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Is Ow 20 Oil Always Synthetic?: Know Now!

Oil is the direct energy source for automobiles. The engine includes several pistons that generate energy. The integrity of the oil keeps the engine in good condition. If you use low-quality oil, that will reduce the performance of your engine. There are two types of oil accessible for vehicles: synthetic and mineral.

You can find numerous quality of this oil. Synthetic oil attracts more people. Among much synthetic oil, ow 20 oil is famous for its usability. One might be wondering, is ow 20 oil always synthetic? Let us enlighten you with the answer to this question.

What is ow 20 oil?

The ow 20 oil consists of synthetic or semi-synthetic base oil. So, you can find this lubricant in two variants. One contains a fully synthetic base oil. The other one includes a mix of synthetic and mineral oil. 

Synthetic oils are light in density, but synthetic oil provides more mileage than mineral oil. Also, synthetic oil protects the vehicle engine in any condition. The ow 20 synthetic oil provides better protection in the winter season.

Is Ow 20 Oil Always Synthetic

What does it mean by 0w 20?

The most important fact for every engine oil is its viscosity. Because it provides information about the nature of engine oil, let us break it down 0w 20, this will improve your knowledge on this matter. The “0” indicates the viscosity grade. In other words, it informs us about oil density.

Then “w” stands for the winter season, and “s” type oil is for summer. Then “20” is the highest viscosity level as the engine generates high heat. Now you know what Ow 20 indicates in terms of synthetic oil.

How long can I use 0w 20 synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil provides more mileage than mineral oil. Mineral oil provides minimum mileage of 3000 miles to 4000 miles. In contrast, synthetic oil can provide 6000 miles to 12000 miles. The mileage category system depends on the quality and viscosity of that oil. 

People tend to change the engine oil once every 6-months, so getting oil that provides extra mileage will bring delight. Full synthetic oil offers the height mileage, and one can use that oil for more than 8-months considering the uses of cars.

Will 0w 20 synthetic oil damage the car engine?

No, the 0w 20 oil doesn’t damage the vehicle engine. The manufacturer develops this oil after doing many tests and experiments. They persuade no parts of the engine will get busted if you use 0w 20 synthetic oil. With this oil, your engine will provide more power and satisfaction. So one can use this oil without any hesitation. 

Can I use 0w 20 oil in the winter season?

The 0w 20 oil contains low-density synthetic base oil, with minor impurity than other oil. It’s the main reason this can stay cool in high temperatures. Furthermore, it doesn’t freeze up in low temperatures. High viscosity oil moves slowly because of its density. It’s why your car faces problems getting started in the winter season.

 The viscosity grade of 0w 20 is “0” with low density. It moves fast between the engine parts, keeping them stable. You will not face any problem starting the car containing this oil.

Can I switch to regular oil after using synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil contains many kinds of additives. These additives help to keep the car engine in good health. The base element of synthetic oil is a natural oil, so synthetic oil contains some mineral engine oil. Some of us think we can’t switch to regular oil once we use synthetic oil. 

It doesn’t seem right; you can use regular oil after synthetic oil. To switch back, you need to clean your engine entirely. If you use synthetic and standard oil simultaneously, it may damage your car. So always wash your engine before adding any engine oil.

Why do people recommend using 0w 20 synthetic oil on a new car?

The 0w 20 synthetic oil is one of the most famous engine oil. If one uses this oil for the first time, they will get amused by its characteristics. It contains a low level of viscosity rating, and its additive helps it to a sore high heat of 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This oil keeps your engine stable in cold weather, so you will not face any problem starting your car. People recommend using 0w 20 synthetic oil on a new car for this justification.

What are the differences between 0w and 5w synthetic oil?

The differences between 0w and 5w synthetic oil may seem many, but this oil contains the same mineral base oil and additives. One can use this oil in the winter season with precision. 

But there is a slight difference in viscosity. For example, the 0w oil has a viscosity rating of 0. The 5w synthetic oil viscosity grade is 5. This oil is thicker than 0w synthetic oil. The 0w oil moves faster between the engine parts to outrun 5w oil in performance.

Final verdict

If you choose engine oil for the first time, you might contain many questions about engine oil. One of the most common questions of every car owner is 0w 20 oil always synthetic? But it’s up to you which type of engine oil you want to use.

Here we tried to provide as much information as we could gather. Don’t hesitate to use synthetic oil in your automobile. We also recommend using it. If you are not satisfied with 0w 20 synthetic oil, you can change the oil.

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