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Does O Reilly’s Take Used Oil? : 3 Facts You Should Know (Explained)

O’Reilly is a well reputed automotive parts retailer in the USA. They are much known for their unique offer of taking used oil from users. It’s said they take any type of used oil from their user and work to recycle them for further use. O Reilly’s follow the process of dewatering, filtering, demineralization, propane deasphalting, and distillation to recycle used oil.

O Reilly auto parts is a reputed auto parts retailer in America. It provides after-market tools, parts, supply equipment, and accessories in the United States. O Reilly’s auto parts offer various automated services, including battery, oil filter recycling, paint shop mixing, and related materials. But does O Reilly’s take used oil from people.  

The company was started in 1957 with 13 employees in a store for business purposes. There are currently more than 4500 retail outlets in the United States and an experienced and dedicated sales team for retail customers and professionals. Below we will discuss that -does O Reilly’s takes used oil? And what is the main reason for their fame?

Does O Reilly’s Take Used Oil?

Yes, O Reilly’s do take used oil from all those users who like to DIY oil change on their vehicle. O Reilly’s take about 5 gallons of used oil from each user in a single go on through their all 4500 plus retail stores throughout the USA.

O Reilly’s offer multiple services in the automotive niche and have plenty of products like engine oil, filters and other parts for purchase. Taking used oil and recycle used oil is not the primary working of O Reilly’s rather its a unique offer that set them a part from all their competitor.

O Reilly auto parts How do they recycle used oil?

Dewatering, filtering, demineralization, propane deasphalting, and distillation are the steps involve in recycling of used motor oil and O Reilly’s likely to follow these steps to recycle used oil. Their main aim is to take used oil and recycle it to make it useable for further use.

O Reilly auto parts play a vital role in protecting the environment from the poorly dispose used oil. Used oil is a residue that many professionals would not use any further. As there is no safe and proper way for any user to dispose used oil. O Reilly’s goal is to take, recycle, and convert this used oil into new oils. Company takes about 5 gallons of used oil from each customer. There are 3- steps to recycling used oil.

Does O Reilly’s Take Used Oil

Step 1: Pre-treatment (dewatering)

As the name says, first step or pre-treatment of used oil is dewatering that is removal of water from the used oil. There are very high chances that the used oil might have water content in it. Removing this water from used oil is very important as it can creat problem in further steps.

Step 2: Filtering and demineralization

The purpose of this step is to remove inorganic and solid substances or any deformed additives from the used oil. The used oil is transferred to a reaction tank, mixed with a small amount of sulfuric acid, and heated to 60degree C.

A chemical called surfactant is added after stirring for a while. The organic or solids present in the used oil, remain in the sediment after certain chemical reactions and the filtered oil moves to another clean storage. 

Step 3: Propane de – asphalting

Its a very important step in process of used oil. Its main purpose is to obtain a de-asphalted lubricating oil. Its very important to de-asphalt the used oil completely or else it cannot be process further. Temperature play a key role here in separating asphalt from the used oil

Step 4: Distillation

Distillation is the physical separation of ingredients from boiling oil. Depending on the type of distillation, the lower boiling point can produce petrol and gas, and the heavier lube oil falls to the higher boiling point. The distillation process can produce quality virgin base oil from base oil. There are two types of distillation processes for used oil, namely vacuum distillation process and atmospheric distillation process.

What are the main activities of O Reilly’s?

The O Reilly auto parts company acts as a retailer for supplying after-market equipment, used oil and filter, supplies, parts, and accessories. The company offers products at retail prices to customers who are encouraged to use auto parts.

This company assures its customers of professional repair and maintenance. O Reilly added a new list to their product portfolio, including starters, fuel pumps, water pumps, batteries, socks, temperature control devices, engine parts, brake system components, lights, and some accessories such as seat covers and floor mats.

does o'reilly take old batteries

Who are the main partners of O Reilly’s auto parts?

This auto parts company has close contacts with various companies and partner companies. O Reilly’s auto parts company has several partnerships and distribution partnership, especially with Bend Pak. There are also retail and technology partnerships with internet auto parts, in retail partnerships with auto club speedway and numerous partnerships with various automotive businesses. 

How Reasonable is it to recycle used oil?

Motor oil once passed its useful life in vehicle engines cannot be used again in engines for lubrication purposes. But that used engine oil can still be used for other purposes after a proper recycling process. This not only saves our environment from engine oil waste but also saves valuable natural resources.

Recycled motor oil can be used in some specific furnaces for burning or it can be recycled completely to obtain some valuable chemical and oil based products. If used oil is dumped on the ground or in drains, dumped in rivers, reservoirs, or springs, it can cause extreme pollution of rivers and the environment. 

Used oil Resources

 As oil is responsible for lubricating moving parts of machines and all those machines cannot work without lubricating oil. So all those machines that move or rely on motion to do any useful work will use oil. After a certain time that oil will need replacement and old oil needs to be disposed of. So any type of moving machinery will be a potential source of used oil. Some common resources of used oil are car, SUV, and trucks engine, transmission, differentials and other hydraulic systems.

Final Thought

At first, O Reilly takes used oil but does not accept plastic such as plastic bottles. The company is working to protect the human resources of the country and the nation. Recovering used oil is maintaining the balance of the environment. Many experts believe it will be possible to reduce the oil deficit by refining the used oil. 

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