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Quicksilver vs Mercury Oil: Helpful Tips To Help You Choose

I get some queries from my clients when I work in my garage. They often ask me what the differences between quicksilver vs. Mercury oil are? They were surprised to know there was no difference between these two marine oils. I thought you would also be interested to know more about quicksilver & Mercury.

In 1960, quicksilver started producing high-quality marine engine parts and some quality products, including fluid. Since then, it has increased its service and developed different strategies to rule the world and the entire USA with its quality products.

Overview of Quicksilver Oil

Quicksilver is a renowned marine parts company that produces high-quality engine oil for different vehicles. You will find different viscosity motor oils from quicksilver. For instance, the quicksilver motorcycle engine oil is an exceptionally designed oil that works best for the motorcycle engine.

According to Mercury, Quicksilver oil is made under strict controls and maintains the highest quality from company ends. However, this oil is beneficial in high temperatures since they have the higher viscosity of engine oils with the world’s best synthetic components. You will also find customized engine oil for particular vehicles.

Quicksilver vs Mercury Oil

Overview of Mercury Oil

Mercury marine oil is an outbred synthetic blend oil that is made for marine environments. You will not find a better engine oil for your marine cruise and other vessels than mercury engine oil. It comes with the best quality particles with excellent viscosity thickness that perfectly work with marine environments.

It’s also a synthetic-based oil that can work under hot summer and extreme temperatures perfectly suited for marine environments. But you won’t find it everywhere like the quicksilver fluid. Only some official dealers of mercury brands sell this oil to their targeted customers.

Difference Between Quicksilver Vs. Mercury Oil

There is no difference between Mercury and quicksilver engine oils. They come from the same mother company Mercury with the same DNA and other particles; they maintain the same standard that works for only high-temperature and powerful engines.

But they have one partial difference, and that is availability.

You will only find the quicksilver engine oil in your nearby Walmart showroom or any super-shop. But then, Mercury is limited to a number of dealers. To buy mercury engine oil, you must go to one of those points and get your mercury oil.

Other than that, these two oils have precisely the same synthetic blend properties and application. You will only find some customized & high-quality quicksilver engine oils. But they have the same viscosity level and other requirements. So, you can easily substitute and exchange them for your marine engines.

If possible, you should try out the mercury & quicksilver marine parts. It will change your thinking in a budget-friendly sense. You will get all the premium quality engine parts and marine engine oil from them. Once you start using the quicksilver & mercury engine oil and other products, you will never switch these brands.

Is There Any Difference Between Quicksilver & Mercury Oil?

No, there is no difference between these two motor oils. The identical particles, DNA, and quality from these two engine oils will be found. Only the difference is their availability. You will find the Mercury on dealers point and quicksilver throughout the USA.

Are quicksilver & Mercury the same brand?

Yes, Mercury & quicksilver are the same brands. Quicksilver is another product of Mercury that maintains all the rules & standards of mercury oil. Mercury is the mother company. That’s why you won’t find any difference between these engine oils.

Can I Use Quicksilver instead of Mercury?

You can substitute and use quicksilver instead of Mercury. There is no difference between these two oils; they serve the same purpose for marine engines. If you have a chance, you can use them both one after the other or together. Just ensure to use the same viscosity engine oil.

Closing Words

Now you know there is no difference between quicksilver vs. mercury oil. They are the same product from the same brand with the same DNA. Only their availability and purchasing place is different. So, you can use any of them and get the optimum output from your vehicle engine.

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