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Can You Mix Dexos with Regular Oil? : A Detailed Guide

Since I deal with different customer requirements and queries, I know you are worried about mixing dexos with regular oil. I will explain today and show you how you can use the dexos with your regular oil.

When I ask my customer, “Can you mix dexos with regular oil?” I got two different answers from them. Some of them will answer positively, and others will say they cannot mix those different oils.

In most cases, you cannot mix the dexos with regular oil if your manufacturers don’t allow you. Your latest model car might ask you to use the dexos crude, which will be helpful in many ways. It will give you the best fuel consumption and emission experience. 

Overview of Dexos & Regular Oil

The dexos is an efficient oil that will give you the best economic engine oil choice. It’s high-quality synthetic engine oil that will keep your engine smooth and run for a long time. But all the motor engines are not suitable for dexos motor oil.

You must have a different engine for using dexos oil. When your manufacturers ensure you use the high-quality dexos oil, you can use dexos with regular oil. Otherwise, you must continue using the regular motor oil. Notably, the regular engine oil has different versions. You cannot alter them or use any regular oil.

Your motor engine must comply with the chosen or selected regular oil. Significantly, the viscosity and nature of your engine oil must go with your vehicle engine requirements. In that case, you will find very few engine oils that mix with dexos and can be used along the way. Before that, you must figure out if they can be used or mixed.

Can You Mix Dexos with Regular Oil

Can You Mix Dexos with Regular Oil?

Yes, you can mix dexos with regular oil since most regular oils have similar characteristics to dexos. You can’t mix two different oil bases to get safe engine oil. But the dexos motor oil is entirely extra from any other engine oil.

That’s why you cannot mix all the regular oils with dexos oil since they will not be compatible with this oil. You should always check the compatibility and viscosity of regular oils and dexos oil. If you find the similarities, you may go for it and hope for the best mixture. It will not damage the engine performance or create any significant issues.

What if your car engine has a particular engine oil requirement? In that case, you cannot use the dexos motor oil since it’s not ideal for all vehicle engines. Only a few of the latest model car has a compatible engine where you can use the dexos engine oil. If you forcefully use dexos oil in your engine, it may void the warranty.

How Can You Mix Those Oils?

You can mix the dexos and regular oil in different ways. They are:

  1. You can add the regular oil to your already existing dexos oil. Maybe you have some dexos oil in your engine and want to add some regular oil. In that case, you can pour the regular oil into that engine.
  2. Another way could be the manual mixing of dexos oil and regular oil. You can take a bottle and add some regular oil. Then, pour some dexos oil. After that, shake or mix them properly to get an even mixture of regular & dexos oil.
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Is it safe to mix dexos and regular oil?

It is safe to mix dexos and regular oil since they will not react with each other. Only a few regular oils can be mixed with dexos oil. Therefore, you cannot use all the regular oil and mix it with dexos; it’s not safe.

Where can you use the mixed oil?

You can use the mixed dexos and regular oil in your engine since the mixture will be compatible and give you the best performance. So, you must be able to check the compatibility before you use the mixed oils.

Closing Words

If you still ask, “Can You mix Dexos with regular oil?” you must re-read this article. I told you everything about the dexos and regular oil and why you can mix them or why you can’t. Feel free to re-read the entire article and be sure about the facts.

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