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How Long Can I Run My Car With Too Much Oil? | Save Your Engine Now

We all know that engine oil is a must for all engines and cars. But how much do we know about the measurement of engine oil? A sufficient amount of engine oil is needed to function the engine properly. Less engine oil can heat your car, decay your engine parts, and causes many other problems also.

But what much can oil do with your engine? Well, much oil can cause issues also, like less oil. If you find that you have too much oil in the engine, you should hurry up to take it back to the average level. 

Sometimes it happens that you may overflow your engine level. There is a vital question, how long can I run my car with too much oil? Well, you can drive some days, like 5 to 6 days, with too much oil. But you really shouldn’t do this. In the article, you can get a good idea about it.

What is too much oil?

Every engine needs engine oil to run correctly. But users should be aware of the measurement of the engine oil. Every engine has a limit to filling the engine oil. A short amount or much amount may cause various problems. We can take Audi A7 as an example.

An Audi A7 needs around 6.4 liters of engine oil. But if you fill much more than 6.4, that is the overfilling of engine oil. And we are addressing it too much oil here.


Dangers of filling too much oil

Almost everyone knows about the danger of low oil. But too much oil is also a hard risk for your vehicle. An engine needs a perfect amount of oil. There are hundreds of parts working at high speed and temperature in an engine. They need smooth lubrication to function. In the engine, there are some parts called oil pan. The oil settles on the pan while the engine is not running. When you start the engine, it circulates through the entire engine. But when your engine has too much oil, the level in the oil pan becomes too high.

For this, the crankshaft comes into contact with the oil and starts to make foamy substances. That foamy substance causes problems lubricating the engine, and as a result, it starts to heat the engine. If you drive more in this situation, it will hamper the internal parts. So, a perfect amount is the safest for the engine, not too much or low.


How long can I run my car with too much oil

Causes of too much Oil

Sometimes it happens that you are putting the right amount of engine oil. But after some days, you find that the oil is not adjusted with the level. If you don’t drain the previous oil properly, it happens.

If your car is enough oil, it can make some fluids also. That can cause too many oil problems. The most common problem is overfilling too much oil. While changing oil, people and even mechanics can make this mistake. These things are the main causes of too much oil.

How to avoid too much oil?

You can find a user manual for your car. In the manual, the manufacturer informs the proper amount of engine oil. You should follow that amount when filling engine oil. Your mechanic can also help you. The easiest way is to find your car and engine model and do a quick online search.

The Internet can help you with the perfect amount of engine oil. While changing engine oil, drain engine oil completely. Do not refill before the drainage is complete. If possible, wait for some time even after the engine is empty. That can help you to avoid too much oil.

How to detect too much oil?

Detecting too much oil isn’t a challenging job. Sometimes, your car will not show any notification, but a daily practice can help. Checking oil levels is a good practice for car owners regularly. You can find the level of oil just by looking at the dipstick.

If you see that the oil is leveled up, it’s obvious that the engine has a “too much oil” issue. If you find any foamy substances on the dipstick, you should change the oil hurry. It’s an indicator that your car has too much engine oil, which has already started to cause trouble with the engine.

You can also detect bluish exhaust smoke, burning smell, or even oil leakage. Don’t wait much time after detecting too much oil. Change the oil quickly.

How long can I run my car with too much oil?

Driving with too much oil won’t ruin your engine immediately. You can drive around 6 to 7 days with too much oil. Too much oil flow occurs with problems like lubricating parts that shouldn’t lubricate. Mainly it doesn’t let the engine works as it should work.

More oil pressure causes overflowing from the head gasket or other holes. After some days, you can feel your engine oil has started to make foamy lubricants in the engine, which can’t work correctly. You will notice blue smoke and oil leakage, and various problems.

Do not drive more with too much oil. Though it won’t harm your car engine immediately, it makes more risks of damage. So, if you find your car is on too much oil, try to remove excess or change the oil quickly.

How to remove excess oil?

In these cases, siphoning is the solution to remove the excess engine oil. You can siphon the oil by using a crankcase cup or dipstick. But the best solution is to change the oil completely. If foam starts to form in the oil, the siphon won’t make any good.

Changing oil is a better solution. But while changing, let the old engine oil drain completely. When you don’t see any last drop falling from the bottom of the engine, plug in the bottom screw and pour the proper amount of engine oil.

Be careful if you want to change the oil right after driving. It’ll be hot to burn you. Keep your car at rest for some time, then siphon or change the engine oil.  


Too much oil is as harmful as low oil is. Some users may make mistakes while filling engine oil. Or sometimes, improper drainage can cause too many oil problems for an engine. Check your engine oil level regularly. If you find that your engine has too much oil, try to change the oil soon. Some users may get panicked after finding too much oil. Usually, they want to know how long I can run my car with too much oil? In the article, we have discussed this in detail. You can get an easy solution for too much oil.

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