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Does My Chevy Cruze Need Synthetic Oil?: You Should Know

Chevy Cruze is a lovely car for daily drive. But if you want to hit the road safely, you must take good care of your car. Timely oil changing helps you to keep your car engine lubricated rightly. When you drive more than average, you must change your oil fast. 

There are some drawbacks to using regular oil. It doesn’t have a long oil cycle life. But changing the oil after a few days can be irritating and costly also. Using synthetic oil for your car is better if you drive daily. 

If you start getting low mileages, short oil life, or other engine oil-related problems, the question must arise in your mind, does my Chevy Cruze need synthetic oil? Here, in the article, we are going to discuss it.

What is synthetic oil?

The very first, we want to get the idea of synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is a kind of lubricant oil that is artificially made with chemical compounds. Synthetic oil is made with modified petroleum compounds and crude oil. Mostly it’s a mixture of refined mineral oil and some modified compounds. 

In regular oil, they use just the mineral oil. But when it comes to synthetic oil, manufacturers can make the oil just suitable for the engine. These oils are way more chemically stable, more heat resistant, and ensure a long oil life. Synthetic oil can provide these benefits cause they are artificially made and can be controlled to act.

Does My Chevy Cruze Need Synthetic Oil

Benefits of using synthetic oil:

If you drive a Chevy Cruze, you must know about its behavior. Primarily for Chevy Cruze, it’s recommended to change your oil after 3,000 miles if you use regular oil. But synthetic oil can provide you with more benefits than regular oil. Here are some of the benefits you can get by using synthetic oil.

  • Longer oil life: Synthetic oil can allow up to 10,000 miles of oil life. Mainly regular oil provides 2500 to 3500 miles. But by using synthetic oil, you can use your oil for a long time. Changing oil after some days is irritating, and regular oil soon gets dirty. So, using synthetic oil can be a solution for this.
  • Proper Lubrication: Synthetic oil is human-made oil. So, the manufacturer can control the nature of the oil and its quality. It helps to get the accurate lubrication that is needed for your engine.
  • Better viscosity and suitable for all weather: Oil’s viscosity plays a vital role in lubrication. Regular oil loses its density while the temperature is different. But synthetic oils are designed to use for all weather. So it can provide better viscosity for almost all weather. Regular oil can’t flow properly in colder temperatures. That causes a lot of trouble with driving. But synthetic oil is capable of flowing smoothly in the cold also.
  • Chemical stability: Regular oil is just crude mineral oil. This oil can react with heat and other stuff in the engine easier. But synthetic oil has better chemical stability in reaction. This thing allows it to stay longer.
  • Longer engine life: Proper lubrication is the key to maintaining your engine life. Synthetic oil ensures perfect lubrication, and that helps to achieve a longer engine life. Regular oil isn’t refined enough. Besides, day by day, burnt materials make the regular oil dirtier, and that can decay your engine. Synthetic oil can help with these problems.
  • Improve fuel economy: Maybe you notice that when the engine oil is new, the engine gives you more power and better fuel economy. But if the engine oil gets old, the engine starts to provide you less energy and less fuel economy. But if you use synthetic oil, it can help you to get better fuel economy for your car. Synthetic oil acts like new oil for an extended period. So, it’s fun to drive while you have synthetic oil in the engine.

These are some of the advantages of synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is slightly costlier than regular oil. But you can drive around 10,000 miles with synthetic oil. But only 3000 miles with regular oil. So, if you think deeply, synthetic oil costs much but can ensure better quality and benefits, which is price-worthy.

chevy cruze oil type

What kind of synthetic oil is appropriate for Chevy Cruze?

Knowing the right soil type is essential. If you pour any other engine oil into the engine, that may harm your engine, ruin your car, and void your warranty. Chevy Cruze needs SAE 5W-30. It’s the best for your Chevy Cruze engine. Though you can use some other oil also, using 5w-30 will be the best for your car and engine.

How much synthetic oil does Chevy Cruze need?

It’s crucial to know how much oil your car needs. Ensuring the accurate amount is necessary. Low oil can cause problems like heating the engine, less lubrication, white smog, burnt oil, etc. On the other hand, overfilling engine oil can make your engine oil milky and foggy in short days. So knowing the exact amount is required. A Chevy Cruze needs around 4.2 quarts of SAE 5w-30 fully synthetic lubricant oil.

Final words:

Timely maintenance is a must if you drive your Chevy Cruze daily. You can use other oil like semi-synthetic or regular, but that won’t provide you a long oil life. For saving time and energy, synthetic oil is the best option. Ensuring proper lubrication is essential maintenance for the car.

Synthetic oil provides better lubrication than others. There are a lot of other benefits also. Such as better fuel economy, viscosity, all-weather support, etc. If you are still thinking, does my Chevy Cruze need synthetic oil? Then the straight answer is a big yes. Your Chevy needs synthetic oil. That’s better than regular.

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