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How to install a power inverter in a van? | With Video Guide

Pursuing your thought of interest, we come here with this article. This article will soothe your mind providing necessary information. Take hold of your passion and read this write-up, you will be feeling great.

This article will make you capable of knowing how to install a power inverter in a van. Moreover, with elaborate note, this piece of writing will inform you its ways of disadvantage and you must do.

Ways to install power inverter in the van

There is no fixed location in a van for the inverter to be place; all you need is to find suitable location to hang the inverter. In this section, you should not worry about the better place. Any place in the van is best.

All you need to be aware of is how the placement facilitates you. Any location is appreciating in the van. However, specious ground with open environment will be more convincing. Now come to the van.

In the van, you should place the power converter according to your convenience. Do not worry about the tools you may need to install the inverter. Nevertheless, you need only few easy appliances.

How to choose the best place in the van to install inverter?

The above statement will reach you to the knowledge of understanding about the placement. Let us be mindful of the tips provided.

Tip- 1

To the power source, you should wire the device. However, there is a way to do it. To carry out the task, you should not use tangled wire. You had better select such a location, which is very close to the batteries. It will reduce the long space between the battery and the wiring. As a result, it will be helpful for the wiring of the DC.


In this area of study, you must adjust a suitable location; mindful, this location may allow you proper grounding. While you position the converter, you should see how you get proper earth connection. This will help you get connected with the earth though in van itself it has access.

Tip- 3

If the location is perfect according to you, still you have to look into its function. Heat in the inverter is the most imperative area you must look into. Therefore, you must create enough spacious location for the inverter. As a result, the inverter will not be heated up dangerously.


Also, find such a location for the inverter from where you may regulate the inverter. Find such a location, which will advantage you to turn off and on the inverter. Such creativity of yours will bring more facility for the inverter as well as you. Why? Yes, when you do this, inverter finds ways to preserve power, and use it when it is idle and run the van.

Tip- 5

In this note, you will come to know whether your converter will go unnoticed or not. Yes, your converter will go inconspicuous if you select a proper location. Select a proper location in the van and it will conceal the converter.

All these tips will give you advantage of selecting a proper place for inverter. Do follow the tips and use your own creativity to make your plan soothing.

Ways to handle the wiring

In this section, you will jolly when you come to know how to handle the wiring. For any inverter either small or large you need to provide a battery. With battery, the inverter will be connected. Of course, you must connect the inverter with the battery by wire. Therefore, you need to know how to fix it. For this, you should, first of all, manage a proper wire thick and enough long. In addition, you need to keep a fuse kit for emergency.

You will be more comfortable if you get any inverter with cables, clips, and ground clips connected with batteries. You must also get a fuse which makes your work fast and easy.

How to fix the wiring in the battery inverter?

Yes, here we are with you to fix the wiring in the battery inverter. Do not worry. Just follow what the procedures guide you to do. Here are some easy steps to fix the wiring:

  • When you manage a battery, connect the black cable with the negative phase of the battery. Now, tighten the connection.
  • Moving on the next step, make sure to pave the right direction to the exact location of the inverter. then fix it with the power inverter along with the black terminal.
  • Now, take the red cable, connect to the red phase, and pave it to the battery. Warning! In this time you should never think of connecting the red cable to the positive phase, it should come only at the end. Remember it for your safety reasons.
  • In this fresh point, you should be thinking of the grounding of the wire. There is no way to get panic. You need to buy ground wire if not given to you. Moreover, ground it on an appropriate position.
  • Now, route the other end to the ground as you did with other wirings.

Test the connection

All your effort will find landslide joy if you test the connection successfully. For this you need to acquire some knowledge. You have to make sure about the inverter’s proper activity. This step is imperative to do carefully. You should follow an easy test to see the connection.

Before you go into testing the connection, you must check whether everything is alright. When everything is fine, come to the testing. These two matters are more important:

  • Make sure that the red wire is not touching anything especially metal part in the van.
  • Another thing is that you must keep the inverter off or it might invite catastrophe.

Precautions and guidelines

Though you have guts in achieving your goal in installing inverter in a van, you should take safety gears. For your safety, you must know some precautions to end the process successfully. There are some necessary safety measures noted down here. You can consider them:

  • Any equipment for your need to fix inverter in the van must be placed on a flat ground.
  • If the tool is waterproofed, you can expose, if not, refrain from exposing it rain. For electricity, water is useful and dangerous also. Therefore, be careful.
  • You must prevent yourself from installing inverter near the engine or it might cause fire.
  • To keep the inverter in cool mood, keep it away from any source that creates heat.
  • For your better safety, you can place any tool or the inverter in a box. This is safer.

Hope all these precautions will help you and safeguard you. Do follow them if you wish no harm to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will bring you some important areas you might miss to know How to install a power inverter in a van. Here you will know more on what to choose, how to choose and why to choose this particular inverter for my van. Hope this section will satisfy you. To know more, you can contact us on our website by commenting.

What is the appropriate size of the inverter that is suitable for my van?

Yes, in this section we suggest you only what you may require for basic inverter to fix in the van. Here we suggest not going for bigger one. You must start with 1000 – 12000 watt power inverter. This will fulfill your target.

How much is the inverter helpful for the van?

Inverter is mainly used to charge the appliances in your van. Though it is not harmful at all some cases it might bring danger to your car if not placed properly. All you need to do is make sure you know the correct way to use the inverter.

Is it necessary to have in inverter in my van?

It is not all the more necessary to use inverter in your van as long as you manage to run your van. If you manage to power your battery in the van, you do not need an inverter. Therefore, it is up to you whether you want to use inverter to charge battery in the van or not.

Words to carry home!

How to install a power inverter in a van’ is in the tip of the finger. You might have seen that many opt to install inverter behind the seat of the driver and under the seat of passengers and in many other places. You can use it as long as it remains within your comfort zone. Despite all this freedom in hand, we have some advice for you. You need to know couple of things for selecting a location for inverter’s placement.

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