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Can You Mix Kerosene and Home Heating Oil? (Explained)

I personally don’t prefer to use kerosene for home heating systems. It has a bitter smell and protection issues because the entire home heating system requires quality oil to generate heat. In that situation, if I ask you, ” Can You mix kerosene and home heating oil?” you may directly answer “No.” But that’s not the ultimate solution.

If you have any concerns regarding kerosene and home heating oil, you must know these oils separately and decide if you can mix them or use the alternative. You should know some differences, after effects, and other related things to get a clear answer to your thoughts.

What is Kerosene Oil?

Kerosene oil is a flammable hydrocarbon liquid used to produce heat or fire. If you look at kerosene oil in vehicles or any system, you will find an infrequent option where you can use this flabby fluid. Although most of the oils are flabby, kerosene oil is among the best. You can even try it with some kerosene oil and other oils.

Lighting and heating are two major sectors or fields where people use kerosene most. You will find the best production by using kerosene. Since it’s not available too much and contains some extra cost, you cannot rely on it entirely.

Can You Mix Kerosene and Home Heating Oil

What is Home Heating Oil?

Mostly, the low viscosity oil is considered the home heating oil. You can consider most the fuel oil or the HHO as the best example of home heating oil. The home heating oil will keep your house warm by producing more light & heat. It has a low viscosity which helps it to burn and produce the required heat soon.

Core Difference Between Kerosene Oil vs. Home Heating Oil

Kerosene oil and home heating oil are different. You will find some core differences between them. These differences will clear your thoughts and help you choose the better one for your home heating system.


Kerosene has a high viscosity, whereas home heating oil has a low viscosity. That’s the main difference between kerosene oil and home heating oil. If you look at the kerosene oil, you will find the thickness. Its thickness is stronger than the home heating oil. Since home heating oil requires producing heat pretty soon, it will come up with a thin or lower thickness.


Another core difference between kerosene oil vs. home heating oil is their compatibility. Kerosene oil is not as compatible with home heating oil because the home burner or home heater will require low viscosity oil to produce the proper heat. You cannot expect to produce that amount of heat by using kerosene oil.


Although home heating oil has the best components to burn and produce heat, kerosene oil costs more than home heating oil. The main reason is higher viscosity and more complex chemical bonding. Therefore, you need to invest more to buy kerosene than home heating oil. Here, the cost is another core difference between kerosene oil and home heating oil.

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Can you mix kerosene & home heating oil?

Yes, you can mix kerosene & home heating oil. It will not give you any improper or dangerous mixture to destroy the home heater. If you have home heating oil but want to add some kerosene oil to that, you can do so. But, it might hamper the produced heat. You may not find precisely the same heat from kerosene that you get from home heating oil.

But it’s always better not to mix those two oils willingly. They come with different viscosity levels, which makes a real difference. And the mixture of these oils will create different issues in the heater motor.

Is it safe to mix kerosene with home heating oil?

Since they don’t react and mix, it is safe to mix kerosene with home heating oil.

Can you use kerosene instead of home heating oil?

You should not regularly use kerosene instead of home heating oil. Every motor or engine has some requirements. And, a home heater will always give you the best productivity if you use home heating oil.

Closing Words

Can you mix kerosene and home heating oil? Yes, you can. But it’s not ideal in any sense. If you have any concerns regarding your home heater, you should always try to use the required home heating oil.

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