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Is Royal Purple Motor Oil Worth It?: Know Today!

Royal Purple motor oil can serve the engine for 1200 miles and give secure protection against wear & tear. Apart from them, this engine oil will be well known for its premium additives.

For all these reasons, this is one of the best quality motor oil among the hundred others.

So, is Royal Purple motor oil worth it? Yes, it is. I’ll explain all the benefits along with a comparison part to show you why this brand withstands others. Before that, I’d love to get a brief about this motor oil and show you some characteristics.

Is Royal Purple Motor Oil Worth It

About Royal Purple Motor Oil

The royal purple motor oil is 100% synthetic, and it has some high-quality additives and other ingredients to make this oil a perfect engine solution.

Let’s see what this engine offers to become the best one.

  • 100% Premium Synthetic Oil
  • high-Quality Additives
  • 300% Better Oxidation
  • 3-5 percent Overall Performance Enhancement
  • Zinc/Phosphorus 

Use of Royal Purple Motor Oil

Royal Purple Motor oil has different versions to use in different vehicles. For instance, it has racing motor oils for high-performance engines. At the same time, this brand has 10w30 synthetic motor oil that lasts for 75000 miles.

Apart from that, it has some excellent fully synthetic motor oil for regular users. Both 2-Cycled & 4-stroke engine oils are available. So, you can use it for both trucks and cars.

Benefits of Using Royal Purple Motor Oil

Some key features are already given above, but they need to be explained in detail. Therefore, this section discusses the benefits of royal purple motor oil.

Quality Materials

Materials or ingredients come first, too. Consider any engine oil. The same goes for Purple Royal motor oil. It has 100% premium synthetic natural oil and quality additives; they make this motor oil outstanding for engine performance.

Excellent Oxidation

Oxidation is another crucial part of any engine oil, but most engines don’t have zinc & phosphorus. However, the royal purple motor oil has quality zinc/phosphorus that ensures excellent oxidation.

Remember, oxidation ensures perfect engine performance. And it helps to protect the engine from wear & tear.

Performance Enhancement

Another benefit of using royal purple motor oil is performance enhancement. This engine oil can increase performance by about 3 to 5 percent on average compared to other motor oils since this oil comes with quality synthetic oil, premium additives, and additional zinc to enhance the performance.

Royal Purple Motor Oil Vs. Other Engine Oils

Before making the final statement about engine oil, you must compare it with some similar motor oils.

That’s why I’ll compare Royal Purple Oil with Mobil 1 & Amsoil since they all have similar ingredients and qualities.

Royal Purple Vs. Mobil 1

Here comes the first rival of Royal purple motor oil. You will find some similar features and ingredients between Mobil 1 and the first. Therefore, they are supposed to give you reliable and durable engine performance from both ends.

Still, the Royal Purple costs higher and offers some better features & quality than Mobile 1. Especially in terms of engine performance & protection, this motor oil is far better than Mobil 1.

In other words, the Mobil 1 is an affordable engine oil that offers similar qualities and synthetic oil. You must pay attention to Royal Purple when comparing the quality over the price.

Royal Purple Vs. Amsoil

Amsoil is the 2nd rival of Royal purple, though they offer similar features & benefits. In the case of oil change and engine protection, Amsoil stands in a better position than Royal Purple.

Here’s the thing, you can’t compare 25000 miles with 12000 miles. The royal purple lasts for 10-12k miles; that needs to be changed two times a year.

In contrast, the Amsoil is supposed to give you 25k miles, indicating superior quality and durability.

On the other hand, the Royal Purple has some particular engine oils that can last for 75000 miles and easily outperform the Amsoil.

After going through all the comparisons and other factors, Royal Purple has everything to offer you. It has both everyday-use motors and special engine oils with premium quality materials. That’s the only reason people love to use Royal Purple motor oils.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Should I Use Royal Purple Engine Oil?

Royal Purple Engine oil should be used because of its premium quality additives, 100% synthetic oil, and engine protection against wear & tear. Besides, this motor oil enhances engine performance. For all these reasons, you must use royal purple engine oil.

Is Royal Purple Engine Oil Good?

Yes, the Royal Purple engine oil is good enough to protect the engine for a long time. It has excellent oxidation for added Zinc/Phosphorus. Also, the quality synthetic & premium additives make this oil a good-to-go option.

Closing Words

Is Royal Purple Motor Oil Worth It? Yes, it’s worth it because of the quality ingredients, premium additives, and engine protection. When you get such quality and service from motor oil, you must say it is worth it. I also gave you a direct comparison with two rivals of Royal purple and showed you how it beats them. The Royal Purple mostly outperformed its rivals and proved worth it.

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