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Can I Do My Own Oil Change and Keep Warranty? : A Detailed Guidelines

You can change your oil in different ways without voiding the warranty. There is no relation between changing oil and warranty. You will only void the warranty if you use different oil than recommended and don’t follow the manufacturer’s requirements.

If you still ask can I do my own oil change and keep the warranty? Before giving you the answer, I’d suggest you read your manufacturer’s requirements. You will find the required things you can do to keep your warranty. Other than this there are certain things that you cannot do if you want to claim the warranty. I will tell you everything in this article.

Oil Change Vs Warranty

Oil changes don’t void the warranty. DIY oil change will keep warrenty, if you know how to change your oil, know it very well. You cannot change your oil without having any related knowledge and previous experience. When you want to change your engine oil, you should also know your engine requirements.

The vehicle manufacturer will give you the engine oil standard and guidelines that you can follow for oil change. Maybe your engine is suited for synthetic oil and you cannot use the mineral oil. Also, the manufacturer will give you the range of viscosity that must be considered.

Suppose you consider the oil viscosity and use the perfect engine oil for your engine. It will never void the warranty. Only if you use different engine oil with higher or lower viscosity and void the warranty terms can you not claim your warranty after that. In short, the warranty and oil change don’t have any interlink, but they are connected.

Can I Do My Own Oil Change and Keep Warranty

Can I change my own oil and keep the warranty?

Yes, you can change your own oil and keep your car’s warranty. Changing the oil will never damage your warranty or reduce the warranty time. You cannot keep that warranty if you change the oil with the wrong viscosity oil and use an utterly new type of oil.

You can change your engine oil brand and use different oil brands with similar viscosity and quality. Let’s see; your car manufacturer asks you to use 10w30 or 5w30 engine oil. You can use any brand that offer10w30 or 5w30 engine oil. But you cannot use 10w40 or 5w40 engine oil.

They are entirely different, considering their viscosity level and other qualities. You cannot change your low viscosity engine oil with a thicker one. But if you use a similar viscosity engine oil, you can change your engine oil and keep the warranty.

Car Engine Warranty

Typically, the car engine has a five years or 60,000 miles warranty. It may differ from car to car or brand to brand. If you have a high-quality car engine and invest a lot in buying a car, you might have a different car engine warranty. So, it’s better you check your car manual cards and requirements.

So, you need first ask your car seller to give you the ideas or card for your car engine warranty. Then, you can consider your budget and increase it according to the warranty. Along with the warranty, you will get some restrictions and requirements.

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Can you change your own oil?

Yes, you can change your vehicle engine oil if you have the required knowledge and previous experience. You can change the engine oil when ever you feel need of it. You can select any brand, oil type, oil viscosity, or engine oil with any specific additives.

There are certain rules from different bodies like SAE International that give guidelines and what engine oil you can use in what conditions. Drive need to follow these guidelines as they are internationally accepted and are usually part of local automotive laws.

What will void your warranty?

If you use different viscosity oil, and you use it roughly without proper maintenance, you will void your warranty. You will have some requirements and rules and regulations, so if you don’t follow them, you will void the warranty.

Closing Words

Can I do my own oil change and keep warranty? Yes, you can do that and keep your warranty. So, you can change the oil with your own skill and keep your warranty. But you cannot void any requirements and warranty terms; otherwise, it will void the warranty.

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