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How To Reset Change Oil Light On 2002 chevy Silverado? | 5 Step By Step Guide

The Chevy Silverado has been in service for over 2-decades. But it is a matter of minutes; your Chevrolet Silverado 2002 could go from being a reliable vehicle to a source of stress. In this situation, one of the common questions of people is how to reset change oil light on 2002 Chevy Silverado?

However, changing the oil light is not that complex task. Simply follow these steps to reset the oil light. First, you need to ignite the car without starting it, then press the accelerator 3-times in 5-second. This process should reset the oil light on the 2002 Chevy Silverado.

how to reset change oil light on 2002 chevy silverado

What is oil light?

The oil light works as an indicator that indicates the engine is not getting enough oil as it should. Usually, the engine burns oil and creates the power to help the car run. So to run perfectly, a car needs a certain amount of oil. But if your car faces a problem with the oiling, the oil light will turn on.  

What to do if the engine oil light is on?

Oil lights can turn on for any reason. Such as, if the oil pressure gets low or the oil injection is not working properly, the oil light will turn on. It indicates that you should change your engine oil. So, when the engine oil light gets on, change the engine oil by following a simple process. However, you can also take your car to a service center for changing the oil.

What is the minimum level of oil that turns the oil light on?

Oil light is the reflection of the oil level on your car. It also indicates your car’s oil pressure. PSI (pressure per square inch) is the measuring attribute for oil. Your car will put the oil light on if the oil pressure level drops to 5 to 10 PSI. When you see the light is beeping a lot, you should see your car’s oil level. Therefore, if it’s low on oil, put more oil or try to reset it.

Steps of Resetting change oil light on 2002 Chevy Silverado

When your oil injection system stops working during the car running through roads, you need to change the engine oil. But if the oil light won’t turn off even after the oil change, you need to reset the oil light according to the following instructions.

STEP 1: Check whether your car needs new engine oil or not. If it requires new oil, fill it up. Also, check other parts to ensure everything is working nicely.

STEP 2: Then hop onto your car, put your car key, and turn it to the ‘A’ position. In this position, your car gets the ignition but won’t start.

STEP 3: After ignition, you should check the engine oil flashing and then press the acceleration paddle. You should do this process 3- times within 10 seconds. Afterward, check the engine oil light. If the light still flashes, then do this working process for few more times until this light stops flashing.

STEP 4: Then turn your key to the ‘A’ position; it will stop your car from the ignition. Then let your car rest for a minimum of 20 sec. After that, you can start your car.

STEP 5: Start your car and check the oil light if it stops flashing. You have successfully reset the oil light on a 2002 Chevy Silverado. 

Moreover, don’t forget to check other oil parts of the engine because you will never know what kind of problem will occur witing your car. Therefore, ensure that you have followed the steps perfectly to reset the oil light.

How long can I drive with low oil?

Oil is the fundamental element of an engine. Without oil, your engine will fall into a breakdown. Every car engine takes a certain amount of oil that gets turned into motor energy. 

Through the engine oil light, we know that it’s high time we need to change the engine oil or some problem occurred in the oil setup.

When your engine oil level drops to the lowest, you will see the oil light beeping. At this time, you can run your car for almost 450 to 500 miles. However, driving your car without changing the engine oil might push your car towards a bad engine problem. Therefore, changing the engine oil from time to time is recommended.

Final Verdict

Chevy is one of the oldest car manufacturers. And Chevy Silverado 2002 is one of the best addition to their car lineup. For its versatility, speed, and comfort, this top-notched quality car has been liked by people. 

However, every mechanical car or device faces problems. The same also goes for this Chevy Silverado 2002 car. Sometimes people get frustrated to see that the engine oil light is continuously flashing. Therefore, people usually ask how to reset change oil light on a 2002 Chevy Silverado. Here, we have described the process you can follow to reset the oil light. We hope you will find this writing beneficial indeed.

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