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Is Lucas Oil Good For Your Engine? | Save Your Engine Now!

The engine is the soul of the car. Proper maintenance is required to keep your car’s engine sound. Again, care of the engine is all about the necessity of lubrication. Proper lubrication is essential to drive your vehicle without any hassle. Lucas Oil is an excellent choice to function your engine properly. Mainly it is used as an engine Oil stabilizer.

Users can have concerned that is Lucas oil good for your engine. Or, if you’re new to oil stabilization, it’s a matter of concern. But you can use Lucas oil without Hassle in your engine. Here is an article to help you out. You can get a clear idea about Lucas oil from that article.

Is Lucas Oil Good For Your Engine

What is Lucas oil?

Lucas Oil is an American lubricant oil brand. It has a remarkable ability to mix with almost every kind of Engine oil. Besides, it’s a heavy-duty hundred percent Petroleum oil. You can mix Lucas oil with almost every automatic lubrication, machine oil, and Mineral oil. You can mix even it with synthetic oils without any hassle. Mainly it’s not used as Engine oil. It is used as an oil stabilizer.

What is an oil stabilizer?

Oil stabilizer is an additive used with engine oil that helps keep it from losing viscosity quickly. At different temperatures and weather, engine oil starts acting differently. The viscosity can go down or high with the changing of the temperature. That causes issues with the oil pressure. Oil stabilizer helps to reduce this problem and stable the oil pressure and viscosity. Lucas oil also helps to control noise, hearing problems, and leaks. Using an oil stabilizer is helpful for your engine.

lucas oil stabilizer

Benefits of using Lucas oil?

Mostly Lucas oils are used as oil stabilizers. Despite being a hundred percent Petroleum oil, it can mix up with almost every kind of Engine oil. The main benefit is Lucas oil prolongs the life of an engine. It also provides a longer oil life to your engine oil.

The viscosity of engine oil causes trouble when the temperature increases or goes down. An oil stabilizer can help you to get rid of this problem. Using a stabilizer also helps with noise problems. Another essential side of using an oil stabilizer is it raises engine oil pressure. And mostly, it increases power and the mileage.

So the main benefits of Lucas Oil are that it gives 50 percent more engine oil life and protects your engine against rust and corrosion. Besides, it raises oil pressure, reduces smoking, leaking, and blows by worn engines.

When should I use Lucas oil?

You can use Lucas oil in almost every kind of situation. Some car owners may think that your vehicle should be old enough to use Lucas oil. But it’s not true that your car needs to be old to use an oil stabilizer. You can use Lucas oil once your engine begins its initial breaking-in phase. If you can start using Lucas oil early, you can reduce more wear and tear on your car. So, it’s likely the sooner, the better.

Advantages of Lucas oil treatment?

You can have so many advantages of using Lucas oil. Here are some of them.

  • Lucas oil helps to long the engine oil life.
  • It restores the power of older engines.
  • Restore worn parts of the engine.
  • Help to keep the right viscosity of engine oil.
  • Reduce engine noise, white smoke, and overheating.

Is Lucas oil good for your engine?

You can get a clear idea about Lucas oil from the information given above. It’s suitable for your engine. It’s cost-efficient also cause it longs the engine oil life and increases mileage. But mixing too much Lucas oil will not help you get more advantages. The proper ratio should be maintained while using Lucas oil.

How often should I use Lucas oil?

You should use Lucas oil in every oil change. But don’t overdo it. Keep the perfect ratio to get the best result. In basic engine wear, use one-quart Lucas oil in each oil change.

Should I use Lucas oil in my new car?

You don’t need to make your car old enough to use Lucas oil. You can use Lucas oil in the new cars also. But most users use it after the engine is through the initial braking phase.

Can I use Lucas oil with synthetic oil?

Lucas Oil is a hundred percent petroleum oil. It can blend safely with almost every kind of engine oil. So, synthetic oil isn’t a problem. You can use Lucas oil with synthetic.

How much Lucas oil should I mix?

If your car is almost new or has the basic wear, twenty percent or one quart for each gallon is the perfect ratio. You can use it with any motor oil. If your engine is badly worn, use more. Up to 60% will be required then. In differentials, use 25% to 50%. In a light-duty manual transmission, use 25%. If your car is a heavy-duty manual, use 25 to 50%.

Final words

Car owners always want to drive their car smoothly, and every owner wants to drive their car as far as possible. But if you’re going to long your car’s life, maintenance is a must. Only lubrication isn’t enough for the car.

So if you want to drive your car, ensure a brand new engine experience, and an oil stabilizer can help you. But commonly, there are misconceptions about the oil stabilizers. Car owners can be concerned about that, is Lucas oil good for your engine? The answer is completely affirmative.

Lucas oil helps your engine run and lubricate the parts entirely in almost every weather. There are so many other advantages also. Lucas Oil is completely safe and suitable for your engine.

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