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Can You Use Lucas Oil Treatment With Synthetic Oil? (Explained)

Lucas oil treatment is an excellent solution for most regular engines. If your engine is struggling to start and it becomes dry, you should always try to use a 100% petroleum-based solution. Here, the Lucas treatment is the best.

In other words, synthetic oil can also be a good solution. It has different viscosity levels. You can choose the right synthetic oil for any engine.

However, If I ask you, “Can you use Lucas oil treatment with synthetic oil?” You may answer yes. But it will depend on some engine requirements and viscosity levels. You must know if your engine and Lucas oil are ready for the oil treatment. You will get everything clearly explained in the following sections. I also faced similar queries from my customers since they came and wanted to get the best solution.

Overview of Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil is petroleum-based high-quality lubrication that can give you a fluid start and save your engine from getting dried and worn out. Lucas Oil is for you if your engine is too dry and you are looking for the best lubrication. But you cannot use it regularly since it’s not like engine oil.

You will also find a Lucas oil treatment which is more efficient than the regular one. If you want the best solution to your engine starting problem, I’d suggest using Lucas oil instead of other engine oils.

Can You Use Lucas Oil Treatment With Synthetic Oil

Overview of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is based on the artificial liquid, where the manufacturers create different viscosity versions. It will also help you get the best engine solution and give you different versions of it. You can use the low viscosity synthetic oil when your engine asks for a low viscosity engine oil.

Fortunately, synthetic oil is compatible with other oils and can mix with them easily. If you have Lucas oil and synthetic oil, you can mix them and make the best solution for your engine.

Can You Use Lucas Oil Treatment with Synthetic Oil?

Yes, you can use Lucas oil treatment with synthetic oil. It will give you the best solution regarding the dry engine and starting problem. Mainly, the Lucas engine has 100% pure petroleum, whereas the synthetic oil has the perfect viscosity level. If your Lucas oil comes with high viscosity, you can choose a similar viscosity synthetic oil. Or, you may use a low viscosity engine oil to make an even or regular mixture.

It will help you greatly to use the mixture on your regular engine. It will help in different ways. First off, the Lucas oil components will make your engine wet and lubricate it enough. So, your engine will not face any struggle to start. It will also keep it moist and don’t allow rust on your engine parts.

Besides, the synthetic oil will maintain the engine viscosity level and deliver the best engine-suited oil to run smoothly. That’s why you can use Lucas oil treatment with synthetic oil since they are compatible and will give the best oil mixture to your engine.

However, if your engine is incompatible with Lucas oil or petroleum-based oil, you cannot mix Lucas oil with synthetic oil. It will become a mass, and you will not like to damage your engine. Therefore, I suggest my customer knows their engine before using Lucas oil & synthetic oil mixture.

lucas synthetic oil treatment

Is the Mixture worth Using?

The mixture of Lucas oil treatment and synthetic oil is worth using. You can use it for your regular engine to provide enough lubrication to get a good start. Once your engine struggles to start in dry, you must use Lucas oil to provide that lubricate and help your engine run smoothly.

Will This Mixture Damage My Engine?

If your engine is compatible with Lucas oil and other petroleum oil, this mixture will not damage your engine. Instead, it will increase your engine’s overall ability and lubrication to provide you with a smooth running.

Closing Words

Can you use Lucas oil treatment with synthetic oil? Yes, you can use it. If you have different synthetic oil and a good Lucas oil treatment, you can mix them and create a good solution for your engine. It will solve some engine problems and give you a smooth ride.

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