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How Much Oil Goes in a Harley Primary?: Everything You Should Know

Harley motorcycles were originally founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The company manufactures its traditional heavyweight and air-cooled cruiser motorcycles with an engine capacity of more than 700CC. To operate this gigantic motorcycle, you need to know its oil capacity or oil quality. So let’s not exaggerate and find out the best advantage of any oil or the disadvantages and how much oil goes in a Harley primary?

How much oil goes into a Harley Davidson primary, and how?

The Harley Davidson bikes from 1980 to 2006 have an average initial liquid capacity of about 1 quart 38 ounces. The Harley Davidson, released in 2006, takes 45 fluid ounces up Softail and touring. There are several types of oils used for Harley’s primary drive. The best oils are Mobil 1 racing 10w 40 & 50 motorcycle oil.

A good quality designed funnel is required for pouring oil in the initial case. Keep in mind that filling the Harley primary Softail with one quart of primary liquid is recommended. 

You need to be careful about how much oil capacity your bike holds and follow the instructions to find out the details. If your Harley bike is a post-2006 model, you have to start with Softail. The question is, what is Softail? 3quart of oil is called Softail. You can start with 2 and 2 ½ quarts, and after refueling, you can go for a short ride. 

How Much Oil Goes in a Harley Primary

What type of oil is suitable for Harley primary?

Amsoil 20W 50 synthetic motorcycle oil for Harley primary is suitable for engine, primary chaincase, or transmission. These parts of the bike have to withstand constant friction or a lot of pressure. So the role of such synthetic oil is immense to prevent all these hardness. 

However, many experts have recommended using severe gear 75W 140 for Harley primary. It is a kind of gear oil. There is no problem in using gear oil instead of 20W 50. Keep in mind that you must use gear oil and engine oil in their proportions when using gear oil and engine oil.

How to extract Harley primary oil?

Harley is not a single build – motorcycle. Its engine is assembled separately from the clutch and transmission. Since the engine and transmission are separate, a different type of oil is used for each part. You need to change the oil every 2500 miles to maintain high safety. You must first warm up the engine when changing the oil

The reason for heating the engine is to bring it to normal operating temperature. All you have to do is place a drain pan under the initial Harley casing, turn the drain plug with a 5/8inch socket wrench and open it so that all the oil accumulated inside will be put on top of the drain pan. Then you clean the drain plug and put Teflon tape on the plug, and put it back in place.

How to change the Harley primary fluid of transmission?

Some equipment needed to change your transmission fluid includes a drain pan, a new O drain plug ring, a 5/8inch socket and wrench, a torque wrench, a 3-inch extension, a 3/8-inch ball or Allen wrench, a funnel, and the latest recommended transmission fluid. 

First, you need to find the drain plug in the middle of the shock absorbers at the bottom of the bike. Then grab your torque wrench, insert the 3inch extension and 5/8inch socket, turn the drain plug and remove it. Hold the drain pan down so that all the fluid comes out of the transmission and then into the pan. 

Now check the drain plug. If it is dirty, clean it and check if it is damaged. Take the O ring, insert it into the transmission drain plug, and reinsert it the same way you opened the drain plug. Right now, the transmission can take the new fluid. The best fluid is AMSOIL synthetic V – twin transmissions fluid. 

Remove the transmission cover and dipstick with a 3/8inch ball wrench and place the funnel in its mouth. Depending on the Harley bike transmission fluid capacity, how much fluid should be given, but 28 ounces of fluid is appropriate.

How To Change The Harley Primary Fluid Of Transmission?

How do you know if your Harley primary oil has gone bad?

You already know that after 2500 miles, you have to change the oil, but sometimes the value of the oil condition remains intact, so how do you know it is time to change the oil. If you have a window on your Harley primary case cover or oil dipstick, check the color by picking up or inspecting the oil. If the test shows that the color of the oil is brown and clear, then you can understand that the oil is still good.

If it looks clack and opaque, change the oil quickly. When you rub a bad oil between two fingers, you will notice a kind of firmness, and good oil is smooth. Another thing is that if the transmission of your Harley motorcycle is running louder than before, then it’s high time to change your oil.


Since you own a Harley motorcycle, you can use some primary drive oils. There is also the best fluid for transmission, which you will have an excellent experience using. The best oil for your Harley primary is Mobil1 racing 4t 1ow 40 or Mobil 1v twin 20w 50 primary oil, and the best fluid for Harley primary transmission is AMSOIL synthetic v twin.

We have written in detail about how oil and fluid are extracted from engines and transmission, how new oil is filled, and what proportions overflow does not occur. We hope you’ll find a new experience later in this article on how much oil goes into a Harley primary.

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