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Dex Merc Vs Mercon V: Which One is the Best?

Transmission fluid is necessary for your car. It’s like the flow of life to the engine. Car transmissions need liquid to grease up the inside parts. Driving circumstances create heat in the transmission. Car transmission liquid cools the transmission parts and considers the smooth exchange of capacity to the transmission for proper capability. Different vehicle makes, and models require different sorts of programmed transmission liquid. 

Choosing the best one is always hard and tricky. You have to know all kinds of merits and demerits about that oil in a short area to make an idea of which is better and which isn’t. Here we have come up with Dex/MERC VS MERCON V. Both are renowned and used widely. But to compare, we will dive in deep to find which one is the best for your car. So, let’s start.

Dex MERC Vs MERCON V: Which One is the Best?

To compare them, we first need to discuss them. The beneficial sides of each product and their problems will be a matter of choosing which one is the best. Firstly we are going to discuss Dex MARC.

Dex Merc Vs Mercon V


Dex Marc is a highly used car transmission fluid. General Motors is the manufacturer of the product. It’s a mineral-based transmission fluid mainly designed for Ford and General Motor vehicles. It can be used wherever DEXRON I, DEXRON II, DEXRON IIE, DEXRON III, or ford macron is recommended.

Dex/MERC Wins

Let’s have a look at the merits of using Dex/Marc.  

  • Low Oxidation: Oxidation happens when the oil responds with oxygen. It causes a synthetic change that frequently brings about oil thickening, development of slop and stores, consumption of added substances, and sped-up corruption. Dex/ MARC can ensure better oxidation, ultimately improving your oil life.
  • Low Degradation: Degradation is when air bubbles change from a low-pressure district to a high-pressure zone. It is a common problem in hydraulic pressure systems. Dex/ MERC has a better viscosity to reduce this type of problem.
  • Smooth Shifting: Shifting is one of the most important functions of running the vehicle smoothly. When gear moves, transmission fluid helps to place them in place and rotate easily. The better the fluid will perform, the smoother the gear will move. The constancy of Dex/ MERC helps the user to shift easily. Viscosity is the matter here, and this fluid is designed to perform like this.
  • Improve friction durability: Friction happens when the car is on the move. Friction can be called necessary evil metaphorically. Friction is a must to run the car, but friction decay inner parts. But Dex/ MERC helps reduce extra friction, which helps to smooth your performance and improve friction durability.
  • Increase clutch band: Better viscosity and constancy help to increase the clutch system. The total clutch system is the command of the transmission, and Dex/ MERC increases the clutch band. So you can get a smooth ride.
  • Advance protection: It protects better than other oils, mainly for the copper and bronze components. In the gear and the transmission box, there are so many parts that are sensitive and need advanced protection. Regular oil can damage these parts easily. But this fluid provides advanced protection.
  • Safe Mix: Dex/ MERC can mix with almost every kind of OEM fluids. So you can use it with nearly every type of oil. It’s great for the user to have this type of versatility.

Low Cost: Dex/MERC is less costly than other brands but can ensure a lot of beneficial sides.

Dex/MERC Loses

Here are some common problems of Dex/MERC. Though, they are not that problematic. But use must know these.

  • Old Models: This type of transmission fluid can’t perform well in too old transmissions.
  • Can Make Issues with Other Brands: Dex/MERC can make trouble with different brands of vehicles. You should use it while recommended.

Mercon V

MERCON V Automatic Transmission Fluid is planned to give improved antiwear and against shiver execution contrasted and before age liquids, as well as better low-temperature properties for more straightforward moving in chilly climates. It is exceptionally shear stable and has brilliant oxidation opposition for long liquid life. The part-manufactured plan furnishes upgraded execution benefits contrasted and traditional, all-mineral transmission liquids. Let’s find some beneficial sides of Mercon V.

Mercon V Wins

  • Proper Frictional Properties: Friction is a necessary evil. Vehicles need friction, but friction is harmful to the parts also. So, proper friction is a must for the car. Mercon V’s smooth viscosity helps the transmission system to function properly with frictional properties.
  • Smooth-Shifting: Gears are the central part of the transmission system. If they can move easily, the total system will perform smoothly. Mercon V allows the transmission system to shift the gear system more easily than regular oil. That’s why you can get a smooth driving experience.
  • Maximize Power: Smooth gear shifting can supply power to the wheels easily. If the gears can rotate well, it will help to get a better power performance. The components and the viscosity of Mercon V reduce the problems of gear jamming. So the gears can be better, and that helps to maximize power.
  • Excellent Oxidation Resistance: Oxidation is a common problem for all kinds of motor vehicles and motor fluids. It happens when oxygen reacts with the compounds of the fluid. It makes the oil dull. But Mercon V ensures an excellent oxidation resistance.
  • Sludge Protection: Sludge creates close to your vehicle’s engine when the oil starts to break and gathers on the motor. When muck is available, oil can’t, as expected, grease up the moving pieces of your vehicle. Mercon V can give you sludge protection.
  • Wear Protection: Friction and rust create wear in the transmission system. But the compounds and the viscosity of Mercon V ensure wear protection.
  • High shear stability: Shear stability means the property of an oil to oppose the activity of shear powers and the connected mechanical obliteration by breaking and tearing. It is the protection from changes in consistency. Mercon V can ensure very high shear stability.
  • Rust Protection: Rust is one of the worst things for transmission systems. Rust can make the transmission fail or can cause problems with shifting. One of the main purposes of transmission fluid is to give proper protection against rust. Mercon V can assure you of adequate protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Low-Temperature Properties: Almost every fluid shows different viscosity in different weather and temperature ranges. Most fluid becomes denser when it’s cold. That makes it difficult to move the gears smoothly and slows the total system. But Mercon V can ensure excellent performance even in low temperatures.
  • Good Seal Compatibility: Good sealing is essential to smooth the transmission. Any internal or external leakage can cause issues with the complete transmission system. But the viscosity of Mercon V helps to get better seal compatibility.
  • Good Foam Resistance: While using, it’s common to occur foam in the fluid. But foam decrees the lubrication of the fluid. That means foam makes the fluid dull and less effective. Mercon V has excellent foam resistance. It helps the fluid to make less foam and more lubrication.
  • Long Fluid Life: Mercon V allows around 30,000 to 60,000 miles of oil life. That is huge.

Mercon V Loses

The problems of Mercon V are very less. It’s almost uncountable.

  • Confusion: Customers can have problems finding the best fluid type among too wide varieties.
  • Costly: Mercon V is slightly costly. But it ensures a better performance.

Final Thoughts

To choose the best, we have discussed both fluids. We can easily understand that the beneficial sides of Mercon V are much better than Dex/ MERC. Mercon V can provide better rust protection, friction properties, smooth shifting, and low-temperature properties. It also ensures long fluid life. Even it can maximize the power.

So, in the competition of dex merc vs Mercon v, Mercon V is the winner from the beneficial side. But the price of Mercon V is much than Dex/ MERC. Dex/ Merc can provide many helpful sides of Mercon V like smooth shifting, Oxidization protection, friction properties, etc.

But Dex/ MERC is cheaper than Mercon V. So if we compare by the price, the winner is Dex/ MERC. Both of the fluids are good for your car’s transmission. You need to get one of your choices.

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