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Lucas Vs Royal Purple Gear Oil: Which Brand Is Better?

Gear oil is an entirely different lubricant used in your gear and manual transmission systems. The transmission fluids are there if you have a semi-automatic or automated transmission system, but manual transmission & gear systems need gear oil with a different chemical combination.

When my clients want to know about the best gear oil, I suggest they use either Lucas gear oil or the Royal purple gear oil. It will be better to compare Lucas vs. Royal Purple Gear Oil Side-by-side and decide which one is perfect and which gear oil gives you the best protection & becomes the ideal lubricant for the entire gear system.

Lucas Vs. Royal purple gear Oil: Which Brand Is Better?

Lucas & Royal Purple both are excellent brands of gear & motor oil. They have different products, including motor oils, gear oils, & transmission fluid.

First, Lucas is a brand with different lubricants for different usages, like the Royal Purple. However, you will find the best gear oil from Lucas since it has a high & competitive viscosity that will work in both hot & cold weather conditions. The same goes for the Royal Purple gear oil since it can be used in both Hot & cold weather.

If you look at the royal purple gear oil, you’re getting a high viscosity gear oil that can help you to get a perfect gear performance under -40°F. It’s an excellent advantage for those who live in extreme cold weather and have issues with the gear operating system. If you look at these two gear oils components, you will find pure synthetic oil is used.

So, there are no significant differences in components, but the royal will give you more advantages you will miss in Lucas gear oil. We will discuss them in the following comparison section and declare the winner. For the time being, you should see that both the royal purple gear oil & Lucas oil have their characteristics and quality ingredients to give you the optimum performance.

You cannot declare one of them a winner and tag the other as a loser. Still, we will try to show you the real-life experience of declaring the winner here.

Lucas Vs Royal Purple Gear Oil

Compare Lucas Vs. Royal Purple Gear Oil

Below is the comparison between Lucas Gear Oil and Royal Purple Gear Oil:

  • Application: In its application, the viscosity of Lucas Gear Oil, which is a totally synthetic lubricant, remains unchanged under situations that are either extremely cold or highly hot. Even while it can make the functioning of older gearboxes smoother, its high sulfur concentration suggests that it may cause harm to brass-bearing cages or other yellow metals in manual transmissions.

Additional advantages include the fact that it is more viscous than some others, does not move between gears, and may repair stubborn and clunky gearboxes. The Max Gear lubricant from Royal Purple lives up to the company’s reputation for outstanding performance and extended drain intervals; in other words, it lives up to the hype.

Since Royal Purple Max Gear is made entirely of synthetic components, it can be used in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining its viscosity in hot-running, heavy-duty hypoid differentials, and other GL-5 applications. It maintains a cooler operating temperature for the gears, maximizes the utilization of available horsepower, and performs exceptionally well in heavy-duty situations.

  • GL Rating: Lucas lubricants have a reputation for being nothing more than a temporary solution that puts off expensive repairs. While this is true, using Lucas Trans and Diff Lube will prevent many problems from manifesting.

This hypoid and limited-slip differential lubrication has a GL-5 rating because it is very slippery and reduces wear and friction in hypoid and limited-slip differentials. Royal Purple Max Gear, in contrast to a good number of other gear lubricants, can also be used in GL-4 applications, such as manual gearboxes and front-wheel-drive transaxles.

Royal Purple is able to meet the requirements of both classifications thanks to its unique Synerlec additive package, which does not cause damage to the soft metals used in synchronizers.

  • Price: As both types of gear oil can give you almost the same advantages, the price might be a pivotal factor to consider here. Lucas Synthetic Gear can be had for this cost. Oil is more affordable than the majority of its competitors.

The price of Royal Purple Max Gear is significantly more than that of the majority of its rivals. However, both have similar prices. You can buy one gallon for around $60. However, the Royal Purple gear oil is available in small amounts for $15.

  • Differential: Lucas Synthetic Gear Oil is an option for limited-slip differentials and is recommended for use in differentials. Heavy-duty hypoid differentials are a suitable application for Royal Purple Max Gear.
  • Viscosity: The Lucas Synthetic Gear Oil is a lubricant that does not foam, is extremely slippery, and lasts for a long time. It has an additional package that makes the gears run more quietly and extends the life of the bearings. In addition to this, its viscosity is not altered even when subjected to high temperatures.

The viscosity index of Royal Purple Max Gear is relatively high. Max-Gear is formulated with hypoid friction modifiers, which are required for use in a clutch or cone-type differentials. These friction modifiers are present in all viscosities. Any additional ingredients are not needed.

Royal Purple Wins Here!

Let’s get the Advantages of Using Royal Purple Gear Oil

I declare that royal purple gear wins in the comparison section. It doesn’t mean that Lucas gear oil is wrong; you cannot use it! No, Lucas is also a good gear oil, but Royal Purple oil offers you something more & better. Since the price is almost the same, you cannot differentiate them by their price.

But the Royal purple gear oil gives you the below things that will outperform the Lucas gear oil.

  1. The viscosity level of royal purple is greater than Lucas gear oil. It will help you use this gear oil in your heavy truck and other media to large vehicles. In comparison, the Lucas oil contains a lower viscosity gear oil that might be an issue for heavy-duty vehicles.
  2. The royal purple gear oil can be used as GL type 4 & 5. That’s a clear advantage of using this gear oil securely in any vehicle, but the Lucas oil will only give you the scope of using it as the GL 5 category since it’s the slippery gear oil.
  3. You cannot use the Lucas oil in heavy-duty differentials, but the royal purple gear oil has everything to cope with and give you the optimum gear performance from heavy-duty differentials.

I declare that the Royal Purple gear oil is a clear winner for these three reasons. If you think these three reasons are pretty crucial, you may also choose the royal purple over Lucas gear oil. 

What Does Lucas Gear Oil Offer?

Lucas gear oil is not a loser here, but royal purple gear oil offers something more than Lucas. If you don’t find those three are any good, you should consider going for the Lucas gear oil because it also offers some amazing things.

  1. The Lucas gear oil has a purely synthetic oil combination and a quality viscosity. The combination will help you to get a long-lasting gear system.
  2. This gear oil contains some high-quality & premium additives that will protect all your engine parts & gear system from wear & corrosion. It will last for a long time and will be a perfect substitute for any other gear oil.
  3. You can use the same brand of engine oil, transmission fluid, & gear oil since Lucas is offering different types of fluids for you to stick to them. You don’t need to look at other brands to find your perfect match.

If you consider these three characteristics & positive sides of Lucas gear oil, they might impress you. If they play any role in protecting your gear better than royal purple, you should go for it. Choosing Lucas gear oil will be a good decision, and you can declare Lucas gear oil as your winner.

Can I Use Lucas Gear Oil with Royal Purple Gear Oil?

Yes, you can use Lucas gear oil with royal purple gear since they both come with similar synthetic oil combinations. Although the additives are different, you can still use some Lucas gear with royal purple gear oil.

What Is The Best Gear Oil?

Both Lucas & Royal Purple are the best gear oil since they have a similar purpose: giving you the optimum service and performance from your vehicle gear system. In short, if you consider heavy-duty differentials, you should go for Royal Purple gear oil; otherwise, the Lucas gear oil is better for all regular vehicles.

Closing Words

Lucas vs. Royal Purple Gear oil is two truly competitive brands that produce similar gear oils, with minor differences. Their price is almost the same, and they offer the world’s best technology & additives to make a healthy gear system in your vehicle. If you have a regular vehicle, you should go for Lucas oil. The royal purple will be a good choice if you have large and heavy-duty differentials.

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