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Can You Switch From Synthetic Oil To Regular Oil?

Suppose you are using synthetic oil but want to shift to regular oil. In that case, you may think, can you switch from synthetic oil to regular oil? The answer would be, “It Depends.” Mainly, there are some basic differences between synthetic oil vs. Regular oil.

You must consider them before you change to regular oil. It would be better to check your engine compatibility with regular oils; it can give you the best relief from any hazardous or engine damage. In today’s article, we will look at how you can shift from synthetic oil to regular oil and its effect on your car engine.

What Is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is common engine oil that is made with chemical compounds. It’s an artificial lubricant that makes your engine smooth and corrosion-free; it has high-quality oil that is 100% safe for most car engines. Mobil 1, Royal Purple, and Pennzoil are the best synthetic oil brands.

Most synthetic oils are recommended for all car engines. You must read your engine requirements first, then go for the selected synthetic oil because all the synthetic oils are not the same. They have different viscosity levels.

Can You Switch From Synthetic Oil To Regular Oil

What Is Regular Oil?

The regular oil is based on petroleum oil which is why it is not suitable for all car engines. You cannot generally use petroleum in any sensitive engine. It might damage the engine performance. But if you go for the truck or other vehicles, you can surely use this regular oil there.

If you look at the uses of regular oil, you will find that lubrication is the first concern. Your engine must have enough lubrication on its parts to run smoothly. Especially when you have a highly loaded, powerful engine, you must use petroleum to drive it smoothly. When you increase the speed, it will face more corrosion problems.

In that situation, petroleum would be an excellent relief for most engine parts. It will not let the metal stick to each other to create corrosion. Instead, it will smoothen the part and let them run without damage. So, that’s the perfect use of petroleum oil that you won’t get from synthetic or chemically made oil.

Difference Between Synthetic Oil Vs. Regular Oil

You will find the below differences between synthetic oil vs. Regular oil. They are:

  1. Synthetic oil is a chemically made lubricant used for different engines. In comparison, petroleum oil is a natural oil that works as a perfect lubricant.
  2. Synthetics can work under both high & low temperatures. But the petroleum oil can’t work efficiently under extreme conditions. You should never try to start your engine in snowfall using petroleum oil. It may fail miserably. You must use synthetic oil, which has a lower viscosity.
  3. High horsepower & engine capabilities are suited for synthetic oil. It will increase the efficiency of a high horsepower engine. In contrast, regular oil can’t handle the high horsepower engine efficiently.

Can You Switch from Synthetic Oil to Regular Oil?

You can switch from synthetic oil to regular oil without damaging your engine health. It will not reduce the engine power or create any hazardous situation for the engine. In that case, you only need to check engine capabilities and compatibility with synthetic & regular oil.

If your engine doesn’t allow you to use any petroleum oil, you must avoid using the regular oil. However, in most cases, synthetic oil & regular oil can be used one instead of the other for a short time.

synthetic oil change

Is regular oil safe for car engines?

Regular oil is safe for car engines until your car engine doesn’t have any particular oil recommended. If your car manufacturer lets you use any oil, you can use the regular oil safely.

Should I Continue Using Regular Oil?

Whether you continue using regular oil will depend on your car engine. If it is fine with it, you can continue using regular oil.

Closing Words

“Can You Switch from Synthetic Oil to Regular Oil?” You can do it if your engine is versatile and doesn’t have any problem using regular oil. In general, it’s very okay to switch from synthetic oil to regular oil. It will not damage or harm your engine performance; it will perfectly lubricate the engine parts.

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