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Rotella T4 Vs T6 Cummins: Which is better for you?

Engine oils are a dynamic industry with constant innovation and new entrants. Today, Shell is regarded as one of the greatest motor oil producers and a pioneer in the oil industry. For almost 40 years, Shell Rotella T engine oils have delivered superior temperature and wear protection for the motors of trucks and SUVs. These lubricants are primarily helpful for diesel-powered cars.

In this article will compare and contrast the Rotella t4 and t6. There will probably be some noticeable variances as a result of speculation. Let’s go exploring!

Shell Rotella T4 Vs. T6:  Comparison Chart At Glance

Rotella T4Rotella T6
Rotella T4, a conventional motor oil, works great in both new and older engines.Rotella is synthetic oil that provides a superior defense against engine wear.
Modern autos’ emission catalysts and particle filters are protected by their unique low ash composition.It keeps the parts in decent form by blocking deposits from growing on them.
Highly efficient fuel economy in both gas engines. Make sure the item fits properly by checking the manual.It is compatible with engines that run on gasoline as well as diesel. Just look over the manual to make sure it fits properly.
For up to 3,500 kilometers, T4 oil is guaranteed to be the optimum engine maintenance option.In the same vein as the other entirely synthetic, this one can travel between 7500 and 15000 miles before running out of steam.
It offers top-notch protection for all modern combustion machines, including those with EGR and a diesel exhaust filter, and almost all large diesel engines.Its new multipurpose dispersion chemicals provide even better defense against the negative effects of soot, muck, and other pollutants.
The cost of Rotella T4 is $12 for every gallon or $32  for each 2.5-gallon container.A gallon of Rotella T6 costs $30, and a 2.5-gallon container costs $68.
Rotella t4 vs t6 cummins

Difference between Rotella T4 and T6 Motor Oil

Some key distinctions between T4 and T6 Rotella Cummins oil are as follows:

· Types of Oil

Rotella T4: Rotella T4 is conventional engine oil made from refined petroleum and has additives to improve its viscosity, wear resistance, and other properties. The fact that Rotella T4 is 10% less expensive than synthetic and semi-synthetic oil is the main advantage of using it.

Rotella T6: You can use Rotella T6 in any climate because it is synthetic engine oil. Like other synthetic motor oils, it offers good engine protection at a high cost.

· Additives:

Rotella T4: Antioxidants, detergents, and anti-wear agents are some of the advanced multi-functional flocculant additives in Rotella T4.

Rotella T6: Rotella T6 has Multi-Functional Defoliants, Anti-Wear Agents, and Detergents.

Impact on engine efficiency:

  • Eliminating Excessive Sludge:

Sludge from oxidation in the engine can contaminate and damage the machine. Using high-quality motor oil can prevent engine sludge from accumulating. Rotella motor oils use detergent chemicals to clean engine sludge.

DetergentsT4 15W-40T6 5W-40

Rotella T4: Since Rotella T4 oil employs cutting-edge anti-oxidation technology, it can shield against the oxidation process in the engine, hence minimizing sludge buildup. Also, this oil can remove engine gunk, but only to a limited extent while operating under extreme conditions.

Rotella T6: Rotella T6’s superior protection against sludge accumulation is a result of its synthetic nature. In addition to protecting your engine from sludge buildup, this oil can remove existing sludge from your engine thanks to its innovative multi-functional dispersion additives and synthetic base oil.

  • Viscosity

Rotella T4: Rotella T4 has a 15W-40 viscosity rating, which indicates a low-temperature viscosity of 15 and a high-temperature viscosity of 40.

Rotella T6: Rotella T6 is offered in two different multi-grade viscosities. The first one has a cold-temperature viscosity of 15 and a high-temperature viscosity of 40. The second variety, 5W-40, has a viscosity of 5 at low and 40 at high temperatures.

  • Oil Change Frequency Comparison:

Oil change frequency refers to the distance driven before the motor oil must be replaced.

Rotella T4: Rotella T4 is a great conventional engine oil because it can go up to 3,000 miles between oil changes.

Rotella T6: An optimal oil change interval of 7500 to 15000 miles is provided by Rotella T6. Rotella T6 follows the trend of other synthetic motor lubricants in having exceptionally lengthy intervals between oil changes.

Engine Seal ProtectionThe detergents in motor oils keep the engine seals and components from being damaged. All Rotella motor oils provide this safeguard as a standard feature.

When compared to the Rotella T4, the Rotella T6 leaks more quickly. This is because synthetic and Half-synthetic engine oils are more prone to dripping than conventional Lubricants.

  • Engine Wear Off Protection:

At first, look at analyzing the anti-wear compounds in each oil to see which provides the most protection against engine wear.

Anti-wear additivesT4 15W-40T6 15W-40

Rotella T4: Zinc, phosphorous, and Boron are the three anti-wear compounds utilized in Rotella T4.

Rotella T6: phosphorous, zinc, and boron are the primary components of Rotella T6; however, there is also a trace amount of molybdenum.

Improved Fuel Economy

When sled buildup diminishes, the engine responds more quickly and effectively. Because of this, it can travel further on the same amount of fuel.

In this particular regard, the Rotella T6 is a more practical option than its predecessor, the T4. Neither of these alternatives to Rotella T4 includes any waxes, so they won’t thicken up after sitting in a car for a while. A car’s engine oil, gear lubricant, and transmission fluid don’t have to work very hard to circulate when you turn the key. It reduces energy needs, which in turn improves fuel efficiency.

Rotella T4 and T6 advantages

Rotella T4:

  • This is one of the best substitutes for motorcycle oil.
  • The cost of Rotella T4 is affordable.
  • This oil is intended for heavy-duty applications.
  • This oil has a 300,000-mile warranty from the manufacturer.
  • For diesel engines, Rotella T4 is a great choice.

Rotella T6:

  • Rotella T6 claims it can last for 500,000 kilometers without replacement.
  • It requires less maintenance than conventional alternatives.
  • That oil shields motors in any climate.
  • It helps keep engines spotless.
  • Maintaining clean engines is one of its great benefits to use.

Rotella t4 and t6 disadvantages

Rotella T4:

  • The mileage is insufficient for specific users.
  • This oil is only useful in warm climates.

Rotella T6:

  • Motor oil should be disposed of appropriately after use because it may negatively affect the environment.
  • Some geared motors can’t handle it.

Final Verdict

Today, motorists can choose from three distinct motor oils, each with its own features and drawbacks depending on the vehicle in Variations. Oils with a synthetic blend are best for newer engines, whereas conventional oils perform better in older models.

Rotella engine oils are the most well-known of all the different types of engine oils. Their oils are produced with cutting-edge processes and technology to provide a lubricating oil that is appropriately blended for your vehicle.  We tried to give the best description we could afford regarding Rotella T4 and Rotella T6. We believe our shared details will help you evaluate the variations and choose the best motor oil for your car.

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