is why we should use these filters & leave a positive mark on the environment.

Final Thought

Hope you have made up your mind on best oil filter | Bob is the Oil Guy. 

Before making the final call. Check the buying guide & go through the reviews again. Also, most of these filters won’t cost you that much. So you can go for multiple options to determine the ultimate path.

See which one fits your vehicle perfectly & then you can fix your long term decision. It will always depend on your vehicle’s model, personal preference and the way you use your vehicle. 

Hope this article was helpful & you have finally made up your mind.

Till then, Drive Safe!

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