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Is Kirkland Synthetic Oil As Good As Mobil 1?

In the USA, Warren Distribution is a renowned oil blending manufacturer. This company is responsible for making both Mobil 1 & Kirkland Synthetic motor oil. And the brand uses similar ingredients for both these two oils.

So, Is Kirkland Synthetic Oil as good as Mobil 1? Yes, it is. The Kirkland Synthetic has premium quality additives and fully synthetic oil to be the best quality motor oil.

Today, I’ll compare Kirkland with Mobil 1 in five different factors. They will clear off your thoughts & help you make a sound decision about the desired one.

Is Kirkland Synthetic Oil As Good As Mobil 1

5 Comparison Between Kirkland Vs. Mobil 1

Here’s the section where all the differences and major aspects of Kirkland & Mobil 1 will be discussed. In this section, ingredients, performance, mileage, protection, and the price will be discussed.


So, first comes the ingredients of both engine oils. Here, the Kirkland has a fully synthetic blend & quality additives to become the best synthetic motor oil.

On the other hand, the Mobil 1 has premium & advanced quality synthetic oil. Besides, this oil has high-quality additives to protect the engine.

Engine Performance

Since both Kirkland & Mobil 1 has Synthetic oils & quality additives that ensure the best engine performance. But the Mobil 1 is best suited for new and old vehicles.

In contrast, Kirkland is well known for its old-engine car, and it ensures the highest engine performance.

Wear & Tear Protection

Another comparison would be the wear & tear protection for any engine oil. It depends on the quality of additives & synthetic oil blend. In that case, Kirkland has good fame in protecting your engine from any wear & tear.

The Mobil 1 is well-known for protecting your engine from engine corrosion & other damages, including wearing & tearing.

Mileage & Fuel Economy

If you compare the mileage for both Kirkland & Mobil 1, the 2nd one will outperform the first one. 

Look, the Kirkland motor oil lasts for around 7000 miles. At the same time, the Mobil one lasts for 10000 to 15000 miles. So, Mobil 1 is better in terms of mileage than Kirkland.

Price & Compatibility

Although the mileage is better for Mobil 1, it comes with the price. Mobil 1 has a premium & advanced synthetic oil and additives. Therefore, it gives more mileage or lasting time than the first one. However, Kirkland is a budget-friendly engine oil for all.  

Which One Is Better Between Kirkland & Mobil 1?

Both these engine oils have some quality factors you must consider before choosing a particular one. If you have enough budget to spend on Engine oil, go for the Mobil 1. Otherwise, Kirkland is a good one.

Which Vehicles Are Compatible with Kirkland?

The new vehicle engine is compatible with Mobil 1. Although the Kirkland is also a good one, it’d be better to use it with a used engine. Besides that, Kirkland & Mobil 1 are compatible with all vehicles.

Closing Words

Is Kirkland Synthetic oil as good as Mobil 1? Yes, it is. Besides the advanced synthetic blend & additives, Kirkland offers the same as Mobil 1. They come with quality ingredients to protect the engine from wear & tear.

Besides that, the Kirkland offers the best budget-friendly fully synthetic engine oil for any old vehicle engine, whereas the Mobil 1 is best suited for the new & updated engine.

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