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Can-Am Maverick X3 Oil Capacity?

Can-Am Maverick X3 is an off-road vehicle. It is a trophy truck built for exploring the off-road area with high performance. Can-am introduces its new Maverick model every year. This beast performs very high, and it is a bold decision to choose them to explore. Can-Am Maverick X3 oil capacity is around 3.7 qt. As an off-road explorer, this capacity is short.

Through this article, you will know more about the oil specification, type, and capacity of the Can-Am Maverick X3. 

can am maverick x3 oil capacity

When Do You Need to Change Can-Am Maverick X3 Engine Oil?

Can-Am Maverick X3 is a part of your big investment. Changing the engine oil is the basis of vehicle maintenance. One of the key things to do in vehicle maintenance is changing engine oil from time to time. Now, Can-Am recommends changing the engine oil and filter every 50 to 100 hours, depending on your usage. 

If you go out and ride this beast every day on a rough road and push it very hard, you must have to change the engine oil after every 50 hours. If you drive it in extreme condition daily, change the engine oil even earlier. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy your ride on the off-road.

On the other hand, if you don’t ride it hard, you can change the engine every 100 hours. Make sure to change the oil filter while changing the engine oil. This way, you will enjoy a great riding experience. 

What Kind of Oil Does Can-Am Maverick X3 Take?

Can-AM Maverick X3 takes 10w-40 engine oil typically. It can take 5w-40 or 5w-30 engine oil if the quality is good. Make sure to apply full synthetic oil. You can choose any famous engine oil brand to ensure the best quality. Mobil1 0w-40 and Redline 5W-40 synthetic oil are suitable for the Maverick X3 engine. 10w-40 is the standard Cam-Am X3 oil type.

These oils are suitable for X3, X3 max, X3 DS Turbo R. Mobil1, Rotella, and Redline are good synthetic engine oil brands. Perfect oils from those excellent brands won’t disappoint your X3 engine.

can am x3 oil type

How to Change Can-Am Maverick X3 Engine Oil and Filter?

We have asked many X3 users about changing the engine oil procedures. Most of them had changed the oil but with so much hassle. Their expression seems like, “Don’t ever try to do that on your own. It will take your day.” It takes to change the Can-Am Maverick X3 oil 15-20 hours for some people. After much discussion, we realized they had made the mistake of choosing a suitable oil-changing kit. 

So, you can check BRP oil change kit comes with all the necessary items you need to change the oil. Also, don’t forget to take a funnel to drop the oil quickly. If you have a flex funnel, you don’t need to remove the skid plate. 

  • Remove the plug from the 10mm and 17mm hex head. 
  • Wash the plugs. 
  • Reinstall the plugs when all the engine oil has run out. 
  • Clean the area.

Before putting in new engine oil, replace the oil filter. 

  • Remove the outlet duck and inlet duck.
  • Clean the surrounding where the dipstick is located.
  • Remove the dipstick.
  • Place the funnel on the tank mouth.
  • Add 3.7 q engine oil.
  • Install the dipstick and ducks.
  • Start the machine and let it run for 30 seconds.


Every off-road car needs proper maintenance to ensure an optimum riding experience. Since Can-Am Maverick X3 mainly runs on rough roads and for extreme riding, it needs extra care. That’s why every X3 owner must know about Can-Am Maverick X3 oil capacity and oil type

Be sure to check the engine oil rating before purchasing because it is a sensitive matter.

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