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Can You Mix Motor Oil Weights?: Know Now!

Motor oil has different thickness. Different oil comes with different viscosity. If you look at the number of motor weights, you will know their viscosity. For example, 10w30 & 10w40 have two different viscosity. Between them, higher engine oil refers to the high viscosity. Thus, the 10w40 has more weight than the 10w30.

Therefore, if you ask, can you mix motor oil weights? The answer is No. You can only mix the same viscosity of motor oil. If you read my write-up, it will clear everything regarding your queries.

What are Motor Oil Weights?

The motor oil weights refer to the viscosity. When you notice different synthetic oil, you will find clear differences between them accordingly. Significantly, most synthetic oils have a certain level of weight or thickness.

Can You Mix Motor Oil Weights

Why Can’t You Mix Motor Oil Weights?

You cannot mix motor oil weights since they are different. You mostly have two types of motor oil weights. One is for low viscosity or weight, and the other for high viscosity or greater weight. They have different uses.

You will find three differences if you go in-depth about why you can’t mix motor oil weights. Let’s go through them.

Engine Requirements

You cannot mix different motor oil weights because of your engine requirements. Some engines will ask you to use low or specific viscosity engine oil; others might come with a different or higher viscosity engine oil. It entirely depends on your car or vehicle engine.

If you have such bindings, you cannot mix and get an uncertain viscosity or weight of your oil. It will create problems if it crosses the engine limits or becomes shallow viscosity engine oil.

Unknown Viscosity

If you mix different motor oil weights, it will give an unknown viscosity level. Let’s say you have 10w30 and 5w40 engine oil. You mix them and get a new weight or viscosity. It will remain unknown that you cannot use any specific engine. They come with different viscosity levels, and they have different uses. Although it will not highly damage your engine or create any particular issues, you should still not use it that way.

Uses of Different Motor Oil Weights

You can only mix different motor oil weights if you have a common car engine. Also, you must know your engine capacity and requirements. If it requires high viscosity motor oil, you must be careful about the two high viscosity motor oil. It would be safe for your engine and won’t damage it.

In other words, if your engine requires low viscosity or low-weight motor oil, you can mix two low viscosity oils. In that case, the 10w20 and 5w20 would be a good combination. They will mix and become an equivalent weight motor oil. That’s how you can use different motor oil weights. You cannot go in other ways.

can you mix engine oil

Is it safe to mix motor oil weights?

It is safe to mix motor oil weights if they come with the same viscosity. If you have different weighted motor oil, you cannot mix them. It will become a mess and will damage your engine.

How to Mix Motor Oil Weights?

You can mix motor oil weights in a bottle or fuel tank. Let’s say you have 10w30 motor oil in your fuel tank. You can add 5w30 motor oil to the same fuel tank and mix it well. It will become a safe engine oil.

Will Different Motor Oil Weights Damage Engine Performance?

The different motor oil weights will surely damage your engine performance. You cannot expect to mix low viscosity engine oil with a high viscosity oil. If you do so, it will become an unstable motor oil that will fail to serve your engine. Consequently, it might damage your engine performance slightly.

Final Thoughts

Can you Mix motor oil weights? The direct answer is yes, you can. But the answer would be different. It will depend on your engine requirements and other factors. You can only mix the same viscosity engine oil to get a safe mixture. If you mix different motor oil weights, it may damage your engine performance.

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