Best Oil Stop Leak For BMW in 2023: Causes With Solution

Are you seeking the best oil stop leak for BMW? No problem. Here are the best oil leak stoppers that work.

Oil leaks are a common issue that is associated with engines in cars. Most likely, you’ll be faced with this issue regardless of how diligently you take care of your car. Additionally, oil leaks are a common problem that most cars have, at least.

If you own a BMW when you drive a BMW, you want the best, far beyond the standard of a car that you see on the road.

BMW’s reputation has been built around the smooth operation, elegant style, and, above all, mechanical excellence. When the BMW owner gets off their lot in the first instance, they should be sure of nothing less than perfection from their brand new vehicle.

If you are looking for the top additives to stop leaks in oil, this article can assist you. The guide includes reviews on the top 5 oil stop leak additives that you can purchase for your BMW. 

Check out the article to learn what these ingredients are and why they can assist you in preventing oil leakage issues.

1. Lucas Oil 10278 Engine Oil Stop Leak, 1 Quart


Visit any auto parts shop and request engine stop-leak advice, and we’re able to be sure that the first brand to pop up would be Lucas Oil. It’s the Lucas brand. Lucas products are among the best quality when it comes to additives to the vehicle system.

Lucas Oil is known for producing the safest products for BMW. If you’re searching for an oil stop leak that will not end up costing excessively, they have the best solution. This 10278 oil stop leak is perfect for stopping leaks and boosting the efficiency of your machine.

This product doesn’t contain any hazardous solvents or properties that are corrosive. So, it won’t cause any long-term negative effects on your motor. 

The best product for stopping leaks in engine oil will actually improve the performance of your engine. Restoring your fuel system can reduce engine noise and will also decrease the amount of oil consumed.

  • Serves as protection and breakage.
  • Reduces engine noise and boosts performance
  • Very simple to use
  • The application process is easy
  • Affordably priced option
  • It’s not suitable for diesel engines.


A variety of other stop leak products can reduce the amount of oil in your engine. While these products may stop leaks, the dilution process could affect your vehicle’s performance. 

The Lucas products do not alter the oil’s properties which is why, as a result, you’ll notice an increase in oil pressure and better performance.

By using Lucas, the Lucas the best engine oil stop leak addition the pressure of oil is increased and reduces engines’ noise. The engine will run silently, which is a majority of customers.

The 32-ounce unit can last for quite a while and will allow you to benefit from this. Furthermore, it is an extremely versatile item that does more than just stop oil leaks.

2. Bar’s Leaks Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning and Leak Repair


Are you looking for a BMW oil leak fix or a BMW oil leak recall? This best oil stop leak for cars like BMW is a great option for you.

As the car ages as it gets older, the seals on the engine become harder and shrink due to the plasticizers that are removed as time passes. This can lead to leaks, and no one can afford that.

This high-performance synthetic stop leak energizes these gaskets and seals worn to bring them back to their original performance. This is our most powerful formula to prevent main seals, valve seals, timing cover seals, as well as sealing seals for cams, the crankshaft seal valve cover, oil pan, and any other leaks of oil.

Bar’s Leaks Professional Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning & Repair of Leaks is a distinctive blend of synthetic polymers paired with top seal-repairing additives that create an extremely durable repair. This professional-grade formula will permanently stop the loss of engine oil due to leaks, excessive consumption, and burning.

Oil Seal is specifically designed to work with all kinds of an engine or motor oil. It is able to be used when oil is not sufficient or when there is an oil change. It will start working after 15 minutes following the driving or turning off the engine. In the majority of cases, the leak in the oil can be fixed in a single dose.

  • It’s safe and simple to use
  • Synthetic polymer reinforcement
  • Stops Blue Exhaust Smoke and Oil Burning
  • Replaces worn valve seals and guides with new ones.
  • Steel wool plugs or whatever that material is, a few handfuls


Although this product is excellent in preventing leaks from the notoriously difficult area of the main seal on the rear, It also does a great job in other areas of an engine susceptible to leaks.

Another fantastic product for drivers who have vehicles that feature diesel and gasoline engines, since it will be able to work with both types of engines.

Bar’s Leaks Grey Rear Main Seal renovation is adaptable with all types of oil such as synthetics high-mileage.

The compatibility is great, and it is compatible with a variety of diesel and gasoline engines, including turbocharged hybrid engines, racing engines, Eco Boost, and many different engine oils, including synthetics with high mileage, high mileage blends, and regular petroleum.

The number of applications needed to plug leaks completely can vary based on the severity of the damage to the seals and gaskets. Most of the cases, one application is sufficient.

3. Lucas Oil Products LUC10278 Engine Oil Stop Leak, 1 Quart, 1 Pack


The Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak is an exclusive mix of base stocks and other additives created to stop engine leaks. Its efficacy is extended to manual transmissions and gearboxes and seals for valve stems. It’s compatible with semi-synthetic, petroleum, and fully synthetic motor oils

It is a breeze to use. Based on the health of your engine, simply add 10 percent or more of Lucas Oil to an engine that has 90 percent fuel. Drive your car as normal for about a hundred miles before allowing it to cool down. That’s it.

Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak directions wear seals and ensure zero risk of damage or corrosion and also reduce engine noise and consumption, and also increase the pressure of oil. It is free of harmful solvents.

  • There aren’t any hazardous solvents contained in this product.
  • Increases the life of engine oil by up to 50%.
  • Leaks in automatic transmissions are effectively stopped.
  • Petrol, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic motor oils are all compatible.
  • Replaces worn seals without causing harm or corrosion.
  • The cap was loose.


This oil stop leak is also among the most rapidly growing additive lines in the automobile sector. An exceptional range of greases, oils, and additives for problem-solving has helped establish Lucas as a leading player in the market. 

Many oil stop leaks are caused by expanding and softening the seals inside the engine. There’s a myth that says this causes seals to wear more quickly.

Lucas has been long engaged in the American racing scene through numerous race event sponsorships and vehicle promotions at every level. As they realized the need for superior lubricants in the racing business and a need for better lubricants in the racing industry, the Lucas personnel set about working again. The result is an assortment of high-performance engine oil as well as gear oil that stand out in the racing industry.

4. Bar’s Leaks High Mileage Engine Repair, 16.9 oz


Highly effective products listed in this category is the Bar’s leaks oil stop leak stopper. The additive is intended to repair seals that are tough to fix. The process of applying the additive is easy, and you don’t need to be a professional to apply it. This is an easy solution for all your oil leakage issues.

One of the most complicated (and costly) leaks to address in a car is the leaky seal on the rear of the vehicle. Repairing it could be costly. Leaks in the Bar Grey Main Rear Seal Repair could be helpful.

Not just will the rear main seal be fixed, but the additive will also help with any leaks. The greatest benefit of this additive is that it’s affordable.

You do not need to be concerned about their budget when looking for an affordable solution to stop leaks. The additive works with all types of oil, which include high mileage traditional and synthetic.

  • Problematic seals can be simply repaired.
  • Work on the back main seal, which is tough to access.
  • The activation time is short.
  • Older engines may not operate properly.


This is a fantastic product for drivers who drive vehicles with diesel and gasoline engines since it can work with both types of engines.

Bar’s Leaks Grey Rear Main Seal rebuild is adaptable with all types of oil such as synthetics and high-mileage.

Its compatibility is superb, and it is compatible with a variety of diesel and gasoline engines, including turbocharged racing engines, hybrids, EcoBoost, as well as various engine oils such as synthetics with high mileage, high mileage blends, and regular petroleum.

Bar’s Leaks is a highly user-friendly additive that has a very short time to activate. It means that once you have added the additive to stop leaks in oil to your oil, the effectiveness can be evaluated in the span of a couple of hours. 

Furthermore, the additive doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals that could be detrimental to or harm the engine over the long term.

5. LM 1005 Oil Leak Stop 300 ml


If you’re experiencing symptoms of leakage from your oil like the puddle that is under your car or an oily layer on the other parts of the engine bay, It is one of the most straightforward ways to repair it.

Liqui Moly has a range of additives to engine oil which help to resolve common issues with oil.

It’s the Liqui Moly Oil leak stop 1005, which is a highly effective additive to stop oil leaks and helps to regenerate the rubber seals and engine seals made of plastic.

It’s a non-clogging engine-safe formula that expands and softens the seals of valve stem seals and shafts. It is usually enough to stop massive leaks of oil.

If you have an older vehicle and you want to upgrade it, Liqui Moly will aid in maintaining the integrity of your seals and will help avoid costly repairs later on.

  • Eliminates streaks of oil in the undercarriage
  • With catalytic converters, it was found to be safe.
  • Noise and oil usage are reduced.
  • Reduces oil absorption.
  • Using wet clutches to plug leaks in bikes


There are a lot of user reviews that discuss the effectiveness of Liqui Moly, even within a single application.

It’s as easy as adding it to engine oil. After approximately 500 miles, the additive will close any leaks.

For those who don’t know, Liqui Moly is a highly regarded German automotive brand that has been awarded numerous times. Clients highly regard their products across the globe.

Buying guide for best oil stop leak for BMW

Oil stop leak additives are a great addition to your vehicle maintenance, considering that they can avoid sudden oil leakages.

It is unnecessary to face the stress of taking your car to an auto mechanic if you’re planning to travel to an urgent location. It will save you many hours, and by using a quality engine stop leak product, you won’t have to worry about regular leaks in your oil.

 While the majority of the products for stopping leaks from oil could perform as expected but there are some things to consider. These are the most significant aspects to take into consideration when buying the best products to stop leaks in oil.


The key point that has to be determined when picking an oil quit leakage additive is where they work with the auto you are making use of. Not all ingredients work well with all automobile types.

When you choose the most suitable oil stop leak solution for BMW, the package itself will contain information about the specific vehicle or oil to apply the additive to. The guide consists of a mix of certain and all-compatible ingredients.


Each additive has its own activation time, and you must ensure that they blend well with the oil in your engine. If you add the proper amount of additive to your engine’s oil, it’ll require a couple of hours to activate.

 It’s only possible to stop leaks efficiently if you give enough time to the additive to stop leaks in oil to mix with the oil in your engine and be activated.

 Nevertheless, the defined amount may not constantly be enough to trigger the additive totally.


The quantity of additive you will be making use of for your automobile will certainly establish whether the item you have actually gotten is cost-efficient. You require to recognize how much additive you require to utilize as well as the quantity of time it will certainly last.

If you have to incorporate many ingredients in the oil in your engine at regular intervals, it’s not an efficient method. Even if the additive decreases, however, it won’t be economical for you.


The amount of the additive is a major problem for a lot of people. Ingredients come in various price arrays, and the variants are because of the brand as well as the formula of the additives. 

Although the rate is a crucial element, you should check if the component you choose to purchase is a good fit for your vehicle.

In the overview, you will certainly discover the most effective oil stop leak additives coming from various price varieties, aiding you to choose.

Best Oil Stop Leak For BMW

frequently asked question

How to use Lucas oil to stop a leak?

In the beginning, you should make sure that your car is filled with enough oil to make it below the full mark on the dipstick. Then, open your “stop leak” container and dump it in the trash.

Stopping the leak is a dangerous thing. It works in either of the two methods. The swollen seals by the junk attempt to fill the gap and then attempt to stop the leak. The problem with this is that it swells not only the part which isn’t doing its job but also every seal that the fluid touches. This can cause seals to leak, even though they weren’t initially.

If you are familiar with engines today, the innovative engineers have placed water pumps into the engine, along with their timing chains. The result is that the oil can be able to enter the cooling system, and it will go back out.

Do leaks of oil damage my vehicle?

Formulas for stopping leaks in oil are made for softening rubber seals and helping them expand (therefore sealing better); however, they shouldn’t cause harm to anything if used as added.

A large oil puddle beneath your vehicle is not an ideal sight! It’s not only an ugly mess, but that pool is typically a sign that the engine isn’t working correctly. It is tempting to pull out the oil stop leak to take care of the problem as soon as you can. But, will an oil additive such as oil stop leak harm the engine? 

Modern formulas for stopping leaks in oil can absorb into gaskets inside the engine. They can expand damaged or worn parts of the gaskets to prevent leaks. They are ideal for leaks of a small size that do not have a connection to any serious issues within the engine. 

For most effective results, choose an oil that a trusted brand has tested to stop the leak and follow the instructions on the packaging.

If you opt for a trusted manufacturer of the oil stop leak, and you use it for a temporary solution that is not damaging, it shouldn’t harm the engine. Keep in mind that using oil to stop leaks in diesel engines is not an option.

There’s usually a reason the engine has started to leak oil or water, for example, a damaged gasket or a damaged seal. This issue will only become worse if it is not repaired properly. The leak of oil could be the symptom of a bigger problem also. It’s the perfect reason to get your car inspected by a seasoned mechanic.

In the end, although the leak of oil likely won’t cause damage to the engine, however, the reason for the leak could be detrimental to the engine over time.

Is oil stop leak bad for your engine?

The old-fashioned leak stoppers did not work well for engines. Modern technology has enabled the development of better formulations which means that today’s products will be able to perform as expected. But, if you choose the wrong stop leak for oil, the engine could suffer harm, so be sure you do your research and select the right additive.

However, any oil additive for engines is fantastic for helping stop the leak in the rubber gaskets for the oil pan.

Oil stop leaks are created to stop leaks and seal them due to the wear and tear of the engine of your vehicle.

With time, your engine’s performance may begin to decrease, and you’ll have to repair it. The positive aspect is that oil of high-quality stop leak can be a simple solution to certain problems. It stops leaks and prevents them leaks from occurring.

Can you put a stop leak in a BMW?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a BMW or not. Products that stop leaks and utilize agents that block the flow of water damage ALL automobiles.

They’re two distinct things: seal conditioners and also stop leaks. Although the Lucas additive is indeed referred to as “stop leak,” it appears to be just an additive to seal condition.

Why do BMWS always leak oil?

If you’re driving the BMW, then most likely, you’re aware of the privilege and how fortunate you are to have the beauty of such a machine. But, the reality is even the best efficient machines have issues at times. It’s not common to see BMWs have issues with performance; However, in the event there are occasions, it’s essential to be alert, knowledgeable, and active.

One problem that BMWs have to contend with, just like other automobiles that have problems with leaks in engine oil. Oil for the engines is an extremely crucial component of your vehicle’s function, and if it is beginning to leak, it can result in serious performance issues as well as a motor failure if the issue continues without a solution.

As we’ve mentioned before, the majority of oil leaks originate from damaged valves, seals, or gaskets. They are relatively simple to fix. However, the effects caused by an oil leak could cause damage to other components of the engine, including your spark plugs.

You’ll know your BMW leaks engine oil when you notice an oil puddle on your driveway or smell the smell of burned oil. Here are some reasons why this could occur to the engine of your BMW.

Seals that are damaged or old

The system of pressurization that stores your engine oil has holes within it, which have been filled by valves or seals. When these components get damaged or worn out, they could leak oil out of the system.

Oil pan that has been ruined

It’s happened for the best among us, and it will not be the last. Damaged oil pans typically occur in the event of an accident with your vehicle, or you slam into an object in the road.

Under the Hood Smoke

Apart from the smell, smoke coming from under the hood can indicate that you’ve got a large leak in your oil. Upon seeing this, the mechanic will explain that this is due to the BMW leaks a significant quantity of fuel. In this situation, it’s imperative to contact an auto service expert to inspect your vehicle for leaks in the oil to stop the rapid deterioration.

The cap on the oil filler is loose.

Sometimes, simple mistakes happen when changing the oil, and this is especially true in the event that the person performing the oil change has no experience with BMW vehicles or simply hurrying the work.

How do I stop my BMW from leaking oil?

Leaks in oil on any engine can be an inconvenience and a reality, but they are not as damaging as the BMW gasket for the housing of the oil filter.

The issue can be traced to where it occurs, and there’s rarely an all-inclusive solution to fix leaks in oil if the issue is due to a worn-out seal or valve, temporary solutions such as cleaning and patching the seal. However, the seal or gasket may require replacement completely.

As we’ve mentioned, the best method to keep leaks from engine oil from happening is to give you BMW the care it needs to maintain the engine oil.

Can you drive a BMW with an oil leak?

Technically, it’s true that it is possible to drive a BMW with an oil leak. But it’s not a wise option considering that the oil helps keep the engine running and lubricated in top condition. 

In addition, the oil can be damaging to rubber seals as well as hoses. In reality, driving a car that has an oil leak is not worth risking the safety of anyone else.

If you don’t have it, your vehicle’s engine could fail and leave you with a huge repair cost for a brand new engine. It’s recommended to have your vehicle evaluated by a trained mechanic as soon as you notice the first sign of a leak in the oil. 

How much does it cost to fix an oil leak on a BMW?

The amount could range between $500 and $1600, and the average is $1200. (The more expensive end is when the valve covers require replacement). There’s no BMW maintenance that you could do to avoid this problem. It’s just an aspect of having the BMW and totally normal.

Final thought

The most effective additives to stop leaks in oil are essential as they prevent leaks of oil and ensure that your engine is kept in top shape in the long run.

If you choose the correct additive and proper use, you don’t have to be concerned about your engine failing often and having leaks.

When you are taking care and using the best oils stop leak for BMW will operate smoothly and without issues. Discover the 5 top additives for stopping leaks in oil in the guide, and select the one best suited to your BMW!

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