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How long can you drive with rod knock? – [5 easy steps]

The article answers the question- How long can you drive with a rod knock? As a driver, you may attempt to know the answer. Our article has presented you with some useful information with detailed knowledge. The article highlights- what is rod knock? What are the causes behind it? Why does it happen? What damages happen due to the rod knock? How to solve it without spending much money? Moreover, you will encounter other detailed question-answer information in this article. Let us make it.

The rod knock

You should know what rod knock is in order to know- how long can you drive with rod knock?

A rod knock is a rod that connects to pistons where the crankshaft meets. With the start of the engine, the pistons run from up to bottom that makes rotation of the crankshaft. This process supplies power in the crankshaft to make it move through the bearings. The layers of bearings are thin. In this journey, if any change comes to the rod’s positions, the piston will not work properly.

As a result, it will begin to knock the metals. The hitting of the rod to the metal will make the knocking sound. This noisy sound is termed as rod knock. With the speed of the car, the knocking sound will increase.

how long can you drive with rod knock
how long can you drive with rod knock?

Causes of the knocking sound

Rod knocks bring damage to the bearings, chambers of lubricant including pistons and other parts. Not possibly one reason causes rod knock. Many other reasons play the role. When you get the noise from the bearings of the crankshaft, be sure of the rod knock. It is one of the other reasons for rod knock. Moreover, rod knock can occur from the faulty air compressor. At the cost of erosion, damage may happen to the bearings of the pistons. As a result, you will get noise from the engine while driving for a long time.

For a long-haul journey, you should not go with this faulty engine. This will give you a rod knock. If you can bear it, go ahead. However, if it disturbs you, you can repair it.

You know the water pump is an essential part of a car engine. If something goes wrong in it, be certain of the rod knock. There is a possibility of rod knock from the little damage/ malfunction of the water tank. Therefore, be careful of repairing the water tank.

Moreover, rod knocks will happen from the broken flywheels. From a little crack of the flywheel, you will get noises. Sometimes it will be unbearable for you. In addition, it can be a problem for your car engine.

The weight of the car is also a factor for producing rod knock. Furthermore, the lubricant’s starvation is the cause of the rod knock.

What damage happens due to the rod knock?

When the knocking occurs, the rod may fracture anytime. It will not warn you. Moreover, you may not get any single notice of the fact. Your engine might blow in between your happy journey. It may exploit your travel. Therefore, you should have a sense of checking your engine often.

However, you do not need to worry much. The rod knock does not create instant destruction. Rather, it gives you time. For six months, you may drive without changing the rod knock. The rod knock damages the piston and the wall of the cylinder. Moreover, the bearings of the crankshaft also face disruption. It becomes costlier if you do not change it in time.

5 easy steps to boost engine’s life with the rod knock

It is not necessary to replace the engine with a new one to solve the knocking sound. Immediately you do not need it. Some easy steps can solve your problems. Moreover, it can save your engine as well as your money. Replacing the faulty engine might be expensive. Therefore, you must know what easy ways can boost your engines having problems. There are many ways you can extend an engine’s life by having the rod knock. However, the 5 easy steps are here for you:

  1. Change bearings
  2. Replace the rod
  3. Do not overload
  4. Use better spark plug
  5. Get a quality lubricants

They are discussed here-

1. Change bearings

The bearings are the ones that are in motion. The motions take place in the crankshaft as well as the pistons.  If the bearings are in good quality, you work better. However, faulty bearings will give you trouble. They may cause noise. Here the noise is the rod knock. To avoid the rod knock, certain things you should do. These things are discussed in this article. However, one thing is important to stress here. Do not overload. It is important.

2. Replace the rod

The knocking sound comes from the rod. The broken rod causes trouble. Moreover, it is the main center that causes the knocking. To avoid the problem, you can change the connecting rod. As a result, you must not change the whole engine. Rather, you go for the change of the rod. It will be better for you.

3. Do not overload

The knocking sound happens due to overload sometimes. With the faulty engine, if you overload, you will get more noise. Therefore, you must not overload. Try to avoid overloading the car. It will not cost you at all.

4. Use better spark plug

Spark plug is important in the engine. To the spark plug, pistons and rods are connected. As a result, if the spark plug is faulty, you will get the knocking sound. Here you must use a better spark plug to avoid the rod knock.

5. Get a quality lubricants

Pistons move without any troubles if lubricants are fine. If you give bad lubricants, it will run the engine properly. Moreover, it may cause the rod to knock. Therefore, you must get a quality lubricant.

How bad is the rod knock?

The rod knock is bad as it causes bad noise. It hampers the engine. Moreover, you spend too much bucks on it. You require removing the engine which is expensive. Significantly, it happens due to the insufficient oil in the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Along with the question- How long can you drive with rod knock? Other questions come. All the questions relate the first question. They are informative which you should know. They will help you for your better experience.

can you drive a car with a knocking engine?

The answer is ‘yes’ to the question- can you drive a car with a knocking engine? With the knocking engine, you can drive the car. However, you need to do something. You must put oil in the crankcase. It should be heavy-weight gear oil. Now, check the cylinder. If you notice one cylinder’s knocking sound, just drag the plug. Thus, you try to lessen the pressure from the rod. If you do it correctly, the knocking sound will come low. Moreover, you must shift the engine to 1500 rpm. Keeping the rav low, you must drive the car very slow.  

How much does it cost to fix rod knock?

Surely, you will ask this- How much does it cost to fix rod knock? To repair the rod knock, the cost will start from $2,500 and above. However, in the case of Subaru Forester, the cost will go high. To change the whole engine, cost can rise from $5,000 to $6,000. If you change the whole engine to avoid the knocking sound, it is too much. However, you can solve the knocking sound as per your decision.

How to stop engine rod knocking

Several steps are pointed to stop the engine from knocking. However, octane can fix the problem. It will work like a booster. If the level of the octane is correct, you will not get the sound. However, if it is opposite, you will get the knocking sound. In some countries, people recommend 87 percent octane.

Why does my car knock when I start it

There are several reasons why your car knocks when you start it. First of all, the faulty engine makes the car knock.

Another thing is that of the water pump in the engine. For a little bit of damage in it, you will get the knock from your car. Moreover, from a little crack in the flywheel, the car will knock when you start it. Again, too much weight in the car may cause the knocking sound in the car.  Therefore, you must fix it.

Does the rod knock damage the engine?

The rod knock damages the piston and the wall of the cylinder. Moreover, the bearings of the crankshaft also face disruption. It becomes costlier if you do not change it in time.


The answer is placed to the question: How long can you drive with rod knock? With detailed information, you come to know what you should do. Now you know what you can do and cannot. With all these experiences in my heart, let us march forward. Good luck!

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