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Can You Mix Oil Viscosities?

Different oils have different viscosities; that is the identification for each engine oil. It will also help you to decide on the correct weight engine oil for your car or vehicle engine. Sometimes, we must add different engine oil to our existing fuel tanks. On that condition, you may ask can you mix oil viscosities or not.

Some might suggest mixing different oil viscosities, while others insist you not mix. What should you do in that situation? If you don’t know, I will give you the right solution to sort out the issue.

What Does Oil Viscosities Mean?

Oil viscosity refers to the oil thickness determining the weight of particular motor oil. Sometimes, you may need low-viscosity motor oil; otherwise, your engine might need high-viscosity oil. Sometimes, the viscosity also depends on the oil type. If you buy synthetic oil, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect weighted motor oil.

In contrast, conventional or regular oil will come with a fixed viscosity. You cannot change it or get the perfect viscosity for your motor. So, you need to check your engine and get the compatible engine oil list. It will help you to decide on the right viscosity engine oil.

Can You Mix Oil Viscosities

Can You Mix Same Brand Oil Viscosities?

You can mix the same brand of oil viscosity once they have compatible ingredients. Mainly, similar brand engine oil comes with similar components that will never react and damage your engine. Performance. Also, you will have a chance to get the same viscosity engine oils from that same brand. It will also help you mix them and use them for your car engine.

So, you can mix the same brand oil viscosities since they don’t react and won’t damage your engine performance. You will also have the option to choose the same viscosity engine oil from the same brand.

So, if you want to know whether you can mix oil viscosities, you must consider using the same oil brand. Choosing the same brand’s different oil with the same oil viscosities will be a safe option. It will be a safe mixture that will never damage your car engine.

Can You Mix Different Oil Brands?

You can only mix different oil brands if they come with the same viscosity. Suppose you buy 10w30 from a particular brand and get 5w30 from another brand. You want to mix or pour them into the same fuel tank. In that case, you can do it safely since they contain a similar viscosity.

Apart from that, you can also mix different brands of motor oils if they have the same tag of 10w30 or 5w40. Therefore, mixing different brands of motor oil will be okay. It will not damage anything; you will get the best experience.

But the difficulty will be to mix different viscosity of engine oil. Let’s say you already have 10w30 in your fuel tank. But you want to add 10w40. It will be an issue if your engine is not high-loaded. Or compatible with high viscosity engine oil. In that case, you need to avoid mixing different oil viscosity.

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Is It Safe to Mix Different Oil Viscosities?

It is safe to mix different oil viscosities only if your engine is compatible with different viscosities. You should not forcefully mix two different oil viscosities if your engine has any particular oil recommendation. So, check your engine requirements and then decide on the engine oil.

What Motor Oil Can You Mix?

You can mix similar oil viscosity motor oil like 10w30 with 5w30 or 10w40 with 5w40 or 10w20 with 5w20. Although they are not the same quality motor oil, they will be a safe mixture. It will be a benefit to mixing the same brand of engine oil.

Closing Words

Before adding different oil to the same fuel tank, you must know can you mix oil viscosities? The answer will clarify the fact, and you will know all the related things. However, I added most of the related info in this article to help you mix and use different oil viscosities safely. Go and re-read the article to get your answer.

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