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Is It Better To Change Oil Hot Or Cool?

Changing oil is not a difficult task if you know the right way. The way is pretty simple: open your fuel tank, drain the oil and pour the new oil. It sounds very easy, but sometimes it might fall you into a lengthy process. I only give you the shortest way to change your vehicle oil.

But the process might take a very long time if you have a different model car.

It will become a confusing decision whether is it better to change oil hot or cool. You need to keep reading and find out the answer with a proper explanation.

What’s the best way to change oil?

The best way to change oil is to replace your existing oil with a new one. Ideally, you can follow the manufacturer’s process to change your vehicle’s oil because your vehicle might have a different way to change the engine oil. Moreover, you need to decide whether you need to change engine oil or gasoline oil.

If it is engine oil, you can open your engine cover, find out the fuel tank and change the oil. But if it is gasoline, you may require to clean your fuel tank by removing it. Then, attach the gasoline and pour the oil through the opener.

Is It Better To Change Oil Hot Or Cool

Is it better to change oil hot or cool?

It’s always better to change the hot oil than cool. The hot oil has lower viscosity; therefore, it’s easy to drain the oil shortly. Changing the cool oil will take a bit more time to drain the entire gasoline. Sometimes, it might be challenging to drain the entire cool oil since it is thick and will stick to gasoline skin.

If you face such a problem, you might know that changing hot oil is easier than changing cool oil. You can also check the engine heat and then change the oil to get the liquid oil and drain it quickly. It will be your best way to change the hot oil within five minutes.

How to Change Hot Oil? – Step by Step Guideline

Finally, you’re here to get the best process of changing hot oil by following some simple steps. You may consider it as a step-by-step guideline and follow it accordingly.

Lift Your Car & Go Under

Your first step in changing hot oil would be to lift your car or vehicle to get to the fuel tank. Before that, you must lift the car high enough to get enough room for working. Remember to have a wrench, screwdriver, and other DIY tools to change the hot oil.

Unplug & Drain

Your next step is to unplug the fuel tank to drain your hot oil. You can use your wrench if the cap is tight enough and you cannot unplug it barehand. You must have a bowl or something to keep the drained hot oil.

Wait & Clean your Gasoline

You need to wait for five to ten minutes, let the hot oil properly come to your bowl, and empty the gasoline. After getting all the oil, you must clean your gasoline or fuel tank with the cleaner. It will help remove the contaminated oil particles.

Can you change the cool oil?

You can change the cool oil with some extra effort. Mainly, the cool oil is thick and may stick to the fuel tank. That’s why changing cool oil is challenging.

change oil hot or cold motorcycle

Is it safe to change hot oil?

It is safe to change hot oil since it will be liquid and may come off the gasoline quickly. You need to change the hot oil by following my given guidelines.

Is changing cool oil difficult?

Changing cool oil is always a difficult task. You need to spend double the time cleaning the gasoline with double effort. Therefore, professionals always suggest changing the hot oil and skipping the cool one.

Closing Words

Is it better to change oil hot or cool? If you ask such a question, you should know that hot oil is safe and better to change than cool oil. You can change your hot oil by spending half the effort of changing cool oil.

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