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How Long Will a Deep Cycle Battery Power an Inverter?

This is an informative article surfacing on the topic- how long will a deep cycle battery power an inverter? We inculcate necessary tips in this write-up so that it may benefit you. The characteristics, which are prevalent for the topic, are touched upon here. Therefore, read the article with a meticulous mind- missing not a single sentence.

You will get proper solution for your answers soliciting all your reasonable doubts. Some highlighting features, which you will encounter in this write-up, are of battery capacity, its duration of loading, amps and solutions. You will go through section by section with different headings and sub-headings fulfilling all your requirements. So let us jump.

Features of the article:

  • Overview
  • Calculation procedure
  • Deep cycle battery and the inverter
  • Numbers of Batteries required for running inverter
  • Precautions to run the inverter
  • How much automatic battery is useful to run inverter
  • Words to carry home

Calculation procedure:

The duration of the running time of the battery will rely on the capacity of the battery and in the amount of its loading. However, there are remedial solutions. Here we present you some solution you might need to consider:

First of all, you should calculate its amps. When you finish computing, divide what the result you get by 12. Once you are done, for time being keep it aside. Okay, now do compute the rating of the devices you have with you to run inverter.

Later, you have to add half amps in the inverter. The result you get, keep a note of it- because you may forget it. Now take the second result and divide it with the first result you got.

The result you will get will indicate you the timing of your battery’s running in an hour. However, a deep cycle battery will run little longer.

Therefore, your question may remain- how long will a deep cycle battery power an inverter? Do not worry. We will take you to an ecstatic realm of your joy.

Deep cycle battery and the inverter:

To your question, there is a simple answer. The answer is as simple as counting 1234…… .How long the deep cycle battery operates your inverter will totally depend on the power of the battery and its load. If there are many electronic devices and you use one deep cycle battery, it will not run so long.

However, it is in your hand to decrease and increase the duration of the battery to run. Why? Again, the answer is simple. If you want to decrease the run time, use many appliances and tools. Moreover, to increase the run time of a deep cycle battery, use many batteries. It will serve you for a longer time.

It is to be noted that usually marine batteries are with high ratings. They should not below 50% of the charge. Otherwise, it will server for a short period of time. To know more of it you can follow some guidelines, which manufacturers provide.  

Moreover, sometimes it is difficult to determine the run the of a battery when you are ignorant about the capacity of a battery and the amps. Furthermore, you have to be sure of whether it is a starter battery or a deep cycle battery. Although it is not that significant for the inverter to know, its efficiency is not to be disregarded also.

Numbers of Batteries required for running inverter

For 2000 Watts with 12 Vaults inverter, you have to have 2000W in an hour. This means total of 166.6 amps needed for 12 vaults for an hour. However, if you wish to run a battery with 200 amp meaning 12 vaults, you should divide it by 200-166.6A.  This will provide you a half or an hour for your battery to run.

Ok if you find difficult to fathom it, let us go for a pragmatic example. Let us see you have a battery with 100 Ah and it consumes loading 65Watts or 12 vaults, which equals 5.42A. You have to be certain of its lasting of 18.45 hours. Moreover, this is not 100% effective with some inverters.

  • How much automatic battery is useful to run inverter

To a great extent, an automatic battery is useful to run the inverter. In addition, you can use it safely. It will provide you on a large-scale a huge amount of electricity though not for a long period of time. Moreover, you can know that it will not go below 20% of its capacity though it is not manufactured like a deep cycle battery. However, to use it as usual as you do with other batteries you have to know its amps and the rating. Automatic battery carries 90-hour amps. This is able to function 400 watts in continuous two hours.

Moreover, notwithstanding, it is best for you if you go for deep cycle battery as it will give you great amount of current and its charging will be mind-blowing.  

  • Precautions to run the inverter

The foremost measurement you should shoulder is that of not keeping the inverter in an engine room. It might get heated up and may cause casualty.

Second most concern is that of not keeping the inverter in a wet zone or a moisture area. If you keep the inverter in a watery place, it will drain you danger. Therefore, be cautious to stay away from any damage.

Third most important issue regarding the placement of the inverter is that you should not keep the inverter in a hot place or directly under the sun. Place the inverter in such a place where temperature remains between 50-90 degrees.

For other safety measurements include proper ventilation for the inverter, a right tempered place for the inverter.

Running 120V Power Tools From a Deep Cycle Battery

Words to carry home

The last section though not least with the question- how long wills a deep cycle battery power an inverter? this post has provided with enough information to carry out your task. We believe that our post will help you reach your goal. For any query, visit our sites as many articles as such we post. Wish you all the very best!

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