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How to Clean Oil Out of Intake Manifold?: You Should Know

It is not natural for new era’s vehicles that smoke will come out from the exhaust. Have you seen a car driving with a cloud of white smoke? If you notice, you might wonder what’s wrong with that car. Maybe that kind of cloudy white smoke is coming out of your vehicle.

It is caused by the intake manifold oil, an engine that distributes air and fuel to all the cylinders. Oil is problematic for Intake Manifold. It is a sign of an underlying issue. To fix it, you must know how to clean oil out of Intake Manifold. Besides, also find out how Intake Manifold gets oil. Otherwise, cleaning oil cannot solve the problem permanently.

Why Is Oil Coming Out from Intake Manifold?

There should not be any oil in the Intake Manifold. The main task of this machine is distributing air and fuel. It has no connection with the oil. But if you get any evidence of oil in it, the oil leaks from your system. Since it is a causal issue, you have to fix it.

We have already discussed the reasons for oil leakage in a vehicle system. Check them out to go through a suitable troubleshooting method. When you solve the oil leakage, you can clean the oil out of Intake Manifold.

The most common cause of oil consumption is a bad PVC valve or a clogged oil passage. Change your engine oil regularly and use a quality air filter to prevent oil in the intake manifold. Don’t clean Intake Manifold oil before fixing oil leakage; otherwise, you will face the same problem every time.

oil on top of intake manifold

How to Clean Oil Out of Intake Manifold?

Removing oil from Intake Manifold is an easy task. It does not require any long-term experience to do this job. Also, you don’t need any high-end tools to do this. Instead, it would help if you had some essential tools and basic repair ideas that every car owner and driver have.

The tools you require to remove oil from Intake Manifold – 

  • A degreaser.
  • Rag or towel.
  • Catch Pan.

You don’t need to search more to get a degreaser. Do you know about Chemical Guys? Their products are top-rated in the cleaner market. If you buy their degreaser, you won’t disappoint. Here are the procedures to clean the oil of Intake Manifold.

  • Start by stopping the engine and removing the battery terminals to avoid mechanical and electrical hazards.
  • Find the oil dipstick, pull it out and remove excess oil from it. Then re-insert the dipstick. 
  • Remove the PCV valve from the Intake manifold. It is located near the throttle body.
  • Apply degreaser in the entire Intake manifold and PCV valve to clean oil. Clean the hiding points with special attention.
  • Re-install the PCV valve after cleaning and re-attach the battery terminals.
  • Start the engine to check if everything is going right.

Final Verdict

To prevent oil in the intake manifold, you must clean it regularly. Follow our oil cleaning guide to remove oil as oil in the intake manifold is a severe problem. If you find oil puddles stuck in it, you need to take it to a mechanic to clean it thoroughly and repair the oil leak. Just cleaning oil out of the Intake manifold may not solve the problem.

But there is nothing to worry about if you see a little oil-like coating. Just clean that oil with a greaser, and your engine is ready to perform better.

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