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Can You Use Dexos Oil in Any Car?: Things You Must Know

Have you ever heard about Dexos oil? If you have a car or truck, you should know about it. The vehicle’s performance depends on the engine or GM and the oil you are using in your vehicle. Modern engines deliver a better riding experience. Besides that, we humans have invented oil with different specifications, where Dexos oil is the most popular one. Now the question is, can you use Dexos oil in any car?

For performance and better riding experience, we need good oil for our car, and Dexos oil is that good one. But does Dexos oil compatible with your vehicle? Does Dexos oil suit your vehicle engine? We will try to find out the answer.

Can You Use Dexos Oil in Any Car

What is Dexos Oil?

Dexos oil is made from a synthetic formula. It provides an exceptional riding experience with additional benefits like better mileage, motor cleaning, increased drain spacing, etc. Precisely, Dexos is not the engine oil. Different types of engine oil come with other specifications, and Dexos is such a specification of engine oil. Dexos oil is certified with Dexos specification, which is a kind of synthetic blended formula.

What Is The Benefit of Dexos Oil?

Dexos oil offers some unique qualities to ensure a good riding experience. To make this experience better, it provides some benefits. Its advantages are –

  • Keep the engine clean always.
  • Control sludge by reducing sludge formation.
  • Enhance the level of fuel economy.
  • Protect against wear.
  • Reduce emissions.
  • Provide optimal oil interval between oil changes.

Dexos is a global recommended oil specification for GM motors. If you have a car with a GM motor, no engine oil will be better than this.

What Is The Benefit of Dexos Oil

What is the Difference Between Dexos Oil and Regular Oil?

Dexos is a synthetic blended specification. This means better antioxidant technology that protects the oil from oxidizing. It is specially designed for GM engines by GM powertrain engineers. It is pure, safe, and comes with exactly what the vehicle engine needs. Every car model after 2011 can use this oil, and if your car has a GM engine or certified products of Gm motor, you can use it. 

Regular oils are naturally occupied. You don’t need to design it. It is already perfect for vehicles. We have used these natural automobile oils for a long time. So, they are also suitable for our car. But we don’t have any control over these oils because they are natural and not engineered by us. 

We have control over GM Dexos oil because we made it based on our requirements. Moreover, there can be some unwanted elements in regular oil. So, in this case, the question of purity remains, But Dexos oil is pure; no unwanted elements are here. And the last big difference between these two oils is the price. Regular oil is not expensive, whereas Dexos oil is more expensive than natural automotive oil.

Why Choose Dexos Oil?

2011 and every newer vehicle can use Dexos oil, and they require this oil specification. GM oil engineers highly recommend providing optimal performance. But it is not cheap as regular oil or other synthetic oil. Though it is a little bit more expensive, experts say to use it absolutely in your car.

Dexos oil is a bit more costly because it is a pure synthetic blended oil. We have highlighted its benefits. It performs great with the advanced technology of the vehicle engine. This oil has a specific standard that tells us what is in it and what it has to do. You should not use only engine oil. Dexos oil is approved to the Dexos specification. 

If you use non-Dexos oil, it can result in engine damage. In that case, if your vehicle engine warranty expires, you will have to spend huge bucks. This high-quality synthetic oil maximizes your engine performance. It meets engine requirements and flaws better than any other oil. It contains base oil along with high-performance fluid that gives you real benefits. 

Can You Use Dexos Oil in Any Car?

Yes, you can use Dexos oil in any car because it is compatible with 2011 and every newer model vehicle globally. If you have an older version with a GM engine, you can use Dexos oil. But before using it in any car, read the user manual to confirm the specification of the vehicle. If Dexos oil matches your vehicle specification, you are ready to go. 

Some manufacturers ask to use their engine oil in their cars because of the warranty. Some high-performance vehicles are restricted to using approved oil only. So, it is essential to check the vehicle user manual before using Dexos oil. Thanks to the quality of Dexos oil because it has exceeded most international standards of certification. This makes it suitable for use in any vehicle.

  1. BMW

Dexos oil will increase the mileage of your car if it is BMW LL04. Besides this model, Dexos oil is suitable for many other BMW models. So, make sure to check the manual while you change the oil.

  • Chrysler

You can use Dexos oil in Chrysler. This brand of car support API-certified engine oil. Dexos oil has API certification. So, it easily meets the manual requirements of Chrysler. 

  • Toyota

Toyota’s every model is a GM car. That means you don’t need to check the manual to use Dexos oil in Toyota. Dexos oil is automatic for this brand. Dexos oil’s viscosity and properties are excellent for your Toyota.

  • Jeep

Jeep engine oil instructions won’t encourage to use of Dexos oil. Those instructions don’t discourage using this oil also. API-certification is one of these instructions that Dexos oil is API certified. So, we think it is safe to use in Jeep. 

  • Ford 

Ford is a new company and not older than the 2011 models. So, you can use Dexos oil in Ford cars without tension. Try to choose the perfect Dexos oil to get better performance.

  • Subaru

Subaru oil needs to meet API certification, ILSAC, and SAE-XW XX standards. Dexos oil meets API standards. So, it is not harmful to the Subaru engine. But they ask to use engine oil of a specific brand. Now, you have the freedom to choose the oil you want to use.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What oil can you use instead of Dexos?

You can use substitute engine oil if you cannot manage Dexos oil. To maintain a proper oil level, you can choose any substitute oil.

2. Which Dexos oil should you use?

Dexos1 is the best for petrol, and Dexos2 is the best for diesel. Don’t make mistakes while choosing appropriate Dexos oil. Otherwise, you will miss maximum performance.

3. Can you mix Dexos with regular oil?

Yes, you can. There is no risk to mixing regular oil Dexos synthetic blended specification.


This article looked at why Dexos oil is the best for cars and why they have been used. This oil maximizes your riding experience and provides different benefits like engine cleanliness, sludge control, fuel economy, etc. You can use Dexos oil in today’s all-new car models. But if you have a model previous to 2011, you will have to check the manual. If you use it in the wrong car, you may get a bad experience. So, you should not go against the vehicle manual.

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