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Do You Need a Jack To Change Oil?: Know Today!

The process of changing the engine Oil is not that hard. Every car owner should know the process of changing engine oil. The process is simple. But knowing the right tools is necessary. The right tools will help you change your engine oil without any hassle.

Most people think they need to raise the car to change the oil. But you don’t need to raise your car to change the oil. Most cars have enough space under the car to change the oil. If your car has enough ground clearance, you don’t need a jack to change the engine oil.

But if you drive a car with low or almost zero ground clearance, you will need a jack. So, if your question is, “do you need a Jack to change oil?”. The answer is negative. A jack can help change engine oil, but it’s not a must tool to change your engine oil.

Do you need a Jack to change oil

Tools you need to change engine oil:

There are only a few tools you will need to change the engine oil. You will need to buy some of these items only once, and some you will need to buy every time you change the oil. Here are the descriptions of the tools you will need to change the engine oil.

  • Oil filter: You will be needed an oil filter when you are changing your engine oil. It’s better to change the oil filter While changing the engine oil. But you can also reuse your filter if it’s just one short oil circle.
  • Oil filter wrench: An oil filter is a small tool attached to your engine. Mostly it is like a white, black, orange, blue, etc., colored cylinder-shaped tool. Detaching an oil filter without an oil filter wrench is a bit problematic. So, take an oil filter wrench while changing the oil.
  • A regular wrench: Take a regular wrench to unscrew the drainage screws and other nut bolts.
  • Funnel:  The funnel helps to fall the oil smoothly into the engine. Pouring oil straight into the engine through the oil cap can be risky. It can make a mess anytime. Pouring through a funnel will reduce the risk and make your job easier.
  • An oil pan: Take an oil pan where you could put the dirty oil. Choose the perfect size of the oil pan. Make sure that your oil pan will not overflow during the oil change.
  • Gloves: Take gloves if you don’t want a messy hand. You can also do the job with bare hands. But using gloves can save you from the messy oil and dirt of the engine.
How to change oil without a jack

How to change oil without a jack?

If you don’t have a jack or if you don’t want to use a jack to change oil, you don’t need to be concerned. Here is an easy process to change your oil without raising your car with a jack. If you can pursue this procedure step by step, within 15 to 30 minutes, you will be able to change your engine oil.

  • Take the tools:

Take an oil filter wrench, a regular wrench or wrench set, a funnel, an oil pan to collect dirty oil, gloves to protect your hands, and a rug or newspaper to avoid mess.

Make sure that your oil pan can hold that amount of oil. A small pan can cause an overflowing of dirty, messy oil.

  • Take the materials:

Take a new oil filter suitable for your car. Users can use an oil filter for two oil cycles. But changing the oil filter with changing engine oil helps provide cleaner oil in the engine.

Take the perfect amount of suitable engine oil.

  • Take a good position:

Take your car to the perfect position. Try to park on a flat surface. Or, park so that the front and the end of the car are positioned on the upside of a slope.

  • Heat the oil:

Heating the oil will help to drain the total oil smooth as butter. To heat the oil:

  1. Start your engine.
  2. Turn it on for around 5-minutes.
  3. Don’t heat for a long time.

After heating, turn off the car.

  • Check the tires:

Make sure that the car is on the parking brake. Pull the handbrake on. If you have an emergency brake mood, turn that on for more safety.

  • Unscrew the drain hole:

Search under the engine; you will find a screw attached to the oil drain hole. You can use a mat to lay under the bottom of the engine to find a hole. Or, if you know the drain hole location, you can easily do the job with your hands only.

Unscrew the nut using a wrench. Before unscrewing, take the oil pan and place it under the draining hole. After setting, unscrew the nut, and the oil will start falling smoothly. Wait some time to empty the engine. You can make the process faster by opening the oil cap on the engine. But that can make a mess cause oil will start to fall fastly.

  • Pour clean oil into the engine:

When you find that your engine is empty and all the oil is fallen, carefully remove the oil pan. Wait until the last drop falls. Plug the drain hole tightly with a perfect size wrench.

Open the oil cap and remove the dipstick. Recheck whether the drain hole is plugged or not. Put the funnel in the hole, and start pouring clean oil into the engine. Pour the perfect amount for your engine model. Please don’t use too much oil than it needs. That can cause trouble after some days.

  • Change the oil filter:

After completely draining the oil, take your oil filter wrench and detach it from the engine. Take the new filter, and use some clean engine oil to lubricate the bottom surface. You will find a rubber O-shaped ring; apply some oil to it with your finger. Pour around a quart of oil into the oil filter. Carefully attach it tightly to the engine.

  • Check oil level and seal:

Check your oil level using the dipstick. Make sure it’s on the perfect level. Too much oil and low oil are harmful to the engine. After checking, seal the oil cap of your engine. Congratulations. You have changed your engine oil without a jack.


If you own a car, you must know how to change the engine oil. People think that they don’t have enough tools or it is a hard job to do. But in reality, it’s not.

Using a jack is trouble for some car owners, or some owners don’t have a jack with their car. It’s a common question, do you need a Jack to change oil? A jack helps you to change engine oil. But you can change your engine oil without using a jack.

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