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EZ Oil Drain Valve Vs Fumoto: Which is better for you

When I first changed the oil from my engine, I faced some difficulties since my vehicle had an old oil drain that was hard to replace. I somehow replaced it with an EZ oil drain to make the oil change process easier. It helps a lot. I also used the fumoto oil drain for a couple of months and got a similar user experience to the EZ oil drain.

There is no significant difference between the EZ oil drain valve vs fumoto since I use them without facing any significant issues. They are the renowned USA oil drain brands that always ensure high-quality material and extended durability for the users. However, you might get confused about which one you should buy and which is more suitable for your vehicle.

I will explain both of these oil drains in the sections below and will explain which is better for you. Let’s explore these two oil drain brands.

Overview of EZ Oil Drain Valve

The easiest and most popular choice is the EZ oil drain valve. It makes the oil change a matter of click with its quality parts and easy to operate. It replaces the standard oil drain changer from every vehicle and allows the users to change the oil quickly without facing any difficulties. This oil drain can bear the high vibration of your engine and can bear the heat too.

Therefore, it will not be clogged after a few weeks and will allow the oil to come out quickly since the ball valve is clear and allows the oil to flow smoothly. Once you replace your standard oil valve with the EZ oil drain valve, you are shifting towards an easy solution. This valve is also tested and proved to withstand 250 PSI which is more than enough for any oil drain valve.

EZ Oil Drain Valve Vs Fumoto

Overview of Fumoto

Fumoto is a Japanese brand that produces the best solution for your engine oil-changing valve. It makes things easier, and customers are satisfied through it. Since 1976, Fumoto has been getting customer satisfaction for its easy-to-operate system and unique design. People use this oil drain valve brand for reliable service and hassle-free oil changes. You can use this oil drain valve for every vehicle since it has a unique common design.

You don’t need to change the ball valve or anything of this drain valve; that could be an advantage and disadvantage for your vehicle. But the overall quality and oil changing experience will be a hundred times better than the standard oil drain valve. You are getting an easy solution for changing oil for every vehicle and can replace the standard oil drain valve with it.

Core difference between EZ Oil Drain Valve vs Fumoto

Although the EZ oil drain valve & fumoto drain valve are pretty similar, they have some distinct characteristics. Knowing the core differences between these two drain valves, you can easily decide the best and perfect one for you. You can choose the best compatible drain valve for your vehicle changing oil.

The core difference between these two engine oil changing valves are:

  • Body Structure: The EZ and fumoto drain valves have similar body structures except for some minor sides. The fumoto valve has a forged brass body, whereas the EZ oil drain valve has a nickel-plated & forged brass body. That’s the first thing you will notice between these two oil drain valves.
  • Materials: Although both oil drain valves are made of stainless steel, their lever parts differ. The fumoto oil drain valve has only a stainless steel lever. But the EZ oil drain valve has a plastic layer over its lever; that’s another minor difference between these two oil drain valves.
  • Finishing: The significant difference that you notice first is their finishing. They will have completely different looks that make them identical and quickly separate. The fumoto oil drain has a semi-gloss brass finish that looks bright and shining. In contrast, the EZ oil drain valve has a semi-gloss with a silver finish. That’s why it is not shining like the fumoto oil drain valve. Still, it looks nice.
  • Hose Ends: The core difference between these two oil drain valves is their hose ends. They have completed two different hose ends systems that make them entirely different. The fumoto oil drain valve has a non-removable and unique hose end. You cannot remove it and install or use a new one; you must replace the entire oil drain if the hose end goes wrong.

In comparison, the EZ oil drain has a removable hose end that you can remove at any time with another hose. It’s a flexible hosting system that is useful for everyday vehicles. If you are concerned about changing the hose ends regularly, you should go for the EZ oil drain.

Can you use the EZ oil drain valve instead of fumoto?

Yes, you can use the EZ oil drain instead of the fumoto oil valve. They both have a similar structure and similar size. If your ex-oil drain valve goes wrong, you may install the fumoto oil valve and get the experience of using a new oil drain valve.

Is it safe to interchange them?

It is safe to interchange the fumoto oil valve with the EZ oil drain valve since they have similar characteristics and quality. You will not miss anything significantly or not damage your vehicle by interchanging or replacing any of them.

Are the EZ oil drain & fumoto similar?

The EZ oil drain & fumoto oil drain are similar. They have a similar quality, price, structure, and everything. Only the main difference is their hose ends. Other than that, they are similar oil drain valves that you can easily interchange.

Closing Words

The differences between the EZ oil drain valve vs fumoto are not significant. They have similar structures and materials. Also, their pricing is lower than other standard oil drain valves. So, you can use any of them comfortably. Only the hose ends differ, differentiating these two oil valves from each other.

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