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Castrol SRF Vs Motul 600: Which Brand Is The Best?

Brake fluid is a crucial part of every hydraulic braking system vehicle. You cannot even think of putting pressure on your brake pedal without brake fluid. One of my customers tried to drive without using any brake fluid for a while. His experience was terrible, and I was shocked to hear about such a weird incident.

Then I explained that your vehicle must have brake fluid to give you a smooth driving experience. Apart from telling him the importance of brake fluid, I also share my thoughts about Castrol SRF vs. Motul 600. These two are the most popular and best category brake fluids that can give you the optimum braking services & experience.

Castrol SRF Vs. Motul 600: Which Brand Is The Best?

Both Castrol & Motul are two famous & reliable brake fluid brands. Although they work for the same purposes, you will find some significant differences. You can only decide the best brand after knowing their comparison part and all those differences.

The Castrol SRF is a racing car brake fluid since it has high-quality lubricant and other particles. Manufacturers make the silicone ester technology for this brake fluid super efficient for all the vehicle’s brake systems. It will give you the most efficient braking system in extreme driving situations. Don’t just judge it as silicone-based brake fluid.

On the other hand, the Motul 600 is a fully synthetic-based high-quality brake fluid. It’s the best budget-friendly brake fluid you will ever find on the market. It can also be used for racing cars and all types of hydraulic systems. But the efficiency & other qualities are less than Castrol SRF since the Motul 600 is known for its budget-friendly fame. If you have a regular vehicle, you must be happy to use this Motul 600 brake fluid.

For the time being, it can be said that the Castrol SRF brand is better than Motul since it’s a premium quality brake fluid that contains high-quality particles following the best technology.

Castrol SRF Vs Motul 600

Let’s Compare SRF vs. Motul 600

Here, we’ll talk about two thorough brand comparisons. We’ve attempted to summarize both categories by breaking them down rapidly.

Moist Boiling Point

This is a parameter that is present in all braking fluids. When it comes to brake fluids, a higher grade indicates more durability. In a similar vein, Castrol SRF and Motul 660 are very different in a number of important respects.

Castrol SRF is 270 degrees Celsius (518 degrees Fahrenheit), and Motul 660 is 204 degrees Celsius (399 degrees Fahrenheit). However, if you flush the brake frequently, you can disregard this wet boiling point as meaningless.

You should use Castrol SRF as your braking fluid of choice for normal, day-to-day driving conditions. However, the demanding driver should have no trouble using either of these oils.

Point of Boiling Waterless

For racers, having a waterless boiling point is an essential attribute. It is the temperature of braking fluid when it is uncontaminated, brand new, and uncovered.

In some particular instances, the boiling point of Motul 660 is extremely high without the presence of water. On the other hand, Castrol SRF also has these criteria: the temperature is 590 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 310 degrees Celsius.

As a result, Motul 660 can be the finest brake fluid for those vehicles if you want the boiling point to be higher after they have been dried.

Changing Frequency

The term “changing the frequency of brake fluid” refers to the number of times your brake fluid is flushed. As a result, the answer will typically rely on what your aim is. Now, you might enjoy taking your vehicle out on the race tracks and using it there. Because it has a lower wet boiling point, it is more dependable.

If you are using Motul 660, you do not have to change this oil as frequently as you would typically have to. On the other hand, either oil may be used while driving. Following the discussion, we have determined that Castrol SRF is superior to Motul RBF 660.

Most notably, a decreased frequency of altering plays a significant role in lowering costs.

Price Point

When shopping for something, the cost is one of the first considerations on everyone’s mind at all times. To acquire the highest quality item, it is not a poor choice to shell out some additional cash. Primarily, the price of Motul 660 is 54 dollars per liter, while the price of Castrol SRF is 74.5 dollars per liter.

After hearing about the cost, you will likely decide that Motul 660 is the best option. Take into consideration the possibility of increasing or decreasing the frequency before you decide. Motul 660 brake fluid requires more frequent replacement than Castrol brake fluid, as was covered before in the conversation. Because of this, the price of Motul 660 brake fluid is higher than the price of Castrol SRF.

Castrol SRF is a Clear Winner!

Castrol SRF Wins: What does it offer?

Although the Castrol SRF wins, the Motul is not a wrong choice at all. However, the Castrol SRF gives you some more advantages you will not find in Motul 600 brake fluid. Let’s get through them.

  1. The Castrol SRF brake fluid comes with a silicone-based technology that will ensure the highest quality particles to give you the optimum performance from your braking system. It also applies equally to both racing cars and your regular vehicles. You will not find such technology-based particles in Motul 600 brake fluid.
  2. Although the price of Castrol SRF is higher than Motul 600, you will get all the premium ingredients and additives from this brake fluid. It will lubricate the braking pedal and the entire system better than any other brake fluids.
  3. The Castrol SRF has a low changing frequency than Motul 600 brake fluid. Since changing your brake fluid after a particular mile of driving is standard practice, you don’t need to follow this standard if you use the Castrol Fluid. If you use Motul 600, you must maintain that cycle strictly.
  4. The boiling or moist boiling point of Castrol SRF is higher than Motul 600, which declares a clear winner here. It’s another reason why Castrol SRF charges more price than Motul 600 brake fluid.

Motul 600 Loses: Why Does It Lose?

Motul 600 brake oil is a budget-friendly brake fluid with a pure synthetic base. You will find an excellent regular braking solution and performance from this brake fluid. However, you are comparing the budget-friendly brake fluid with a premium brake fluid. Morally, you cannot do that because a premium brake fluid or anything will give you some better particles and services from budget-friendly brake fluid.

That’s the only reason Motul 600 fails here, or the Castrol SRF wins here. If you consider the price range in your consideration, you will find that Motul is a clear winner, since it gives you a perfect brake fluid within a limited budget. It offers you everything from its end and gives you the best performance.

Boiling moist, heat resistant and technological advancement are the main reasons why Motul 600 loses here. But it will give your vehicle engine a complete package of every braking fluid component. So, you can surely go for Motul 600 if you have budget constraints.

Can You Substitute Castrol SRF with Motul 600?

Yes, you can substitute Castrol SRF with Motul 600, although their components and other materials are slightly different. I’d suggest you clean your braking system properly before adding any new braking fluid. Mainly, if you want to substitute Castrol SRF with Motul 600, you must clean and make a perfect environment for the Motul to work independently.

How to Tell Which Is The Best Brake Fluid?

You can tell a particular brake fluid best by considering materials, moist boiling point, advanced technological uses, and compatibility. It’s not like you will go through a simple comparison chart and say that Castrol is the best brake fluid compared to Motul 600.


To be honest, Castrol SRF vs. Motul 600 is not a standard comparison. You should not compare a budget-friendly brake fluid with a premium one since they have different materials, purposes, and usages. Ultimately, you must declare that the premium one is better than budget-friendly brake fluids.

However, I still give you a detailed comparison article on Castrol SRF and Motul 600 brake fluid. I showed you why the Castrol SRF wins and what it provides for an extra charge. If you still find any way to use Motul 600, you must do that accordingly, especially if you have any budget issues.

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