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How To Get a Mangled Oil Filter Off?: Know Today!

The process of changing the oil filter was supposed to be very simple. For some reason, the oil filter gets stuck or doesn’t work. An attempt was made to open the filter case with a screwdriver to get leverage when the filter became tight due to over tightening. 

Trying to open the oil filter with a screwdriver is a failed attempt. It causes the filter to shred as well as create an oily mess. You can easily remove mangled oil filters using some of the items in your hand and some readily available tools. We will discuss how to get a Mangled oil filter off through this article.

How To Get a Mangled Oil Filter Off

Why does the oil filter gets stuck?

The first and foremost reason for an oil filter to get stuck is to stick it tightly. As a result of tight-fitting, a rubber gasket of the oil filter gets damaged, and oil starts leaking. This way, oil accumulates, and the oil filter sticks well with the oil plug

There are some rules for installing oil filters that you should follow. It is best to rotate the oil filter 4 to 5 times more than enough to get your oil filter stuck.

Steps on how to remove a mangled oil filter?

A dirty and spoiled oil filter can ruin your drive. Your oil filter may have stuck too well, which you damaged when you tried to open it. The damaged oil filter is just rotating, but the filter is not coming out of the plug, so we will discuss some steps to open it.


Choose the type of wrench suitable for your car’s oil filter. The oil filter mount is suitable for use with a band or strap-type wrench attached handle if there is sufficient clearance around the surface area or its base. 

If there isn’t much room around the base of the mangled oil filter, a wrench with a pivoting handle or a wrench with a square drive hole for the ratchet handle is required. You may need a longer extension to rotate the handle of a ratchet handle wrench with a square drive hole.


First, you need to Fold-down all the torn or sharp edge pieces of the mangled oil filter case. That will reduce the chances of you getting a hand injury, and it will allow the oil filter to open with a wrench. Sharp edges are too much risk, so it is best to use pliers to avoid them.

Step 3

The band or strap of the filter wrench should slide over the oil filter until it is tightened around the base. The base is made of a single metal and is the strongest part of the filter. 

It can withstand a lot of pressure, so when you tighten the wrench, it will easily cope with the stress of the band or strap. Tighten the wrench so that it rotates counterclockwise at the base of the oil filter.

You may need to hold the band or the strap in one hand until you get enough tension on the wrench to hold the filter base. You must then rotate the filter counterclockwise until you loosen the filter, and be sure to use your hand carefully when rotating the wrench. 

Remove the band or strap from the base of the filter if it slips while the wrench is still tight. For extra traction, apply sandpaper to the base of the filter and then place the wrench around the filter base. That will prevent the wrench from slipping, and you will get extra traction as you will be able to remove the mangled or damaged oil filter very quickly.

How tight should an oil filter be?

Properly installing the oil filter will ensure that the oil filter will not be damaged while driving or later. Changing the oil filter will be much easier if it is tightened according to the correct quantity. 

When installing the oil filter, put motor oil around the gasket to make it easier to install the oil filter. It is best to screw it slowly by hand and rotate the filter 4- times. It will ensure that the oil filter will not be too tight and will not leak. Consequently, you can easily remove the oil filter without causing further damage.

how to get oil filter off

A common problem with oil filter

Many heavy tools are used to install oil filters, making oil filters tight. That makes it difficult to remove the filter by hand, so a wrench is the most suitable tool for removing an oil filter. 

The body of an oil filter is not made of hard metal so the filter will be damaged by the pressure applied during the opening with the wrench. Some people destroy the body of the whole filter in such a way that there is no way to open it later with just a wrench. 

However, the root of all the problems is that installing the filter too tight can cause leakage and damage.

Final verdict

The process of removing a mangled oil filter is a little exceptional. With the help of tools and the right approach, you can easily remove a crumbling oil filter. Removing a mangled oil filter can make you anxious because it cannot be opened in any way using a wrench on its damaged body. 

Carefully remove the damaged and torn filter because sharp parts can damage your hands. You can’t open it with a simple wrench. You need a strap and a square wrench. By reading this article, you will understand how to get a mangled oil filter off. There are also reasons why oil filters get stuck and problems.

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