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Transmission Fluid Vs Engine Oil: Which is better for you?

Since I manage hundreds of different vehicles and customers every week, I face some common questions from my customers. Some want to know about the engine parts; others are interested in learning how to fix any minor issues with their engine. A few clients want to know the difference between transmission fluid vs. engine oil.

I try my best to let them understand these two fluids as per my experience. I guess you’re here to know the exact query. Although you’re not my customer, you will get the exact explanation that I give my clients. So, keep reading and be sure about using transmission fluid and engine oil.

About Transmission Fluid

Before knowing the transmission fluid, you must know your vehicle’s transmission system. The transmission system of a vehicle is all about transferring the power created by the engine to the driving wheels. Your engine will create the power, and the transmission system will pass it to the driving wheel.

You cannot use the regular engine fluid here; instead, the transmission fluid is the best thing for your transmission system. So, transmission fluid is created with a special liquid that doesn’t have any lubricant like the engine oil. And it ensures the smooth functioning of the entire transmission system.

Transmission Fluid Vs Engine Oil

About Engine Oil

Engine oil is mainly a lubricant base oil that keeps the engine parts moving and avoids corrosion and friction between different parts. It’s mainly a combination of fluid & lubricant artificially. That’s where the synthetic oil comes in instead of the natural or regular fluid.

You will find different engine oil comes with different viscosity and other requirements because the engines are not the same. They have different powers and different requirements.

Major Distinctions Between Transmission Fluid Vs. Engine Oil

You came here to learn about the differences between transmission fluid and engine oil, right? If so, this section is for you. You will get everything clear about these fluids and know why you cannot use transmission oil instead of engine oil or vice-versa.

Different Materials

The engine oil and transmission fluids are made with different materials you cannot exchange. The transmission fluid is a hydraulic fluid that smoothly transfers power from the engine to the driving wheel.

But the engine oil is mainly an artificial lubricant that keeps the engine components moving and creates that power for your vehicle. It’s an artificially made lubricant that can avoid the friction and corrosion of engine parts.

Different Uses

They are not only different from the properties and components, but they also have different uses. The engine oil is used for lubrication to keep the engine inside parts smooth and avoid friction. But the transmission fluid works outside the engine, mainly for your vehicle’s transmission system. You need to use the transmission fluid in the transmission chamber.

Types of Fluids

Both of these fluids have different versions of themselves. You will find two different types of transmission fluids. One is automatic fluid, and the other one is manual fluid. They have different purposes and different uses.

In contrast, the engine oil also has different versions depending on viscosity level & quality. You will find 10/20/30/40 viscosity levels for engine oil. Higher the number, the higher the viscosity level. 10w20, 10w20, and 5w40 are a few examples of engine oil.

Can You Use Transmission Fluid Instead of Engine Oil?

You cannot use transmission fluid instead of engine oil since they are entirely different and have different purposes and components to work with. You should use the engine oil in the engine and transmission fluid in your vehicle’s transmission system.

Which One Should I Use?

You should use both of those oils since your vehicle needs them both. Transmission fluid is hydraulic fluid, and engine oil is lubricant-based fluid. You must use them separately on different vehicle parts.

Is Transmission Fluid Better Than Engine Oil?

Transmission fluid and engine oil are good and have different purposes in your vehicle. You cannot say one is better than the others since they work for different components or systems of your vehicle.

Closing Words

You got the major distinctions or differences between transmission fluid vs engine oil. You must use them in your vehicle to get the optimum output and drive it smoothly. Only in emergency cases can you use any fluid in both systems. Otherwise, you should always avoid using transmission fluid instead of engine oil, or vice-versa.

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