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How To Check Oil in BMW 325i 2006? : 2 Facts You Should Know

BMW 325i is considered one of the best cars in the production line of the BMW 3 series. The 2006 model is kind of different than other cars. Especially checking the engine oil is different. 

Most car manufacturers provide an oil dipstick in the engine to check the oil level of the engine and oil notifications on the screen. It’s easy to check the oil level by checking the dipstick regularly. But in the BMW 325i 2006, there is no dipstick. So, checking the dipstick isn’t possible with a BMW 325i 2006.

If you take a BMW 325i 2006, the first question will appear in your mind, How to check oil in BMW 325i 2006? Well, there are ways to check the engine oil of your 325i. In the article, we are going to discuss it.

How to check oil in BMW 325i 2006?

BMW 325i 2006 has no dipstick. The dipstick can be easier to check the oil on your own. But when there’s no dipstick, you need other ways. 

There are two ways to check the oil level of a BMW 325i 2006. Both two ways are easy. BMW mainly used automatic sensors to check the oil in this model. You need to know how to get the information. Follow the steps completely to check the oil level of your car.

Way 1:

  • Firstly run the engine for some time. It helps to get the read correctly. Don’t overrun the engine.
  • Then stop the engine and turn the car on.
  • Find a switch-type button on the indicator switch.
  • There will be two buttons. One is BC, and you need to click on the other button.
  • Click again and again until you get the oil icon on the dashboard.  
  • After getting the oil icon, click on the “BC” button.
  • Then it will show your car’s oil level now and how much oil you need to add.

Way 2:

The second way is easier than the first one. It’s just checking the notification. Follow the steps,

  • Turn the car on.
  • Click the menu button on the car. A page will appear on the screen.
  • Then click down to the i-button for information.
  • Go to Info Sources.
  • In info sources, you will find travel info and service info.
  • Click on check control messages. You will see notifications for the engine oil if there are any messages.
  • Click on the service info.
  • Scroll down and find engine oil level.
  • Click on that, and it will show you the condition of the engine oil and how much oil is required now.
  • You will get the information about your engine oil from here.

These ways are way too easier than checking the dipstick. But you need to find out where you can get the information.

How To Check Oil in BMW 325i 2006

How much oil does the BMW 325i 2006 need?

Using the proper amount of engine oil is important for ensuring proper lubrication. Too much oil and low oil are harmful to the engine. You can check the notification center to know how much oil your car needs. 

A BMW 325i 2006 needs around 6.9 quarts or 6.5 liters of engine oil. But after driving for days, the oil level can be decreased.

 In that situation, the car will notify the screen that the oil level is low. Then after checking the oil level, they will inform you how much oil is required for now to raise the oil level. 

Which oil is best for BMW 325i 2006?

Every car brand needs a specific type of engine oil. Using the wrong oil can lead to various engine-related problems. The ideal oil of BMW 325i 2006 is 5W- 40. Use around 6.5 liters or 6.9 quarts of oil while changing the oil. If your car shows a low oil notification, check the oil level and pour the amount it says.

How often should I change the oil of my BMW 325i 2006?

This thing mainly depends on the engine oil type. If you use mineral oil, it’s better to change within 5,000 miles. You can use semi-synthetic oil for around 5 to 6 thousand miles. 

But synthetic oil is better. It’s slightly costlier than other oils, but you can drive over 7 to 10 thousand miles in one cycle.

2006 bmw 325i oil check

Where is the dipstick of my BMW 325i 2006?

The BMW 325i 2006 doesn’t come with an oil dipstick. You need to check the oil level from the dashboard. The car will inform you when to change the oil and when the oil level is low.

What to do if my BMW 325i 2006 says engine oil level is below the minimum?

In this case, you need to check the car’s oil level. If it’s below the minimum, the car will suggest how much oil is needed to make it right. Pour that amount of oil into the engine.

How far can I drive with oil level minimum notification?

If you drive a BMW 325i 2006, you shouldn’t drive much with low oil. That may lead to engine problems. Pour the suggested amount of engine oil into the engine. Make sure you are using the same oil already in the engine.

Final Words

The BMW 325i 2006 doesn’t have an oil dipstick to check engine oil. Though an oil dipstick is easy to check the oil level and condition, you need to do it manually. BMW 325i 2006 uses automatic sensors to notify the oil level. But checking the oil level from the car menu may seem complicated to some users. In the article, you can find some simple steps. 

You can easily check the engine oil level by following the steps without making your hand dirty. You need to go to the information center from the menu. And find the service information and oil level information. BMW 320i 2006 doesn’t have a dipstick, but this system is easier to check the oil. So, if you still have a question, How to check oil in BMW 325i 2006? Then just read the way-1 and way-2 again step by step.

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