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Pennzoil Ultra Platinum VS Amsoil: Which Wins Championship?

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and AMSOIL are the current popular artificial synthetic oil. Pennzoil is the full synthetic oil, which is PurePlus TM technology. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum oil is made from natural gas. Its base oil is 99.5% free from any substance that can be stuck in the engine.

AMSOIL is a lubricant brand whose 100% synthetic. It was discovered in 1972, and as a result, a new era of motor oil was invented. AMSOIL synthetic engine oil is designed to protect engine elements, reduce energy costs, reduce emissions, and prevent environmental pollution. We will now discuss these Pennzoil Ultra Platinum VS AMSOIL synthetic oil.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum synthetic premium motor oil

Pennzoil Ultra is a synthetic motor oil that can keep your engine piston up to 25% clean. No other synthetic can protect the engine like this Pennzoil, which is a good aspect. This synthetic oil is required in 8 out of 10 new cars already in operation. Due to the PurePlus technology of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum synthetic oil, you can use it on your car and the racetrack.

As a result of PurePlus technology, natural gas is converted to 99.5% pure base oil, which significantly increases the efficiency of this oil and is undoubtedly a revolutionary process. This oil is completely pure and does not contain any solids, so oil flow is good at cold temperatures, and excess temperature and excess temperature do not create mucus. They can continue average an extra 550 miles per year.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum VS Amsoil

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Benefits

This oil keeps the piston 65% cleaner than other good company synthetic oil. It is 25% cleaner than mobil1 and 35% cleaner than SynPower and Valvoline. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum keeping the engine clean allows you to run an average of an additional 550 miles a year. This synthetic oil protects your car’s engine from energy loss or provides good protection, friction between the engine causes damage to the inner parts, so this motor oil provides better protection from friction than other oils.

This motor oil also has temperature tolerance, which keeps the oil flow right in cold temperatures, and protects it in hot temperatures. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, designed for severe conditions, specializes in handling frequent short trips, dirt roads or dusty roads, heavy loads, and frequent stops. It is a good quality synthetic oil powered by an SRT engine and 500,000 miles and a 15-year lubrications limited warranty offered by Hennessey performance vehicle.


Oil is essential for our livelihood and destructive to nature. Baby & Globe introduced AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in 1972, which is 100% synthetic. The oil is designed to protect the engine and its components, reduce emissions, prolong life, reduce fuel consumption, and prevent environmental pollution. AMSOIL motor oil is performing well, so it is being used in all cases, which is quite popular.

The engine remains clean because AMSOIL oil can prevent sludging and chemical breakdown. AMSOIL is designed to not oxidize, shear, or be volatile, making this motor oil much more durable than conventional petroleum. Petroleum oil manufacturers currently recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles. On the other hand, AMSOIL synthetic oil manufacturers recommend oil changes every year or 35,000 miles, which means that the oil change interval has widened.

AMSOIL Synthetic Benefits

AMSOIL has fuel economy and improved performance. The ingredients used in AMSOIL synthetic provide the safety of essential parts like the pistons and cams of your engine. Using these lubricants prevents horsepower loss and provides 75% more engine protection. AMSOIL can also call an improved detergent system because it reduces metallic friction in the engine and clears the formed junk.

It has won 100% protection against low-speed pre-ignition during engine tests. Additional protections for this motor oil include sludge protection, more temperature protection, and limited oil consumption. Whether your area is cold or hot, this oil will stay flowing and safe in all situations.

Why should I use Pennzoil Ultra Platinum?

  1. The use of this oil is great for environmental lovers. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is made by processing natural gas into pure base oil.
  2. This synthetic oil performs at unbearable temperatures no matter how complex the outside temperature is.
  3. The Pennzoil Ultra Platinum has an advanced fuel economy, allowing you to change the oil by running an additional 550 miles per year.
  4. This motor oil will clean your car’s engine parts and protect it from metal abrasions.
  5. You can use the most advanced formulation of synthetic oil in your car and racing cars.

Why should I use AMSOIL synthetic oil?

  • Conventional oil is processed into 100% pure AMSOIL synthetic oil. When dirt accumulates in the engine, the improved fluid film of the oil cleans the dirt and reduces friction.
  • Other oils freeze at cold temperatures or cause flow problems. In AMSOIL synthetic, the engine starts 36% faster and easier.
  • AMSOIL synthetic provides five times more protection than other oils at hot temperatures and keeps it clean. A car has an average temperature of 235 degrees F; excessive loads and frequent stops make the engine much hotter. The role of AMSOIL in handling this situation is immense.
  • Other conventional oils contain unwanted ingredients, such as molecules or wax, of various sizes and weights. This requires a lot of energy to run the engine and increases fuel consumption. AMSOIL is made using various synthetic base oils and is 100% pure and does not contain any tiny molecules or substances, which makes it economical, with 38% less oil consumption.
  • This oil is environmentally friendly and designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. This low waste oil prevents evaporation or burn-off.


There is no significant difference between Pennzoil Ultra Platinum VS AMSOIL. These synthetic oils perform very well. Pennzoil oil is quite popular for race track cars, but not so much AMSOIL. Undoubtedly, both oils are environmentally friendly and reduce oil consumption. You can run an average of about 35,000 miles a year using AMSOIL.

The qualitative means of Pennzoil and AMSOIL are very advanced; eventually, both synthetic oils can be recommended because Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and AMSOIL are the best to think of in terms of quality.

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