How to Change Oil in Lawn Mower Without Drain Plug?

Changing oil is always a challenging task for every mower owner. They need to have some skills, practices, and some DOY tools to do the job. The Drain Plug makes it easier to change the oil within a while. But it’d be problematic if your lawnmower has no drain plug.

So, how to change oil in lawn mower without drain plug? You can change the oil without the drain plug in 7 simple steps. Removing the oil filter & gas cap, draining out the existing oil, and putting in the new one will be the simplest way to change your lawn mower oil without a drain plug.

That’s why I’ll show you the best & simplest 7 steps to change your lawn mower oil. So, let’s change the oil!

How to Change Oil in Lawn Mower Without Drain Plug

7 Steps to Change Oil in Lawn Mower without Drain Plug

These seven steps apply only to changing the oil without a drain plug. If you have this plug, you may follow the regular process and change the oil accordingly.

Place Your Lawn Mower

You must place your lawnmower in an open area or your garage. In the meantime, put a newspaper or anything under your mower. It’ll save your garage surface and won’t allow the oil to be there. Everything will be on paper that you can remove and clean the entire surface.

Run The Engine for 5 Minutes

After placing the mower, you must turn on the engine and run it for 5 to 10 minutes to heat the interior. It’ll decrease the sticky oil if you remember to change it for the last couple of months. You may also add some fresh fuel to the existing one to get clean gasoline.

Once you put in the fresh oil and run the engine for 5 to 10 minutes, this will decrease & clean the gasoline better than anything else.

Remove Oil Filter & Gas Cap

Once you are done with the first two steps, you may remove the oil filter first. Before that, place plastic or anything that can hold the dipping oil. Then, turn the oil filter counter-clockwise & remove it.

After that, you must check the gas cap on your engine. If this cap is damaged or broken, you must replace it with a new one. If you’re a good one, you should remove the gas cap to drain out the existing damaged & grease oil.

Drain Out The Existing Fuel

Once you remove the gas cap, you should place a holder or a plastic bottle under the fuel. Then, drain out the existing oil slowly. You may need to turn your mower to drain all the oil slowly. You may use an oil filter or drain to remove the fuel.

It takes hours to remove the grease & to exist dirty oil from there. Once you’re done with draining out, you should go for the next step.

Clean The Engine

Though cleaning your engine gasoline is not our main motto. But it’s better to clean the gasoline and engine while you change the fuel.

In that case, you should clean the engine gasoline using fresh oil and run the engine. Otherwise, you need to use a heavy-duty degreaser to remove the sticky oil. Then, spread some baking soda or detergent powder and scrub with a stiff brush. It’ll indeed remove the grease and clean your entire engine & gasoline within 10 to 15 minutes.

Put The New Fuel

Once you’ve done cleaning the engine & gasoline, you may place some new fuel as per your mower model & engine requirements. It could be the SAE or Anything that you use. Put the fuel with a filler to avoid splitting the oil around the mower.

You must check the fuel level to avoid overfilling the engine when you put the fuel in. It helps to avoid fuel leaks from the engine. Once you finish filling the gasoline, you must check the gasoline and leaks.

Attach The Oil Filter & Gas Cap

If you successfully put the fuel & be sure there are no external or internal leaks, you can attach the gas cap & oil filter. Turn them clockwise and tighten them accordingly. Don’t put much pressure on these caps; since you may break them, and they need to be attached immediately.

Keep an eye on the attached oil filter & gas cap. If you need to place them correctly, they’ll create issues and may leak oil.

What’s the Best Time to Change Mower Engine Oil?

Though the oil change doesn’t count at any particular time, you should change the oil once your engine gets the grease and sticky oil. Apart from that, the best time to change the mower engine oil is after mowing time. When you finish using the lawn mower and need to store it for the next usage, you should change the engine oil and remove all the grease. Otherwise, leaving the mower with old oil will damage the engine and get sticky.

Therefore, change the engine oil after every 50 to 60 hours (basically, after you’ve done mowing the entire session). Then, put the new engine oil & store the mower for the next time.

How Long Does LawnMower Engine Oil Last?

The lawnmower engine oil typically lasts for the entire season. It could be the spring or the summer. However, there’s another role that you must follow, and that is every 50 hours. It means you should change the engine fuel after every 50 hours. So, either you change the fuel after 50 hours or after an entire season.

Closing Words

So, you know how to change oil in lawn mower without drain plug. You need some DIY tools and safety gloves, and follow those 7 simple steps to change the fuel without any drain plug. Don’t miss the first two and start changing the oil. It might be messy if you don’t place your mower & heat the engine.

However, changing the engine fuel of any lawn mower is easy with the drain plug. You may drain out the fuel and put in the new one. To change without the drain plug, you must go through the above process and change without the drain plug.

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