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How Long Does An Oil Change Take?: (Explained)

Regular oil changes are very important for a car engine. But people struggle with time. Most users want to know how long does an oil change take? There are many answers to this question on the internet. We cannot assure you that all the answers are correct, but we assure you that you will get different answers.

You don’t need to hear to the internet. We will tell you what professionals say. They said changing the oil would take approximately 30-45 minutes. Besides, there are also the same oil change questions people will ask related to this question. 

In this article, we will go through all of these FAQs.

How to Change the Engine Oil?

Since it takes around 30 to 45 minutes to change oil, some think that changing oil is a difficult job. But actually, it is one of the easiest jobs in car servicing. Though it takes time, the process is very short. The process of changing oil is given below-

  • First, remove the oil drain plug.
  • Drain all the dirty oil (It takes time).
  • Replace the oil filter also.
  • Refill the engine with new engine oil.

Among all these procedures, most people don’t have much idea about changing the oil filter. If everyone knows how to change the oil filter, they can change the oil in their home. Even if it is an easy task, you have to maintain the oil-changing schedule always. This easy job is the crucial factor in keeping your engine good. 

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Where to Buy The Best Engine Oil?

You will get all types of engine oil for bikes to cars in Walmart. If Walmart is unavailable in your country, you can search for them on Amazon. If there is a local repair shop near your home, you should buy from them like Honda, Valvoline, Toyota, etc. You will get 100% authentic engine oil from these stores. If you pick the wrong seller from Amazon or Walmart, you may get a fake product that is harmful to your engine.

How Often Should I Change Oil?

Experts recommend changing the engine oil monthly if you are a rough driver. If you don’t drive regularly, you don’t need to change the oil monthly. In that case, a decent choice after 3000 miles. But the oil change schedule depends entirely on the engine oil. It is mentioned in the label section of every engine oil. Some engine oils can last 1000 miles, while others can last 10,000 miles. So, it depends, and there is no exact time to change the engine oil. You must keep an eye on the odometer or oil monitoring technology many vehicles offer.

There are some symptoms to understand when the oil needs to be changed. 

  • Loud and irritating sound from the engine.
  • Bad oil smell.
  • More frequent trips to fill up at the pump.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you must change the engine oil as soon as possible. Loud sound is a common symptom, ensuring your engine oil becomes dirty. When you change it, your car will run smoothly with zero noise.

Final Verdict

We always recommend going to an auto repair shop to change the oil. If you do, you won’t have to worry, “how long does an oil change take?” You just need to make a schedule at their store. Then they will do the rest. It is a quick and easy service. Here 80% of the time passes to drain the old oil, and you must wait till the last line. When you are on a long trip, check these technical points before starting the tour.

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