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Can I Use 10w 40 In My Lawn Mower?: Things You Must Know

A lawn mower is a part of almost every household owns a grass lawn. A timely grass cut is mandatory for keeping your lawn clean and beautiful. But maintenance of the lawn mower can be a bit technical. Besides, there are special oils for the lawn mower. Most users have doubts about the engine oil type of a lawn mower. Most lawn mower engines use SAE 30 for running.

But you may think of using car motor oil in lawn motor. Using car motor oil in a lawn mower won’t be that much risk. You can use some types of motor oil for lawn mower. 10W 40 is a widely used lubricant oil used in various machinery. A lawn mower owner definitely can have the question Can I use 10w 40 in my lawn mower? Well, the answer is affirmative. You can use 10w 40 in your lawn mower.

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Which oil is recommended for a lawn mower?

Almost every type of engine needs different kinds of motor oils. Lawn mowers are heavy-duty machines. They need to work in challenging places, in almost every weather. You must need a specific motor oil to operate the engine properly. SAE 30 or SAE 10w30 is the best motor oil for a lawn mower. 

However, you can use different motor oils in the lawn mower. SAE 30 ensures the perfect lubrication and performance. 10w 40, 10w 30, and 5w 30 can also be used in the lawn mower. But SAE 30 is the recommended one.

What is 10w 40 engine oil?

Moreover, 10w 40 is a widely used motor oil in the automobile sector. You can use it in almost every kind of weather condition. 10w 40 has two viscosity or flow grades. The meaning of 10w40 is that w stands for winter. This oil should have a maximum viscosity at low temperatures. The lower the w number, the thinner the oil will be. 

For example- 5w oil is lighter than 10w oil in winter. The number 40 means at 100 degrees centigrade, the viscosity falls within given limits. A 40 oil will be thicker than a 30 oil at that temperature.

Can I use car oil on the lawn mower?

Almost every kind of machinery needs motor oil. Cars, bikes, trucks, and lawn mowers all need motor oil. But there are differences among the engine types, and that’s why there is a difference among motor oils. 

Mostly lawn mower engines are cooled by air. Car engines use liquid coolant to cool down. The car engine uses an oil filter to filtrate the engine oil, while the lawn mower doesn’t use any filter. You can use your car oil in your lawn mower. It is safe enough to use. You can use 10w 40, 10w 30, 5w3 0, etc., in the lawn mower if you don’t want to use SAE 30. But for lawn mowers, SAE 30 is the best motor oil.

Can I use 10w 40 in my lawn mower?

Yeah. You can use 10w 40 in your lawn mower without noticing any difference or facing any hassle. Though the manufacturer of lawn mowers usually suggests using SAE 30 for lawn mowers. But using 10w 40 will not cause any trouble to your lawn mower. The reason for suggesting SAE 30 is the viscosity of this oil. SAE 30 lasts longer than 10w 40. But 10w 40 can be used for lawn mower without any problem. 

Moreover, it will be cost-efficient. You can use extra oil for your car. Besides, 10w 40 is not as costly as SAE 30. So, if you want to use 10w 40 in your lawn mower instead of SAE 30, you definitely can do it without much concern.  

Can I use 5w 40 for the lawn mower?

Like 10w 40, you can use 5w 40 in the lawn mower. But in cold weather, 5w 40 can perform better than 10w 40. But if you are not mowing your lawn in freezing weather, you can’t notice that much difference between 10w 40, SAE 30, or 5w 40. But in warmer weather, SAE can perform the best. So you can use 5w 40 for lawn mower also.

Can I use 5w 30 instead of SAE 30 for the lawn mower?

5w 30 has the most similarities with SAE 30. The main difference between oil is the oil viscosity when it’s cold. In warm temperatures, they do almost the same job. But when the weather gets colder, 5w 30 starts acting differently.

When should I change the lawn mower oil?

Timely oil changing helps to prevent decay of the engine parts and ensures the best performance. You should change the lawn mower oil after 20 to 50 hours. If you start using your lawn mower after a long winter, you should change the oil first in the spring.

Is car engine oil harmful to lawn mowers?

Well, experts recommend using SAE 30 as lawn mower oil. But using other car engine oil like 10w 40, 10w 30, and 5w 30 will not be so risky. They may lead to some temporary problems, but it won’t make any hassle if the weather is perfect for the oil type.

Final Thoughts:

A lawn mower may seem like a small machine, but it needs proper maintenance to get a long service. Though it doesn’t require so much care or regular maintenance, it needs sufficient after some days. Lawn mowers don’t have any coolant to cool down. It depends on air cooling. Changing motor oil is mandatory for lawn mowers. Most cars or other machinery have an oil filter attached to the engine to purify the engine oil. The lawn mower doesn’t have any. 

So, changing oil is a necessary job for a lawn mower. The recommended oil for lawn mower is SAE 30. The 10w 40 is a widely used engine oil. Many cars use 10w 40 to lubricate their engine. So, using 10w40 as lawn mower engine oil can be an easy and affordable solution. 

In the article, we discussed Can I use 10w 40 in my lawn mower? In the article, we discussed 10w 40. A lawn mower user can now easily use 10w 40 in his lawn mower without hesitation.

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