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Does Marvel Mystery Oil Work? : You Should Know

The number of personal vehicles is increasing daily, but people are unaware of the damage to a car’s engines. People also don’t know how to maintain a car engine and keep it alive for a long time. Car engines consist of metal, corrosion, carbon deposit, and clogging reduces the life span of a car engine.

So the manufacturer developed marvel mystery oil, which keeps your engine safe from clogging, corrosion, etc. It also increases your car’s performance. If you are wondering, does marvel mystery oil work? Yes, it works perfectly. Marvel Oil Company has been manufacturing this oil for five decades, a USA-based company.

Is marvel mystery oil an additive?

Yes, marvel mystery oil is an oil additive; you can use this oil in the engine or the fuel line. Marvel mystery oil consists of phosphorus additive with 790 PPM, Dye, solvent 20%, and wintergreen. All of these ingredients help to keep the car engine in perfect condition.

The manufacturers don’t recommend using additives because they can damage the car. But if you are an enthusiastic car person, you should try marvel mystery oil for once. One can also use these additives with oil; it prevents oil from getting thick in cold weather.

Does Marvel Mystery Oil Work

What are the uses of marvel mystery oil?

One can use this marvel mystery oil for many purposes, such as cleaning the engine. Mixing this oil additive with oil increase the oil grade. It keeps the oil viscosity in check. Marvel mystery oil works as a lubricant. The engine parts get lubricated, which smoothens the engine. 

Marvel mystery oil saves rubber from fading away; it removes corrosion from engine parts. You can also use marvel mystery oil as a leak stopper or seal lubricator. This oil helps the engine manifest high compression, thus producing more power. It reduces the power stock engine’s blow-up so that it provides more power.

What is the best way of using marvel mystery oil?

Mixing this oil additive with fuel in the fuel tank is the best way to use marvel mystery oil. Marvel mystery oil is an oil additive. It increases oil viscosity. It helps the oil to keep in thickness in cold weather, thus keeping the engine health in good shape. If you want, you can use this oil with engine oil. 

But mixing this oil with gasoline proves best. When you mix it with gasoline, it travels to the engine combustion chamber and in the carburetor. The oil creates a layer that prevents corrosion and keeps the engine part lubricated. The mixing ratio for this oil is 4:10. You must mix 4 ounces of marvel mystery oil with 10 gallons of gasoline.

The process of adding marvel mystery oil

There are two-way to add marvel mystery oil. The first one is mixing it with fuel. The second is using it with engine oil. Now we will show you all the steps you can follow to add marvel mystery oil.

marvel mystery oil uses

Adding marvel mystery oil to the fuel system

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the mixing ratio. You need 2 ounces of mystery oil for every 5 gallons of gasoline. Then follow these steps to add the oil to the fuel system.

Step 1: First, you need to fill your fuel tank from the fuel station.

Step 2: Check the gasoline fuel meter once it’s full. Divide the amount by 5 to calculate the amount of mystery oil you need 

Step 3: Then marvel mystery oil bottle contains marks that let you know how much oil you added. Always maintain the mixing ratio.

Step 4: Open the gas cap and put the oil into the fuel tank. Once you fill in the correct amount, close the cap.

Step 5: Then start the engine and let it burn gasoline for a few minutes

Adding marvel mystery oil to the engine oil

Follow these steps to add marvel mystery oil to the car engine.

Step 1: take a socket or wrench to unscrew the oil pan nut and drain all the engine oil.

Step 2: After you have drained all the oil, open the oil filter and place a new filter. Make sure to add a little oil that will ensure a tight seal. 

Step 3: Then close the drain pipe with the plug, and use the socket wrench to screw it tightly 

Step 4: Before adding new engine oil, please read the manual guide to know how much oil you need to add. Most people highly recommend adding a quart less oil than recommended.

Step 5: remove the oil cap and add engine oil, then add a quart of marvel mystery oil with the engine oil. 

Step 6: close the oil fill cap, ignite the car engine, and let it stay for a few minutes. Afterward, stop the engine and check the dipstick. If you see less engine oil, add a little engine oil.


The engine is the heart of any vehicle. Without the engine, no one can operate any vehicle. So it’s your responsibility to ensure the good health of the car engine. In recent days, developers have manufactured additives that are good for every car, and Marvel mystery oil is an optimistic oil additive of recent days. 

But people are frightened to use a new thing and have this question in mind. Does marvel mystery oil work? We have already answered the question. Yes, it works. You can rely on this oil additive to keep the car engine sage. Also, you can see more power, smoother engine, and gasoline efficiency after using marvel mystery oil.

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