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How to Remove Antifreeze From Engine Oil? | Step By Step Guide

We get to know about so many engine accessories every day in this modern era. These accessories help increase the life span of the car engine and increase their workability. Antifreeze is one of those accessories; it keeps engine temperature at bay. Such as, in the hot season, the engine temperatures rise high, so antifreeze keeps oil from boiling out. 

Also, in winter, antifreeze keeps the engine oil from freezing out. It’s easy to add antifreeze to engine oil, but at some point, one needs to change or remove the antifreeze. If you don’t know how to remove antifreeze from engine oil? Then you can follow our article.

What is antifreeze? 

Most people know what antifreeze does, but some of us don’t know anything about antifreeze. Antifreeze is a liquid that maximizes oil’s heating ability and decreases the freezing point to the lowest. 

In short, oil consists of a maximum heat absorbent point and freezing point. Once you mix antifreeze with your engine oil, that oil will absorb more heat than it previously could. And in winter, oil gets frozen up. Antifreeze increases the heat and prevents it from getting frozen.

Will antifreeze damage your car engine? 

Antifreeze can’t work properly as engine oil can; it only enhances engine oil ability. But antifreeze gets dirty in a short period; also, antifreeze reduces the lubricant ability of engine oil. 

Thus, if you don’t change antifreeze in time, it can damage the engine severely. You need to monitor the engine from time to time. Otherwise, the engine will overheat, and you will see a drastic change in your car.

How to remove antifreeze from engine oil

Can I separate antifreeze from engine oil?

Yes, you can separate antifreeze from engine oil. Antifreeze contains a glycol-based mixture that works by creating bonding with water. One can only mix antifreeze with water-based oil. 

Water evaporates at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To separate antifreeze, heat the mixture until the water evaporates. Once you remove water, only antifreeze elements will stay. It is the only way to separate antifreeze from engine oil.

How to remove antifreeze from engine oil?

If your antifreeze leaks and gets mixed with engine oil, it’s a major issue for the car engine. The antifreeze will damage the engine in time and reduce your car’s performance. First, you need to check the presence of antifreeze in the engine oil. 

To do that, take out the dipstick and see the color of the engine oil. If the oil comes out as a chocolate color, you need to understand that there might be antifreeze leakage. After that, follow these processes to remove antifreeze from engine oil.

Step 1: find the leakage and fix the problem. The antifreeze can leak from the head gas kit, water pump, or other parts. 

Step 2: Open the drainpipe bolt and drain all the engine oil from the engine. Make sure to take out the last drop of engine oil.

Step 3: tightly screw the drain pipe and change the oil filter.

Step 4: put new engine oil into the engine, don’t overflow the engine with engine oil.

Step 5: Start the car and let it run for a while, then run your car for a week or two and check the engine oil color.

It is the simplest way to remove antifreeze from engine oil. There is another way to heat the engine oil and evaporate the water from it. Thus, only oil will stay behind, but it’s a complicated process. You can follow these steps to remove antifreeze and save your car engine.

Will engine oil burn out?

The engine contains many blocks. These blocks are known as the combustion chamber. In the combustion chamber, the piston press oil and creates heat, then that heat energy turns into motor energy. 

The main work of engine oil is to keep these pistons from crashing into one another. Engine oil will only burn if it gets in the combustion chamber. The piston heat will burn the engine oil. You will notice loud noise and blue flame coming out from the exhausting pipe. 

What is the temperature for engine oil to burn off? 

Engine oil is non-flammable, but it burns off at 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The engine oil works as a coolant for the engine parts because the engine process generates heat. Engine oil can take high heat. But at high temperatures, it evaporates like water. 

What will happen if I put antifreeze in the engine oil?

Antifreeze is a mixture of chemicals; these chemicals only increase the heat-absorbing ability and decrease the point where the engine oil freezes. But in this process of the engine, the oil loses lubricant ability. 

The engine oil prevents engine parts from crashing into one another and creates a lubricant barrier around them. So if your engine oil fails to protect engine parts, that engine will die out in no time. Antifreeze contains some good ability, but overuse of anything is not good.

Final verdict

The engine is the heart of a motor vehicle, so one needs to take good care of it. Good quality engine oil helps to increase engine health. In recent days, people tend to use antifreeze liquid, which also helps to keep the engine in good shape. But if the liquid gets mixed with the engine oil, that’s a piece of bad news for the car engine.

Here we shared the process for removing antifreeze from engine oil and provided some other important topics on this matter. Now you know how to remove antifreeze from engine oil? You can change the antifreeze all by yourself. If you feel you can’t remove antifreeze, we suggest that you take your car to a service center.

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