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How to Stop Oil Coming Out of Valve Cover Breathe: Fix It

So, you are facing oil leakage from the valve cover breather?

It is not only you who are facing this problem. Many people have the same problem with the valve cover breather. One of our friends has met us recently to solve this matter. Since you have clicked this article, you need a solution, right? You are lucky that you are at the right place.

This article will discuss why it happens and how to stop oil from coming out of valve cover breather. Turns out, we will show to fix it.

Let’s get started.

Why is Oil Coming Out from Valve Cover Breather?

Since it is a problem, we will talk about the troubleshooting procedure. But before that, you need to know why it is happening. No problem is created by itself. If you know the actual reason for the problem, the fixing method becomes easier. 

Here are the reasons for oil leakage from the valve cover breather.

  • Excessive oil in the crankcase.
  • Damaged oil seals.
  • Damaged compression rings.
  • High pressure on the breather.
  • Blocked valve cover.
why is oil coming out of my breather pipe

How to Troubleshoot Oil Leakage of Valve Cover Breather

There is not only one troubleshooting method for this problem. Since the reasons are many, the are multiple fixing methods. And they depend on the problem. You must go through multiple fixing methods if you notice multiple defects. You must apply a specific method if you find only a single reason.

Some people ask that do they need to change the breather tube completely. Ok, it depends, and we will talk about it next. Here are tips on stopping oil from coming out of valve cover breather.

  • Don’t put excessive oil in the breather tube. Make sure you don’t overfill the engine oil. Every engine has a specific level of oil retention. Don’t cross that level. If you do not have much information, take your car to a repair shop.
  • Check whether the rings are installed correctly or not. You must install it properly if you notice an issue in the ring assembly. Also, check whether the ring is damaged or not. If not, then ok. If damaged, then replace it. When the compression ring is damaged, it will create foam in the oil.
  • Replace the PCV valve if it is clogged. Sometimes, cleaning the PCV valve solves your problem. So, clean it before replacing it. It is a money-saving tip.

When oil is leaking, take away the breather hose and disconnect it. Put the hose in a bottle, run your engine for about ten minutes and check for oil leaks.

Final Verdict

It is not hard to maintain a valve cover breather. But you cannot assure that you will encounter no problem. Oil leakage is the most irritating problem for breathers. You can go through the procedures e have given to stop oil coming out of the valve cover breather. We don’t recommend you replace the breather tube directly since there are different reasons for oil leakage.

Keep in mind that you must first find the cause of the problem and apply the troubleshooting method because different reasons have different solutions.

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