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How to Check Procharger Oil? : (Explained)

Today, we will talk about oil. It is not an ordinary oil; it is ProCharger oil. Some call it “supercharger oil.” The most popular ProCharger is d1sc, which is included in many vehicles. Some of its users ask us how to check ProCharger oil. They have not acknowledged it. Maybe you are one of them who pick this article to read. 

There are many things to understand before checking ProCharger oil. In this article, we will discuss them one by one.

Do I Need to Add Oil to My Procharger?

There are some questions we get about ProCharger oil always. How much oil does a ProCharger take? Is there enough oil in the ProCharger? Does my supercharger have oil? Also, so many questions we get through our clients and online forum. We just want to make sure one thing. These are fundamental questions for those who want to know about ProCharger oil. 

Filling ProCharger up with oil is integral to Magnuson’s detailed assembly-certified process. Magnuson holds certification for assembling automobile parts for use by major OEMs like Toyota, Chevrolet, etc. So, you have to add specific ProCharger oil to your unit.

How to Check Procharger Oil

How Do You Check Procharger Oil?

We will change our automobile engine oil after running a specific mileage. Procharger oil needs to change after a particular running time. So, you must check the oil from time to time and keep a record. Here is the process of checking ProCharger oil.

  • Take a dipstick.
  • Open the filter plug of the ProCharger.
  • Stick the dipstick inside it.
  • Keep the dipstick down enough.
  • Bring the stick out, and you will find oil.

Maybe it takes time to find the oil because only 6 oz oil is required in a ProCharger. Since the amount is low, you won’t get the touch of oil while putting the stick inside. Our question is to you, why do you check ProCharger oil? You just need to change the supercharger oil after running certain miles. 

In that case, you need to know how to change ProCharger oil. We suggest taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop and taking the help of an expert. If you are just a car owner, this thing won’t help you much. If you want to learn about automobile mechanisms, then learning ProCharger oil change will help you.

procharger oil capacity

How to Change Procharger Oil?

When you change its oil, you need to use the specific oil recommended by the automobile manufacturer. Some repair shops may suggest better oils, but what do you do if something wrong happens? Therefore, we do not take any risky steps. Let’s know how to change its oil.

  • First, drain the old oil.
  • Loosen the filter plug head.
  • Pull out the dipstick.
  • Take the oil bottle and inside the nipple into the filter hole.
  • It takes 8-10 minutes to fill the ProCharger with 6 oz oil.
  • Now, close the filter plug head.

You can see it is a time-consuming process. There is another first process to do this job. You need a syringe. 

You can try this technique. We have seen many workshops to fill oil inside ProCharger similarly. It will save enough time.

Final Verdict

We hope you have learned a lot about ProCharger oil. Everything we have told you here for learning purposes about how to check ProCharger oil. If you want to try it personally, make sure there is an expert beside you. You need a guide.  An article of the guideline is not enough to do the practical task. You are good to go when you have enough knowledge about the placement of ProCharger or supercharger. Otherwise not.

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