Do I Need to Change Oil Every 6 Months?: Know Today!

Changing oil is a common incident for the car owner. I love to change and clean my car’s fuel every 12 months, but that’s not the ideal practice. Professionals suggest changing your car oil and maintaining the car engine properly.

Sometimes, the changing car or engine oil might depend on your driving miles. If you ask, “Do I need to change oil every 6 months?” It depends. You can maintain a routine to change oil. But, you must follow some basic terms to change the engine oil.

Why Should I Need to Change Oil?

You should change your engine oil because of the engine health. You can clean your engine fuel tank and the entire environment if you can change your oil. Also, changing oil will allow you to remove the contaminated soil particles from your engine fuel tank.

Fact is, you must change the oil regularly. Otherwise, the contaminated oil or the dust will clog the gasoline pipe. After a year, your engine will fail to get proper oil from there since the pipeline will be clogged. It will directly hamper your engine performance and won’t allow the engine to run smoothly.

Moreover, you should change your engine oil to clean the fuel tank. It’s not possible to change or clean the fuel tank having oil. You must drain the engine oil and then take the fuel tank out of your car. Then, you will have a chance to clean the engine oil properly & deeply. If it contains a high amount of dust and debris, you can clean it using detergent and remove everything. So, if oil change cost is not a concern, you must follow the routine.

Do I Need to Change Oil Every 6 Months

Do I need to Change Oil Every 6 Months?

Yes, you must change your oil every six months. It’s a common role to change your engine oil after driving your car for 5000 miles. Sometimes, it may not be possible to drive for that long and expect to have an idle car that may only be used for 1000 miles.

Whether you drive the car for 5000 miles or not, you must change the oil after that time. Other words, if you drive your car for 5000 miles before the end of the sixth month, you must change your engine oil because the oil will be contaminated for frequent long drives.

Changing your oil will depend on either six months or 5000 miles. You should consider both the info and go for the earliest option you cross first. You must not use the engine oil for a long time since it will be a bad idea. It may damage your engine performance and damage the entire fuel system thoroughly.

Advantages of Changing Oil Every 6 Months

You will enjoy the below advantage of changing engine oil every six months. They are:

  1. You will have a chance to deep clean your engine fuel tank and remove the dust & debris. You cannot expect to enjoy your engine with old engine oil.
  2. The engine will get refreshing oil to enhance its performance. So, change your old engine oil accordingly.
  3. The new engine oil increases the smoothness of your engine, and you will love it to drive for a long time.
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What’s the Best Engine Oil to Change the Old Oil?

You can consider 10w30 or SAE 30 the best engine oil to change the old oil.

How Often to Change Oil?

Yes, you can change your engine oil before six months if you cross 5000 miles. Once you cross the mileage, you must change your oil before six months.

Is your old engine oil damaging the car?

Sometimes too old engine oil might damage your car permanently. You cannot expect to enjoy your car engine with old engine oil that you may use for one year.

Closing Words

Do I need to change oil every six months? Yes, you should do it. You cannot expect to change your engine oil once a year. You must have a routine for changing your engine oil. That routine should be based on both 5000 miles or 6 months of use.

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