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Valvoline Premium Blue 5w40 Vs Rotella t6: Which is Best For Vehicles?

Valvoline premium blue synthetic oil provides excellent and advanced gas and diesel engine protection. This oil is designed for trucks or any heavy vehicles. Again, Valvoline premium blue synthetic oil features exceptional oxidation resistance, anti-wear protection, and superior deposit performance. Rotella t6 synthetic oil with triple protection plus technology. 

This oil has anti-wear properties for long life. It prevents oil coagulation, prevents oil breakdown, and can improve flow at low temperatures. What qualities exist between Valvoline premium blue 5w40 Vs Rotella t6 synthetic oil? What are the benefit and needs? I will discuss those matters and differences in detail below.

Valvoline premium blue 5w40 Vs Rotella t6: which is best for vehicles?

Valvoline premium blue is a heavy-duty full synthetic oil. It is approved and recommended by Cummins’s superior. These oil base stocks provide quick and efficient oil flow in freezing weather and improve oil oxidation resistance in hot weather. Its superior oxidation resistance keeps any truck or heavy vehicle engine fresh and in good condition, making this oil economical to use in any heavy-duty vehicle.

On the other hand, the Rotella t6 with triple protection plus technology does not compromise safety or durability. It features advanced viscosity control and shear stability enhancement technology for optimal engine oil pressure. Again, the advanced formulation can protect the engine’s additives, dirt, and other contaminants.

Valvoline Premium Blue 5w40 Vs Rotella t6

Valvoline premium blue 5w40 vs Rotella t6:

We will analyze the comparison between these oils. So now let’s know some advantages and disadvantages of Valvoline premium blue 5w40 vs Rotella t6 oil. We scoured various forums and highlighted the usage experience of respected users.

FeaturesValvoline premium Blue 5w40Rotella T6  
Product include Product Image include Product Image
ViscositySAE 5w-40SAE 5w-40
Suitable Vehicles ModelHeavy vehicles range from heavy-duty trucks to Hyundai, Toyota, or Mitsubushi vehicles.It is suitable for cars like Volvo, Mercedes- Benz, Ford, or Dodge.
Engine PerformanceProvides long-term wear protection of heavy oils by preventing oxidation. Provides improved wear benefits for longer life of heavy- duty engines such as all vehicles from tractors to semi rigs.  
Extra Benefits Higher deposit performanceAdvanced low ash formulation technology helps protect particulate filters in low emission vehicles.
Cover MileageIt has a drain extension of 10,000 miles. Able to last up to 60,000 miles with increased fuel efficiency or 6.5mpg or more.It lasts up to 10 years or 500,000 miles (800,000 Km). Interval time12,000  
Oil CertificationThis is fully synthetic oil approved and recommended by superior CUMMINS.  JASO MA-2 approved Rotella t6 triple protection synthetic oil.
Overall Customer Feedback60%90%

Advantages of Valvoline premium blue 5w40

  •  Its superior synthetic base stocks allow safe and quick engine starts at cold temperatures, with improved thermal properties capable of delivering good results at hot temperatures.
  •  Improved oil oxidation resistance.
  •  It saves money by reducing oil consumption.
  •  Superior deposit protection as per industry requirements.
  •  Premium lubricant capable of protecting the engines of heavy-duty vehicles.

 Disadvantages of Valvoline premium blue 5w40

  •  Its oil change interval time is shorter than Rotella t6 synthetics
  •  It is more costly than other synthetics.

 Advantages of Rotella t6

  •  It is capable of meeting multi-grade diesel and API SN standards.
  •  It performs very well for a petrol engine. 
  • Ideal oil for all four-stroke motorcycles that conforms to JASCO MA standards.
  •  Cold weather has a higher viscosity and does not disturb the flow.
  •  Meets API CJ 4 specifications and DPF standards at affordable prices.

Disadvantages of Rotella t6

  •  Rotella t6 is very hard to find in some retail markets.

Valvoline premium blue 5w40 Wins

  •  Protection of the engine: Valvoline premium blue engine oils advanced technology is specially engineered to support long drain intervals. The substance in oil does not allow the engine to build up any metallic dirt, sand, or other impurities. Due to this, the life span of your engine will increase, and you will also not face any obstacles during your journey.
  • The oil boosts the economy: Other oil brands wear out much faster because the excess oxygen in the oil is not removed, causing the oil to oxidize quickly inside the engine. This oil is well optimized and protects against rapid oxidation, saving money by reducing fuel consumption.
  •  Capable of taking heavy pressure: This oil is suitable for any heavy-duty vehicle, from heavy-duty applications to off-road. Heavy vehicles have a heavy load which puts a lot of strain on the engine. Again, cars stuck in traffic jams must repeatedly press the brake and accelerator, which puts a lot of pressure on the engine. Valvoline premium blue’s advanced lubricant oil can withstand high engine pressure due to its optimized composition.
  • Protects from breakdown: It is a fully synthetic premium il. It contains 100% liquid formulation. After a few years, the car’s fuel filter is damaged or broken due to excessive heat or pressure, but this oil is a master in protecting the fuel filter from breakdown. Even this synthetic is good at preventing any engine parts from getting damaged.
  • Very Good Packaging: This oil is sold in a very gorgeous-looking gallon. You can carry it very easily. It contains 12 quarts of oil. Its viscosity rating is 5w40, and the entire item weighs approximately 23.6pounds.

Valvoline Premium Blue 5w40 Looses

  • Short Oil Change Interval and High Price: The oil change interval is much short after driving 10000 miles. Its oil change is inevitable, whereas other oils prefer oil change up to 12000 miles. In comparison, its price is also a bit high, so it does not become usable for everyone.

Rotella T6 wins

  • A longer oil change interval: This advanced synthetic oil has longer oil change times. It can last more than about 12000 miles. We have found from various forums that they changed the oil after 15000 to 18000 miles of the drive. It can run approximately 500,000 miles in 10 years without any problems.
  • Low emission and good mileage: Synthetic motor oil molecules are identical in size. It reduces engine friction in applications and improves fuel economy. Triple protection plus technology reduces fuel oxidation resulting in less fuel burn and fewer emissions.
  • Keeps your engine clean and prevents rust: Conventional oils build up sludge over time, making your engine dirty, slowly rusting, and reducing engine performance and lifespan. Rotella T6 synthetic oil protects the engine by preventing sludge buildup in the engine.
  • Suitable for hard-working engines: A hard-working engine plays an immense role as you have to maintain a lot of pressure to complete your daily demanding tasks. Rotella t6 is a remarkable synthetic oil that will meet your daily needs while keeping agricultural machines running in the field and reducing engine wear.
  • Rotella t6 is the only choice for diesel pickup Trucks: Diesel engines are currently the most popular and powerful type of engine. Diesel engines provide more power and higher torque than a petrol engine. Rotella t6 increases the shear rate of diesel engines, and its low ash formulation can provide improved protection against viscosity loss due to oxidation at high temperatures. Besides, it keeps oil flowing in cold weather.

Rotella t6 Losses

  • Rotella t6 is hard to find: You should understand that it is a bit difficult to find in the market which is in high demand. Due to high demand, the industry struggles to supply this synthetic to the market. Various forums have reported that Rotella has discontinued their synthetic until Q4 2022. If you are a t6 user, you may have trouble getting the oil until they start producing.

Which One Wins between Valvoline premium Blue 5w40 Vs Rotella t6?

In this conclusion, we will choose Rotella t6 synthetic oil as the winner because this oil has triple protection plus an improved mileage capability. The synthetic substances contained in the oil protect the engine parts in all respects. Valvoline premium blue only powers diesel engines, but Rotella t6 also powers petrol engines, a unique combination. 

Valvoline is much more expensive than Rotella t6, and demand is less as mileage is much less. Rotella t6’s advanced technology gives the engine power and speed. Overall, Rotella t6 is the future of diesel and petrol engines, and we think it is an excellent brand. Finally can say Valvoline premium blue 5w40 vs Rotella t6, only Rotella T6 is best.

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